"Mirror, mirror on the Wall,"
"Who is the craziest Motherfucker of them all!?"
(Response of Mirror.)
"You think you're crazy."
"You think you're insane."
"But there is a Man in the White House."
"I refuse to utter his name."
"He thinks he's a Genius."
"He thinks he's Great."
"His Ultimate Aim"
"Is the Destruction"
"Of the United States."

Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
3 days ago

There's no deeper meaning or connection
here, nothing at all to spark my brain into
a chaotic explosion of thought. I
can't even use my words to string you up
to some greater power, or an invisible
force that is controlling our lives, because
you render me useless and simply apathetic.

~~ Not for you. ~~
#words   #hatred   #life   #loss   #break   #mind   #confusion   #chaos   #useless   #connect  
Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
3 days ago

There are some clumsy minds in this world
but she has a good soul.
The girl with the head of fire,
wild and true; she is
a goddess of flames and beauty
in her certainty of herself.
Something about how fervently alive she is
pulls me into a chaos
I hope I never escape.

~~ For Amber. ~~
#love   #girl   #fire   #happy   #friendship   #beauty   #soul   #chaos   #flame   #goddess  

When Nihilism and Hatred Rule,
It's a good  time to plant Seeds of Peace
That  will grow someday.
In the Midst of a Massacre.....
In the Midst of a Bloodbath....
In the Midst of Genocide,
Those Seeds of Peace
Won't  germinate successfully,
But these Seeds will open up
When things calm down.
So, conditions calm.
Put those seeds in the ground
And cover them with soil.
With patience,
Your efforts
Will someday bear fruit.

Is the Correct Religion.
White is the Superior  Race
And, by the way, would it be okay with you
If we destroyed the the United States?

7 days ago

The waters rage, but my heart is calm. I sit and watch them with wonder as my soul finds satisfaction in their chaos. The ocean is a vast mystery of magnanimous will, and Its force moves me to places beyond my comprehension. The vessel of my existence finds solace in what is unknown, and the eternal movements of these waters will continue their courses for a thousand years. Speak to me those ancient homilies -"Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the Spirit of God move upon the face of the waters." I would hear of Atlantis and of the Platonic aphorisms and the Pillars of Heracles which stand at the going out by the way Gibraltar. Take time and search. For their substance is my meaning and their being, my reality. It's raining outside and the drops that drip justify my vanity. I recall the day you left. I was sitting in my arm chair as I heard the door gently shut. You had shuffled your feet in desperate moments to gather your non- confrontational thoughts and then you were gone. My heart sank. I knew- for your spirit left and I could feel the emptiness of a thousand caverns. One large tear rolled down my cheek at the time that had passed and would never return. I arose to find that you left your toothbrush. Why? Would you buy another? You must have had more on your mind. Regret filled my mind like a missed opportunity that would never be given again. But then, a smile and a relief. The feeling of a load lifted. Thought fragments. I sat again and was comforted by the rain and the drops dripping. Why? Because I hate you ..

#empty   #rain   #chaos   #random  

Those who have it ..fight
& coldly kill to keep it.
Those who lack it ..cry
& sadly die, trying to acquire it.
Those who have it ..are slain
& robbed in daylight for it.
Those who lack it... will do
whatever it takes.. to hold it.

What to do?
..There are no answers.

Both sides are the same;
they slice themselves up
mix everything up,
so the two become one
by dividing into four,
& from that ..it all
turns into war.

Both sides are the same.
All that’s left to do
is go insane.  All ‘cause of It,
whatever 'it' ..is.  & I?

...But an albatross,
amidst all this mental fire & loss,
crisscrossing rival X after rival X
after rival X after rival X
playing this game of
Four-Square w/ Chaos.

In the works.
Written on lunch.
#war   #life   #king   #game   #chaos   #foursquare  

I have stacks and heaps of poems I have misread.

Where I filled the blanks

which were not meant to be filled.

Where I was supposed to stand stupefied by absurdity of life

I tried to find some order , some reason.

Where I was supposed to sit and listen to worries

I gave advice.Or worse, interfered in lives not mine.

It was always about what I could give to life,

than what life has given to me.

So I have suffered long

trying to fill silences in heart

and words in blank pages.

And never to have made a difference.

Never to have known the beauty

of being incomplete and unfinished.

Enemy of the State!
Enemy of the People!
Enemy of the Terrorists!
Enemy of the Morons!
Enemy of Dumbfuckistan!

Do you think
We can find God again
Or is our amnesia
Too strong?
In this Information Age,
It's hard to keep track of anything,
Especially Something as big as God.
Joshua Dogan says
That I'm probably on a Department of Defense
Government Watch List by now.
That's good.
At least the Department of Defense
Won't forget about me,
But does President Donald Trump
Know where God is?
Probably not.
I think his Dementia
Has caused him to forget about God.

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