Saint Titus
Saint Titus
4 days ago

I am scarier as an imitational being
Draw me a context and watch me come to life
Strive with me, we will be friends
Come and watch as unity does commence

Try and wake up in Arcadia
Try waking up in Arcadia
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world turns downright cold
But you won't wake up in Arcadia

Trust me; I've never been so timid
Every grin grimace is as lifeless as my own
Even our souls have begun to tendril shut
Forward thinking and forward feeling
Did I take you? Sorry, I didn’t mean to

Try and wake up in Arcadia
Try waking up, try waking up at all
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world will someday burn
But you don’t wake up
In Arcadia
Try waking up, try waking up at all

The eyes once drawn apart
Have found their way together
Right and left
Every breath
Working on into forever
Like it or not
And I'm sure you don’t know
We will surface soon
And then we will float

Try waking up in Arcadia
You will never wake up in Arcadia
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world became void
But the dream is all there is
You have been awake
There is no awareness
I am doomed

I don't know what i was thinking
#hell   #fire   #death   #ice   #earth   #afterlife   #nirvana   #cold   #arcadia   #spawn  

I learned to ask for nothing
At an awful early age;
And nothing gets monotonous,
Cause nothing stays the same.

As I grew in beingness,
Nothing never changed.

I expect nothing less
When I'm aged and grey;
Cause nothing still awaits for me
When cold and in my grave.

Don't dwell on your afterlife,
Don't fret on what you got;
After all the prayers are done,
There's nothing in the box.

Title taken from "Being and Nothingness," by J.P. Sartre.

When people like me heard I died
They laughed
And my spirit joined them

I'm so sorry, I really am,
I failed you,
Guess that's all I ever did

And you loved me sincerely,
Now I wanna wake you,
But I can't, and I'm so sorry

I envy all of those that from now on
are with you
and those that see you smile

So when I look up at the stars
I pray for you
and for your soul, that's more to me then mine

Almost every single day
I think of you
that's not enough, though, I know

And once in a while
I cry for you
at night, until I fall asleep

with tears on my face and your name on my lips

and still I know that     I will never deserve you     as long as I'm alive

#love   #life   #desire   #sadness   #death   #tears   #loss   #friend   #afterlife   #longing  

Some days I'm okay
Others I have nothing to say
Some I don't even whine
Others I just lie and say I'm fine.
Broken thoughts of a damaged mind
A crumpled heart caused by loves that left me behind
The soul that seems to have left.

Not sure of what to say or think
Numbing the pain with another drink
An ashtray full of suicidal thoughts I'm trying to sink.
They come to the surface and are pushing me to the brink.

Some days,
I just want to live my life, a couple kids and a wife
Others I dream of the afterlife ..

#suicide   #broken   #sad   #lonely   #death   #romance   #afterlife   #heartache  
Feb 19

if i believed in the afterlife
it wouldn’t be heaven
living amongst the splendor of a thousand cherubim
it would be the sublime human experience in the body of another
it would be the complete disregard of time and scope of morality
it would be the neglect of every supposed biblical truth
that is, if i believed in the afterlife
and the things is - i don’t
i believe in life after death and life after death and life after death
i believe in the decomposition of bodies through which we loved in
i believe in the rotting of flesh through which we hurt in
i pay no heed to claims of nirvana, to the myths of elysium
i believe in the eternal succession of kings by peasants
i believe in the slow hum of human hearts beating century after century
i believe in life beginning once again
i believe in the simultaneous harmony
of a baby’s cry at a veteran’s passing
i believe in wonder that transcends time
i believe in glory that pursues all human life
i believe in life, this one and the next

Feb 6

My great grandmother,
passed away 10 years ago,
but last night,
she stood at my bedside.
She told me the story,
of the beautiful butterfly,
who feared to fly.  
She told me,
this butterfly was beautiful,
much more than the rest.
Her wings shone of gold,
with a deep silver hue.
She was so beautiful,
but she always wept.
She feared,
her wings were broken.
Then came the day,
when she looked
towards the sky,
only to see the
rest of the butterflies
begin to fly.
That's when she realized,
now was her time.
She stretched out her wings,
and leapt off the vine.
She fluttered her wings,
and was lost to the sky.
She had faith in herself,
and her wings
carried her just fine.

I know you're watching over me great grandma. Send me butterflies from the other side.

A long time ago
I wrote down your soul
Next to mine, in cursive letters,
Penned in dark black ink.
Hidden and leather bound,
Under lock and key,
So no one would find us
Or try to erase us.
In that page of prose,
We have lived on,
Forever entwined in the poetry,
Safe from prying eyes
And the passage of time,
Impassioned and Immortal.
Grateful that it is you
My soul is forever bound to.

©LadyofRavenhill 2/2/17
Jan 6

Another day in the life
A shadow cast upon the earth
Cold atmosphere caresses your skin
Warm blood is the gift of birth
Iron flavor coats your tongue
Swallow the cum, for the next of kin
Begins again, and again, until
You learn life's final lesson.

I knew you as a person
who wore daffodils in her hair;
dancing barefoot in the fields.
Always unpredictable,
your aura, like an aurora of Pandora's open box.
Recklessly compassionate in your unrelenting affection.

I remember when they told me
that you had passed away.
I watched as they returned your body to the earth.
They say that you're in heaven now,
but I don't know how this can be true
when every day I still feel you in my heart.

Maybe your daisy chain was a halo
and the fields that you danced on were clouds.
I think I finally understand.
I knew you as a person,
but maybe you weren't.
Maybe you were just an angel
that got lost along the way.

This is my first attempt at a free verse poem, please feel free to send me a message with feedback or critique. I honestly don't know what I am doing and writing this was a huge challenge for me. This is for anyone who has lost someone close to them in their lives. People die, but they live on in the hearts and souls of the people who loved and cherished them. Carry their spirits into the new world and they will live on forever.
#love   #death   #angel   #afterlife   #memory   #mourning  
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