4 days ago

I'm built from every mistake I have ever made

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Raquel Butler
Raquel Butler
6 days ago

And who the hell was I?
I was a soft girl in armor sheets
hoping to be the one you'd seek.
I was gently crafted tea
just the right amount of bitter
- and sweet.
I was all dreams and no reality
my mind in constant flow
my life an artful mess
I suppose,
I was too much dreamy
and not enough girl
I was too much guarded
and not enough frail.
I am enough now.
I am enough for me,
My mistake,
-and now I see
how I fell for all of you,
and you fell
for half of me.

wooooooah. I think I'm finally over it.
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The Admirer
The Admirer
7 days ago

I wanted this and i chose it
I didn't take him when he was mine
I laughed at his face  and turned away
I broke him and i was fine

He is feeling  much better now
He's the laughter  in a big crowd
He learnt from his  past mistake
He likes girls that do appreciate

After all this time i simply couldn't forget
The boy who i would always regret
Sometimes i watch him from afar
Seeing how quickly he mended his scar

Now we both have someone in our lives
And even though I have to try
I simply can get him off my mind
Cause now  I am the one is broken inside

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Her heart is chipped and broken
she gave her all, and more
Words that went unspoken
what "I love you", is for

He's always been real dense
gotta spell out every line
No excuse or good defense
messed up real bad, this time

Repairs and amends
no option now, my friend
You spilled all her emotions
you've come to, the bitter end

That kind of stain, you'll never lose
as bleach and worse it seems
Tangled in your heart for now
forever lost, within your dreams

And there ya have it, never marginalize the feelings, of anyone...
Cup Noodles
Cup Noodles
Dec 24, 2016

Why am I suffocating
With thought of you
Not feeling the same way
As I do

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Dec 10, 2016

I can see those dandelions
and how they were dancing,
to the serene bliss of wind
unctuous promises.

though the dandelions
were confused,
as to why
the wind did that.

I can hear the wind sighed
and blow a gentle soothe
to those dandelions.

I asked,
why they would fall
for the ingratiating wind?

oh, dear.
how ghost-quiet it tasted?
as I put the question mark
back at the wind,
and hold those flowers
to keep their hearts save.

the wind
stopped blowing at last,
leaving every petal on their own
without lies,
without anymore promises.

all I can hear now is
the beautiful chorus of content
filling up as the wind,
replacing it.

I let these dandelions
plant theirselves
and grow,
without relying
on the whispering wind.

now the dandelions have grown,
with their own anchors.

My mind is telling me to smile,
When i just want to cry,
I broke a girls heart,
Broke it even more when it was already broken,
I just want to cry,
I just want to be in tears,
Let all the pain flow out;
Into the river of tears.

I’m so very sorry,
I made a mistake,
I should have told you earlier,
It is my fault,
I feel like I can’t live anymore,
My heart is sore,
When such a mistake shatters our future,
I just want to be with you,
Is that too much to ask for?
Feeling depressed while my heart remains sore,
Alone & sad; Might not recover,
Apologize doesn’t matter,
Now I don’t know what to say,
I just want to hold you,
No! I can’t wait to hold you,
But there’s always a delay,

I made a mistake; I should’ve told you,
Hoping you may forgive me,
I think i’ve lost you,
Every mistake makes a bigger wall,
Sunshines on me no more,
Wall hangs on me,
With clouds rain on top of me,
Hoping I make it up to you,

The mix feelings you have for me,
Is starting to disappear,
When I want to say I love you,
But you wouldn’t want to hear,
Love is such a strong word to use,
But if you really mean it,
Say, I love you,

You don’t even know what to do anymore,
Will you leave me?
Will I not hold you anymore?
My heart, soul, & mind chose you,
Now my arms is trying to reach you,
But can’t extend anymore,
I am afraid,
I am sad,
I made a mistake
A mistake I cannot pass,
I am so sorry!
I chosen to be a fool,
Instead of being smart,
I said nothing!
I let it go on about,
You told others you was going to meet me,
But I didn’t come,
I didn’t cancel,
Stayed in your room all night,
Makes me feel pitiful,

