Kevin M Ryan
Kevin M Ryan
3 days ago

I sat here to rest, but
Without my permission
Some thoughts came with feelings.

Those feelings took over
And now I take off, What a shame.

I lost what I had, but
What wasn't worth keeping

All that I knew, but
What wasn't worth teaching

Then I had come
To the grandest conclusion.

Just what you'd expect
From someone who’s losing. What a shame.

#dark   #mistake   #shame   #feeling  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
4 days ago

Occasionally, you may be impressed
Because someone else came close
Someone else seemingly understands what you hold most dear
Be it inside or out
But the mistake is to assume that because they seem
They are the same
When really, true life is all about graciousness and kindness
A willingness to mold and be molded
That way you will become, as they are also becoming

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On a cold winter's morning,
Watching, Luna, Spica, and Jupiter,
Dance through the Heavens.

Recalling, thoughts of you.

Saying hello to distant memories,
Since then,
It has been dreams of centuries past.

I miss you very much.

I want to see you,
I want to take your hand,
I want to hold your Soul in my arms once again,
I want to feel your passion next to me while we dream.

Closing my eyes, wishing upon dancing stars.
To stand beside you once again.

No matter how much I wish and dream,
Of you and me together.
I know love can not be.

I closed the door on love,
A long time ago,
While whispering, I love you.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

[Eng Sub] Little Star - Standing EGG

Misfire on the battlefield.
With mistakes made in haste.
The neurons of the human mind,
Firing at the wrong time.
Most misfires are mechanical,
Biological Misfires,
Can be mostly more detrimental.

#love   #anger   #life   #hate   #pain   #mistake   #human   #suffering   #flow   #bored  

They began to ask me,
"Do you remember?"
My mind floods with my own idiosyncrasy
As I become a raging storm center.

They must know about a past mistake.
I break into a cold sweat,
And await the full blast of my creeping headache.
I have only one thing from this life I do not regret.

When I looked into those eyes,
I found my long-lost joy.
Though if this is love, I must be wise;
When my heart gets involved, I'm like a target to destroy.

Written 10.5.16. This was one of those poems that you write without quite understanding the meaning behind it at the time.  Now I understand what my own poem means.  I recently made a big mistake and almost lost my only love.  Because of my huge mistake, I was at risk of losing the one person in this world I know truly loves me.
#love   #regret   #eyes   #destroy   #mistake   #raging  

The echo was all around
there was violin playing in the background
The colour were red , brown and yellow
And strong emotions were going in flow
The place was candle lit
The show was on ,the stage with act
Silence and hands ,ready for applause
All enamoured by magnificent performance

But in midst ,there was slight mishap
Entire drama halts with one mess up
And everyone's attentions on the disrupt
All the efforts went to waste with the interrupt
Everyone forgot the show , and voices rose
The enchanted crowd now are indifferent
The performance became ordinary from brilliant

A small thing going faulty can make your efforts go awry
A small mistakes might makes a big difference
A small wrong can undo every rights

#drama   #wrong   #mistake   #performance   #small   #act   #mishap   #halts  

I have since moved on from the fact
that you and I aren’t meant to be
But that wont bring back
the two years you stole from me.

On a rainy day, we agreed to meet.
You said we’d clear things up,
to simmer down the heat
and break down the emotional buildup.
Yet you had the audacity to make me wait
Maybe you did that on purpose
or that was just fate.
But how dare you take advantage of my love?
And, now,
how dare you take advantage of my presence?

I hold on to your mistake
the way you never held on for us
Or even for me.
Because, now, I can really hate you
Rather than hate you
just because you didn’t love me .

#anger   #hate   #rain   #mistake   #grudge   #breakup  

I look
own past,

and you
should look
own past.

To only realize that,

of our
own past.

#love   #sad   #depression   #life   #pain   #past   #mistake   #existentialism  
Mar 2

What I think is the truth
   may not be true, I never know .
What I think is the lie
   may not be one , I never know .

What I think is a wise decision
   may be a mistake on my part ,
            it could be, I never know .

#truth   #true   #mistake   #think   #lie   #decision   #ineverknow  

You are so fucked for not seeing the trap
For not paying heed to the warnings your heart keeps giving
Don't worry -- it will stop. But so will you
And I only want you to not die a mess.

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