Thomas P Owens Sr
Thomas P Owens Sr
11 hours ago

I fill my heart
I fill my heart with you
when there is only blue
and everything is hollow

I grab a star
I grab a star for you
what would you have me do
I will always follow

we sail
into the open Sea
the Sky
the only blue I see
your eyes
they are the first to see
they are the first to see

you came along
you change the colors too
what a thing to do
when everything is  hollow

I like to take songs and play with the words on occasion. This might be better if you sing 'Yellow' instead of a straight read. Ha! Ha!
#love   #tribute   #song   #yellow   #reborn  
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
1 day ago

Angel kisses fall downward,
formed from tears welled up,
in sparkling starlit eyes
their sadness rains light,
then they are born again,
into wishes,
and draped heavy,
onto a dark blue midnight canvas,
a crushed velvet curtain,
of stars,
blanketing my nighttime reality.

Ma Cherie © 2017

#death   #tears   #stars   #wishes   #reborn   #angelkisses  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
6 days ago

I think of the way I felt reborn,
into something a little bit more,
when I heard my name crawl
and curl out from your teeth
and between your lips
as we said our first hellos
when I want to think that, maybe-
maybe not everything's gone wrong
so why should it have to now?

#love   #life   #romance   #personal   #reborn  

The longest day,
The deepest breath
You always knew me the best.
My second spring,
Without you here
I wonder who I'll be this year.
The greenest grass,
The bluest skies
I hide the ugliness of my insides.
The warmest sun,
The afterglow
Of a girl whom I'd like to know.
The longest day,
The deepest breath
I won't wait for you again.
The time is now,
No room to wait
Gaia dealt a brand new day.

#love   #self   #flowers   #nature   #spring   #journey   #reborn  
Feb 10

versailles has been waiting for your return
this time you will be reborn
out of bitter tears and infant screams
you have been baptised
and now the light of apollo will be in your eyes

the squinting girl will return
but now you are a lion-heart boy
and the twelve years that have passed for them
is twelve hundred for you!
versailles has been waiting
and you will go back

#time   #years   #return   #apollo   #reborn   #france   #versailles  

Bright colours fill my vision,
Soft music flows in the air.
A light breeze brushes against my skin,
The gentle warmth of the sun welcoming.

Letting go of past conflicts,
Holding on to the good memories.
Stepping away from what used to be,
Gaze set towards a new tomorrow.

I am being reborn,
A new dawn is rising.
Taking deep breath,
I jump.

Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
Dec 16, 2016

It wasn't the end
I closed my eyes and waited
But death never came

#life   #haiku   #death   #rebirth   #phoenix   #reborn   #undying  
Shawnice P
Shawnice P
Dec 15, 2016

The first time I have fell for a man was an experience of new beginnings. Catching the concept of love were hard to grasp. I kept losing my grip, making it more complex than what it actually was. At first, you have a tight hold on each other and then that secure touch loosens up with age. As if you are destined to fail and fall once you start tripping. The one who I thought to be the one – the one soulmate who share the same passions and reflections is the same person that left you shattered and damaged. Seeking out the strength you never thought existed will stop you from breaking permanently. I remember, with each crack of your mirror, there will be pieces of you to come together again. I did not know this then but with as each piece reattach themself as one again, so did I become reborn.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #reborn  
Victor Timmons
Dec 13, 2016

I have watched myself die before
I have killed myself many times
I have let others kill me daily

Sometime I die slowly and painfully
Sometime I die violently and painfully
Sometimes I die passively and painfully

Each time I am reborn a little older
Each time I am reborn a little wiser
Each time I am reborn I ask myself
Who am I?

#pain   #dark   #reborn  
Dec 11, 2016

even the most beautiful things in life
crash and burn
and pummel to the earth

but we are reborn again, always.

#burn   #mistakes   #reborn  
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