I cry myself to sleep tonight,
I do not pray, no wish, no hope,
Because it won’t get me no where,’
If you so happen give me another chance,
I’ll believe a little more,
I write your name your name in a hundred colors,
Your favorite is red and blue,
Your hair is red and your eyes are blue,
My favorite colors are red black and blue,

The mistake I made is a tragedy,
I felt guilty & I felt ashamed,
Life is not a joke, Life is not a game,
I feel like I lost you,
Now you’re fading away,
With every hope of being with you,
Has now been broken,
I’m so very sorry my love,
Now you think i’m joking,

Everyday I think about you,
More than any girl I ever thought of,
Me thinking of you make my heart feel warm,
But when I see you might heart stops,
Not because I don’t want to see you,
It’s because you make me so happy,
Make me excited,

You give me a reason to smile,
While I give you a reason to leave me,
I am lost confused and don’t know what to do,
I don’t care what nobody says about you,
No matter what,
I’m a man of my word,
I don’t know what else to write,

I’m in the bottle of a whole ,
Too dark,
No way to get out,
No way to be free,
Please shine the light on top of me,
So I can see,
I am so very appalled,
Full of dismay;;;
Is this the part that I finally pray?
I feel like I am begging for forgiveness,
Even though I don’t deserve it,
I am so very sorry, What can I do?
It’s time I close the book,
And start a new.

it's long, but It's one of the best poems I ever written. If you have patience then you wouldn't mind reading this long poem.
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Dec 13, 2016

She closed the door on us
No words to be spoken for
I knew the timing was wrong
What did I expect her to say?

I will be stronger, it’s unfair to say you love me if you’re not here
Still I waited, now the weather's cold I'm barely sober
Who said I’m lost? I just took the path that no one dared to
I need some time on my own, but I will never love you

Deadlocked in reflection
Staring at the man who’s a stranger
Where am I to go from here?
Cause I never dreamed that I would be alone

I will be stronger, it’s unfair to say you love me if you’re not here
Still I waited, and it left a trail of scars on my neck
Who said I’m lost? I’m just taking paths that no one dared to
I need some time on my own, but I will never love you

Everything is fine

I will be stronger, it’s unfair to say you love me if you’re not here
Still I waited, now the weather's cold I'm barely sober
Who said I’m lost? I just took the path that no one dared to
I need some time on my own, but I will never love you

I’m so much stronger, for the words you always left unspoken
Why did I wait? I am so much better taking chances
One thing is true, I would never find myself without you
Maybe you weren’t a mistake, but I will never love you

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Ronald J Chapman
Ronald J Chapman
Dec 4, 2016

A black velvet starry sky,
Hiding my eyes, filled with Jealousy
Stole my thoughts of you away.

Was it all a lie?
That dragged me,
Far away from you.

After all, has been said,
Memories still linger.
Broken hearts remembered.

Jealousy grabbed hold of me,
And pulled our Souls apart.
Was it all a lie?

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Saltnpaper - Bye Autumn [Sub Español + English] Jealousy Incarnate OST Parte 5
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Cherie Nolan
Cherie Nolan
Dec 4, 2016

You are that sweet old trouble brewing,
as I sit and watch the fire tonight,
and I wonder...
hey boy what you doin'?

As that failing memory plays..
this is what I hear it say,
as I'm staring out at you & viewing,
and though a relationship with you,
could not be worth pursuing,

Until you call me again,
& come to me
& I'm the one you're wooing,
except I think it's just the sex,
to you I think it's just the screwing,

But I don't know how to disagree,
as again my blouse you are undoing,
reality is sure looking pretty fuzzy,
& my everything you're quickly skewing,

I say OK let's do this thing,
as inhibitions are now subduing,
and as we again indulge,
to you again I'm always cuing,

As your sweet sweet lips press,
on my weak weak neck,
you run your hands down,
my waiting body,
hey sweet baby,
I say,
what the heck,

As you
run them down,
across my eager chest,
& over an ever arousing breast,

I know I shoulda stopped at just a peck,
& your past I hear is something,
I should check,

But wait you say,
hold there girl just a cotton pickin' sec,

I play it over and over,
I should have stayed away,
and now...

I'm just a complete & total wreck.

Cherie Nolan © 2016

No idea anymore ...any of it ugh...
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