Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
1 day ago

I drink deep from the reservoirs beneath her tulips
Soft is my sweet demise,
As I follow her eyes
To the cherry blossoms,
And that babbling brooks
Reassuring me, that I'm far away home.

I smile, with sun kissed cheeks
For when the music drifts away like distance
The tenderness of words on my ears
Rewrite all of this pain into poetry

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Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
1 day ago

Seeping into my netherworld
anno domini nineteen ninety six
with all the world my stage
many boxes but no ticks

There or maybe thereabouts
second hand news and hearsay
drifting out of my tragicomedy
knowing not where her hat lay

On any given grey day
retail parks can be soulless
fate's hand deceives and conceives
a chance meeting nevertheless

Social media's platform of insight
who knew our nascent dreams?
when paths cross and stars align
kindred spirits share consciousness streams

A rock when in a hard place
a friend who's paid her dues
a pleasure to know and admire
enshrined now as a muse

an ode to someone who wished to be someones muse and now is.
#need   #friend   #help   #muse   #rock   #tragicomedy  
Ivan Petryshyn
2 days ago

hello, oh, Poetry!
I write,
I know, my Miss,
you are so bright,
but I am also very right.
Good bye, My Muse-
good night!
Ivan Petryshyn

to Muse
#muse   #to  
Scarlet McCall
Scarlet McCall
6 days ago

What should you do with a second-hand muse--
inspiration spent, and by his mistress abus’d?:
Feed him some grapes under cliffsides and clouds,
sit him under a tree;  read him verses aloud.
Make him a spectre of love unrequited,
tell him of enemies that you’d like smited.
Recount  transgressions, and triumphs and losses;
ponder Cruel Fate and the luck of coin tosses.
Tell him of all of your sins now excused--
how the Judge and the Jury have been recused.
And that any dream, urge, or whim can be used--
but you simply cannot go on as a-mused.

Probably should take my own advice...haven't written much lately and most of it has been political.
#poetry   #muse   #writing   #muses  
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
6 days ago

The way she holds her face
as the light comes shining in
The complexities of grace
when her hair, she pins
Demure, sleek, and pretty
my words, a poor compare
As I'm trying to be witty
smiling, grinning, everywhere
Muses come, and go
a simple ways and means
Part of my ebb, and flow
with poetry, to glean

Sometimes you can see angels, in peanut butter :D
Other times, demons in jello.....
7 days ago

this is the first time i'm writing about you, yet it feels like i've been here before
maybe these are all the thoughts i've collected finally written down on paper
i think about you a lot when i'm feeling down, but you don't know that
how could you when you're out there chasing your dreams, and i'm here simply going through the motions?

i had a thought just now that reminded me why i'm still here
the life i currently live is not one that i dream of living
because of you, i realized that i can't give up
my whole life, i've been working towards this goal so i can't throw everything away
you may never know this, but thank you for being my constant source of inspiration

i love you

the boy whose presence came at an unexpected but necessary time .
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
7 days ago

Weaving through comatose membranes
Igniting burned out synapses
Untangling your inner conflicts

Washing the dirt from your tired soul
Clearing smudges from your mind’s eye

With an orgasmic pulse I flow
Your lingual roots I awaken
Purging your lyrical stasis


~FJ Thomas

Feb 19

I just wanted to tell you thank you
for many things really:
Thank you for stripping me of my innocence
you are the only man I would be with.
Thank you for sharing the sun with me
the sun that wakes us, makes us, or breaks us.
Thank you for the orange juice when I wake up
because you know how much the intimacy means to me.
Thanks for the love you gave to me
you were the only antidote for sin and suffering.
Thank you for loving me
for all the flaws and authenticity.
Thanks for never being fake
because fake is something I could never tolerate.
(c) 2017

I met the man of my dreams at a place I call my very own hell and I have so much to thank him for.
This is for you, my muse.
Feb 13

My muse is a decadent goddess
Smart strong and modest
Light brown smooth skin
And twice as delicious, my friend
A smile so charming
That it’s almost alarming
On a scale from one to ten
She is two times an eleven
And better than that
Has the spirit to match

My muse is the early morning
When it is barely storming
Earth soft and slippery
Cold but only slightly
Sun slowly rising
Sound of birds chirping
Deer just outside my door
Been there since four
Trees swaying
I can hear my muse a playing

My muse is a soft jazz song
With no word for me to sing along
Just a gentle sax moaning with pleasure
Piano in the background taking its measure
So deep and sweet that it could rock me to sleep
I smile because my muses loves me
My muse is tranquility
In everything
I hear taste or see
Such an awesome level ecstasy

Though my muse may astound and confuse me
Run from or pursue me
She is always there
She is everywhere
From a child’s eye lit with wonder
To the sight of lightening sounding thunder
Even my once or future lover
From the lips that I may never kiss
To the loved ones I will always miss
My muse is the perfect mistress
So this is a love letter to who
To all my million muses especially you

#love   #life   #nature   #past   #humanity   #muse   #muses   #artistry  

There are patterns in my feelings
A thought process that gives life to new works
There's a figure of speech to everything
A way to describe any given thing in a way that no one else has
Yet it makes so much sense to everyone who reads it
But you?
And yet,
So incredibly written

My muse is a masterpiece already. A work of art impossible to capture with mere words.
#poet   #eyes   #art   #muse   #masterpiece   #incredible  
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