Alison Latres
Alison Latres
15 hours ago

There were words he seemed to say, and we, as children, listened.

For 15 years, he seemed to preach falsehoods, and we, as children, listened.

He insisted perfection.. promised a name, righteous and deserving of only flawlessness.

A father, your father, who raised up two fools, to himself a wonderful thing.

But I strayed from that path, did I not? And while you still wallow in doubt...

Hear testimonies,
See evidence,
"Cross-examination, please."

I've witnessed my failure to believe in only success, a lesson to be learned.

I've experienced a humbling, now it's your turn.

#father   #mistake   #lie   #perfection   #error   #imperfect   #object   #flaw   #guide   #objection  

I threw up my love for you on the side of the road,
An agonizing blend of
Last nights dinner and this mornings regret,
I hope lightening strikes your car
I could never comprehend direction,
My compass always pointed to you,
Maybe it was broken,
Maybe it was a cardinal mistake,
Maybe I wasnt supposed to turn right when I meant to turn left,
All I know is that
The day you left
Things felt far from right.

#love   #mistake  

I don't know if it is the right thing to do
But I miss you.

It's not even optional, though.
#heart   #wrong   #mistake   #miss   #right   #distances  

i'm struggling to find reasons to be happy
irritated,  i continue down the path i'm following
taking it step by step
crying tear by tear

i fear i have made a great mistake
pressed the wrong button
kissed the wrong lips
let's see how it goes

#fear   #sad   #happy   #mistake  
Jan 17

I'm built from every mistake I have ever made

#love   #poet   #sad   #mistake   #us  

And who the hell was I?
I was a soft girl in armor sheets
hoping to be the one you'd seek.
I was gently crafted tea
just the right amount of bitter
- and sweet.
I was all dreams and no reality
my mind in constant flow
my life an artful mess
I suppose,
I was too much dreamy
and not enough girl
I was too much guarded
and not enough frail.
I am enough now.
I am enough for me,
My mistake,
-and now I see
how I fell for all of you,
and you fell
for half of me.

wooooooah. I think I'm finally over it.
#love   #hate   #beauty   #mistake   #fallen   #fell   #full   #half   #guarded   #frail  

I wanted this and i chose it
I didn't take him when he was mine
I laughed at his face  and turned away
I broke him and i was fine

He is feeling  much better now
He's the laughter  in a big crowd
He learnt from his  past mistake
He likes girls that do appreciate

After all this time i simply couldn't forget
The boy who i would always regret
Sometimes i watch him from afar
Seeing how quickly he mended his scar

Now we both have someone in our lives
And even though I have to try
I simply can get him off my mind
Cause now  I am the one, broken inside

#broken   #regret   #mistake  

Her heart is chipped and broken
she gave her all, and more
Words that went unspoken
what "I love you", is for

He's always been real dense
gotta spell out every line
No excuse or good defense
messed up real bad, this time

Repairs and amends
no option now, my friend
You spilled all her emotions
you've come to, the bitter end

That kind of stain, you'll never lose
as bleach and worse it seems
Tangled in your heart for now
forever lost, within your dreams

And there ya have it, never marginalize the feelings, of anyone...
Cup Noodles
Cup Noodles
Dec 24, 2016

Why am I suffocating
With thought of you
Not feeling the same way
As I do

#thoughts   #mistake   #night   #3am   #invalid  
Dec 10, 2016

I can see those dandelions
and how they were dancing,
to the serene bliss of wind
unctuous promises.

though the dandelions
were confused,
as to why
the wind did that.

I can hear the wind sighed
and blow a gentle soothe
to those dandelions.

I asked,
why they would fall
for the ingratiating wind?

oh, dear.
how ghost-quiet it tasted?
as I put the question mark
back at the wind,
and hold those flowers
to keep their hearts save.

the wind
stopped blowing at last,
leaving every petal on their own
without lies,
without anymore promises.

all I can hear now is
the beautiful chorus of content
filling up as the wind,
replacing it.

I let these dandelions
plant theirselves
and grow,
without relying
on the whispering wind.

now the dandelions have grown,
with their own anchors.
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