23 hours ago

Some are born with
chaos etches into their souls,
fire burning behind half-open eyes,
smoke burning in lungs as screams break free

Some were meant
to be wildfires and avalanches,
destruction on two legs

And my dear,
you are one of them

#love   #fire   #soul   #burning   #destruction   #chaos   #devotion  
joyce knee
joyce knee
1 day ago

In trying to pick out a pattern in chaos,
I found neither symmetry nor direction.
It just was- and that's all it needed to be,
Speculation free.

No rhythm, no purpose, no agenda.
Just pure chaotic goodness straight from a sourceless chasm

To even attempt to decipher the endless web of desires,
of sorrows, or fleeting wonder- is to attempt to unravel the spider's web by speaking it. It is to sing down the moon.
It cannot be done- but there is no harm in trying.

#moon   #space   #wonder   #chaos   #spider   #desires   #webs   #chaostheory  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
2 days ago

Let the heat cool down
Erase the thought of razors
Thoughts of meaningless rules
Let us be our own judges
Coz it's corrupts everywhere
Find the best people to maintan
Tranquil atmosphere won't hurt
Only but for the criminals
Let's wipe clean our country
Forget about the past
A new start
Yes, the memories you created
Won't fade
Still, we could forgive mistakes
You've destroyed your name
Bring a change yourself
Put the criminals into misery
Abandon leaders of violence

Being religious doesn't mean to hurt others
#love   #peace   #religion   #people   #humanity   #violence   #chaos   #criminals   #deeds   #leaders  
Tony Pellagra
2 days ago

So I've been told,
I'm nothing but an ape
Waiting to get old.
So I lie and I kill and I rape
And the world keeps turning.
Strangers 'round me do not see
That Paris is burning.

When I was told this, I wish I chose to care--
"It's not 'life is meaningless' that men come to fear."
No--but rather,
Every single, single decision matters.
And knowing that will save us from extinction, or let the world unravel.

"Life is meaningless," I was once told.
So I ripped the wing off a butterfly,
And watched as it twirled.
Now this old ape waits alone in the cold,
For I ripped the wing off a butterfly,
And have destroyed the world.

Every choice you make can either destroy the world (chaos) or save the world (virtue).

terrified to pick up a pen
because the truth will flow
out of my fingertips
yet this is the only way
I can find my inner zen

#poem   #poetry   #truth   #lost   #writer   #chaos   #zen  

Long ago love looked like romance
it held a subtle sheen of madness
Chaos and passion left in pair
Our beds lie oceans apart
My heart can't swim the carpet
In the night we camped the platform
I hadn't yet bought matches
as the smoke was yet to lick me
inside my virginal lungs
My heart grows tumescent, we
never sat close to view forever
in the dusk of violet July
To fulfill happiness fully
suppose we just kiss goodbye forever
and bare the carpet to cement
May some poor soul once more find
their face between too hairy legs
and with my chin I'd trace constellations
Sail our beds both furthest apart
Sail our beds into the dark

In the violet July
#love   #lost   #tumor   #smoke   #dread   #waters   #chaos   #violet   #july   #virginal  

I remember sitting on the dock
in the summer.
The sky was too deep for stars.
Gentle lightning struck the mountains beyond
the lake, shadowing
out every stress of my existence
with pure energy.
I have no wisdom from those moments.
I remember only the peace of floating idly.

There was no need for thunder.
There was no need for rippling in the water.
There was no need for the distant calls of the loons.
There was only the simple silence
and my brain’s imagination of the chaotic show
that may or may not come.

The world outside me had fallen into
an infinite vastness
between each distant fractal of light.

I am not a religious person.
I don’t believe in God,
and I think divinity is subjective.

But I’ve always believed in the entropy of nature
as it delicately chooses leaves
to twirl in a pending storm
like a quantum fate.

#nature   #fate   #thunder   #chaos   #entropy   #quantum  

The contradictions are just too great.
The people WANT a
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"....
A charming Sociopath.
We want to hold on to Continuity....
Security, Safety and Comfort,
If The Core Ideology of a Civilization is ROTTEN.
It's meant to Collapse.

Hello insomnia, my old friend.

Is it that time to bring out my demons within?
This is the hour when my mind picks apart my heart
and the chaos inside my head begins.
Am I monster for loving to relive my sins?

Insomnia my old friend, it looks like another night that you will win.

#sin   #heart   #mind   #insomnia   #chaos  
Atoosa Kourosh
Atoosa Kourosh
Oct 3, 2016

tangled emotions struggle to unwind
unconscious desires surface unrefined
going into the future blind
not knowing what kind of trouble I'll find

feeling the G force at every turn
striving to savor and to learn
praying for calm and contentment to return
hoping from the turbulence will emerge a pattern

new dreams bring the cauldron to a rolling boil
simmering ideas rise and uncoil
fighting fatigue, returning to the toil
planting good intent in the newly turned soil

surrender everything to Him and move on
find forward momentum on the path to be drawn
connect and grow, live life with elan
face every moment like a new dawn

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
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