I have this memory of driving around the countryside with you from 3 years ago.
It was July. A bit after the 4th. Maybe it's the 8th I'm not sure, but it's not too important to the story.
Everytime we got to a stop sign I stopped, vaped (I thought I was so cool,) and we made out. I felt so free being able to drive wherever I pleased, and being with my best friend made it even better.

Now. Yesterday. We go driving around for a bit in the countryside, which we haven't done in about a year. We play our old mixtapes and CDs and it's so great. Peaceful. I look at you and you're still as great as you were before. I love you so much still.

And I will love you
until all the stars die out.

And when time ceases to be
I will still love you

as much as I did that day in july driving through the countryside.

And as much as I do now.

I have faith. I believe one day I'll open my eyes and everything will be alright. It was set, within my parents eyes...that hope Isn't for the hopeless, but for the realest who carries optimism within them.

I admit it, it's hard to imagine another enduring pain and agony the way I do...because I sank them deep. No one heard me cry, no one heard me scream, the strength I have awoken each day just for a smile.

Because like the wise...we know, worrying ends when true faith begins. I'd laugh, today I'll sing exhaulting the woman I've become and smile for all the monsters I've once been.

See, this is why I have faith... I've been slaughtered by the hands I've held, by the bodies I've laid beside but I chose to fight for my life, refusing to fall, refusing to let them have me dead.

They murdered me once, but that was then. I put myself out there on the precipice of eternal pain...I didn't stand a chance. They took my years, lied in my face and whisper sweet poison in my ears.

...But thanks to them, thanks to faith. I've become fierce, I'm no longer afraid. Today I said goodbye to hurt, goodbye to pain, goodbye to heartbeak. I know one day I'll find my murderers and looked them in the face and thank them with grace.


I never knew what true pain and agony was, until they were caused by you, next time...I'll be ready, until then...you remain my muse.
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Jan 31

take a moment every day to be thankful
pen out your love
onto paper or into your thoughts
for the bed that cradles you
for the sun that kisses you
for the air that fills you endlessly
for the body and mind that give you purpose
for the people that need you among hundreds
and would feel empty in your absence
you are alive by these gifts
to embrace them is to be eternally wealthy

trying to teach myself to be more grateful and positive
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U Mims
U Mims
Jan 25

what's forever
What's real
& Remember it's all POSSIBLE
Cus of HIM.......

Please be my friend until the very end
stay by my side
life without you would not be the same
I look at you and I smile for I know I love you
I look at you and see the person that makes me the happiest
I see the woman who is my best friend
My happiness
My everything
When I think of you
I think of the woman with the best smile
the smile that draws you in
The mesmerizing eyes that make you feel as if you cannot look away
When you're sad
All I want is to make you happy
All I want is to make you forget about your troubles
I just want to hug you close and tell you everything will be okay
I am scared that one day you wont be my best friend and
I will have to be without you
but today I am thankful
thankful for another day with you

Jan 12

To the woman whom I love
To the woman who doesn't sleep
all night when you're sick
because she's worried

The woman I needed the most
The woman I can always count on
The woman who's too overprotective
The woman who we find annoying for being strict

You may be annoying sometimes
still i love you
You sacrifice so much for us to achieve what we want
and look at us, contented, happy and proud

The woman who will spoil us when it comes to food
When she laughs it feels so good
To the woman who will cry with us when we're in so much pain
To the woman whom i wish forever will stay

I am forever thankful to have you
God knows how much I love you
I'm proud to have you as my Mother
thank you for everything

I may not the kind of daughter you wished I would be
but just wait a little longer
I will make you proud, just wait and see

happy birthday mom! i love you
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Jan 12

my us, my you,
and blinding
just to close eyes
in such a smile

your words, your warmth
laid down around me
like garlands,
succulent, fragrant
and close.

my universe, our universe
worse for wear--
the constellations
or snap with tension
and the entropy
threatens to make
every galaxy
ebb like fading bruises

but my stars,
my lovely stars --
still resplendent
behind clouds and eclipses
always shine through in the end.
and yet I'd be haunted
by all the hidden emptiness
if that weren't so dark
and if you
weren't so brilliant
and so bright

So even if
the world shatters
a thousand constellations
I pray the lines
between us will never cease to be
because one beautiful star
can give the light
of a million dull ones
and you'll never
look faded to me.

I don't have a lot of friends but I really do love the ones that I do have.

If a tree fell in the woods and spoke to me – I wonder if the words will mimic the ones printed in the books it turns into,
or if the wisdom will be reminiscent of its number of rings,
I lost count at 23 –
The age you were when you wanted to tie the other end of the rope around the braches,
you saw them reaching out to the sky,
a serendipitous commonplace in your eyes,
well I’m thankful that the tree came down with the storm and that you found your footing among the leaves.
                                               Believe me when I say --
That I never meant to tell you to speak out of my own need to make my life better than it should be,
I just wanted to make it okay--
To let you tell the truth instead of telling only what you thought you wanted me to hear you say.
                                                  You were afraid --
That the thoughts in your head and the rings in your trees made you unfit for this world,
and that the city’s ambience would always drown out the gusts of wind at the shores of Walden.
That no distance to run would take you far enough away to find ears to hear of your suffering,
I promise that I’ve never been more pleased to say you’re wrong.

Read the rest at www.othersbeforeus.com/blog/2017/1/10/smoke-signals
Watch it performed: youtube.com/watch?v=pdUQVuwVtA4

home isn't just a four letter word
it isn't just a house or a place
with rooms and walls and boards

home is so much more

it's seeing your sister sleeping
soundly on the couch
next to the snoring dog

it's looking at old pictures
laughing about that one time
with your family by your side

it's the look your parents
give each other across the kitchen
like they've just fallen in love for the first time

it's sitting down for dinner
and smiling at each other across the table
thinking that life couldn't get any simpler

it's holding the ones you love
so tight they might break
for fear that home will lose its true meaning

home has many faces
not just simply words or places
home is full of endless love

feeling pretty thankful for my family and my home tonight.
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He understood me.
Just like that.

All my life I never expect anyone
to understand me even a single bit
Not once.
Not ever.
Not a single soul ever did.

And I was fine with it.
I did not mind.
I was used to being misunderstood.
Every day, every week, every time.
No one ever understands, and that was expected.

But he came when I least anticipated it
And he understood me.

I don't know how he did it,
But he did.

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