4 days ago

if i believed in the afterlife
it wouldn’t be heaven
living amongst the splendor of a thousand cherubim
it would be the sublime human experience in the body of another
it would be the complete disregard of time and scope of morality
it would be the neglect of every supposed biblical truth
that is, if i believed in the afterlife
and the things is - i don’t
i believe in life after death and life after death and life after death
i believe in the decomposition of bodies through which we loved in
i believe in the rotting of flesh through which we hurt in
i pay no heed to claims of nirvana, to the myths of elysium
i believe in the eternal succession of kings by peasants
i believe in the slow hum of human hearts beating century after century
i believe in life beginning once again
i believe in the simultaneous harmony
of a baby’s cry at a veteran’s passing
i believe in wonder that transcends time
i believe in glory that pursues all human life
i believe in life, this one and the next

no regrets,
no recourse.
just corse.
souls lingering
without remorse.

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angels and cherubs, bells and choirs and...
Feb 6

My great grandmother,
passed away 10 years ago,
but last night,
she stood at my bedside.
She told me the story,
of the beautiful butterfly,
who feared to fly.  
She told me,
this butterfly was beautiful,
much more than the rest.
Her wings shone of gold,
with a deep silver hue.
She was so beautiful,
but she always wept.
She feared,
her wings were broken.
Then came the day,
when she looked
towards the sky,
only to see the
rest of the butterflies
begin to fly.
That's when she realized,
now was her time.
She stretched out her wings,
and leapt off the vine.
She fluttered her wings,
and was lost to the sky.
She had faith in herself,
and her wings
carried her just fine.

I know you're watching over me great grandma. Send me butterflies from the other side.

A long time ago
I wrote down your soul
Next to mine, in cursive letters,
Penned in dark black ink.
Hidden and leather bound,
Under lock and key,
So no one would find us
Or try to erase us.
In that page of prose,
We have lived on,
Forever entwined in the poetry,
Safe from prying eyes
And the passage of time,
Impassioned and Immortal.
Grateful that it is you
My soul is forever bound to.

©LadyofRavenhill 2/2/17
Jan 6

Another day in the life
A shadow cast upon the earth
Cold atmosphere caresses your skin
Warm blood is the gift of birth
Iron flavor coats your tongue
Swallow the cum, for the next of kin
Begins again, and again, until
You learn life's final lesson.

I knew you as a person
who wore daffodils in her hair;
dancing barefoot in the fields.
Always unpredictable,
your aura, like an aurora of Pandora's open box.
Recklessly compassionate in your unrelenting affection.

I remember when they told me
that you had passed away.
I watched as they returned your body to the earth.
They say that you're in heaven now,
but I don't know how this can be true
when every day I still feel you in my heart.

Maybe your daisy chain was a halo
and the fields that you danced on were clouds.
I think I finally understand.
I knew you as a person,
but maybe you weren't.
Maybe you were just an angel
that got lost along the way.

This is my first attempt at a free verse poem, please feel free to send me a message with feedback or critique. I honestly don't know what I am doing and writing this was a huge challenge for me. This is for anyone who has lost someone close to them in their lives. People die, but they live on in the hearts and souls of the people who loved and cherished them. Carry their spirits into the new world and they will live on forever.
#love   #death   #angel   #afterlife   #memory   #mourning  
Jan 1

We all do know this is true

That life one day we must leave

By a gruesome unwilling way

Or by the time of aging naturally

But the thing I must now implore

Is your thoughts on a life after this

As I lay unmoving in my stony grave

Will my soul feel as if it's amiss?

So mermaids, humans, elven and wolves

Please give me a piece of your time

What do you think become's of our souls

While our bodies rest buried beneath lime

#death   #people   #questions   #help   #wolf   #hey   #afterlife   #bodies   #creatures   #elf  
CK Marrow
Dec 29, 2016

Muted color
On darkest day                                          
There was a light
to show the way

In dreary towns
My eyes were bound
To the misty lights
Up on the cloud

What is that phenomenon?
Where did it go?
The place we are seeking
We shall never know.

As our eyes droop down
And our smiles go flat,
It is easy to see
That we shall never go back

To that muted color
On that darkest day
Where that light to guide us
Showed the way

Immortality is over
We are now doomed
To succumb to our future
As our destinies loomed.

As we were shot down
To the pits of Tartarus
My fate was no longer

We were forgone
Forever to roam
The pitch black world
Always to moan

That muted color
On darkest day
Was unfortunately one
To never stay

#sin   #hell   #god   #death   #heaven   #afterlife   #grey   #from   #damnation   #expulsion  
Abdallah Sadiq
Dec 28, 2016

Who would've thought a disturbed poets worst fear will be death?
All his poems will make your bosom brim with sadness
Each stanza hints suicide
Every line is a cry for help
And you think the only escape from his misery is to cease breathing
But little do you know he fears to take that last breath.
He fears the unknown
The blankness and darkness that is assumed when we think about that last breath
He fears that the God he disbelieved in will punish him for eternity by hurling him into the depths of the blazing fire
He fears that the misery he'll face in the after life will be incomparable to that he faced on earths soil.

He also fears to leave the world still feeling alone and unloved
He fears to leave with that heart of his still aching and broken
And without kissing the lips of the woman he hoped to Amend it.

Suffice to say I'm afraid of death.

#poet   #fear   #sadness   #death   #afterlife   #loneliness  
Susie Ivan
Susie Ivan
Dec 6, 2016

You smell like a warm vanilla sunset.
Your long curls bounce around your smile as we run up the hill.
You grab my hand because I always am so slow and you don't want to lose sight of me.
We watch the whole city from up here.
At this moment I feel like both a giant and a small small spec of dust.
You say "Do you think this is what the view is like in heaven? Like, when you die?"
I say "No, it has to be better than this. There has to be something more than this."

After you had left us, without a letter or anything, I thought about that day on the hill a lot.
I thought about you, a lot.
I walk up the hill, slowly. I sit down watching the sunset and the city and notice how I don't feel big or small this time. I just feel normal.
It has to be better than this.
There has to be something more
than this.

Somehow I wrote this right before you had died. Like a month before. And now I relate to my own poem more than I ever thought I could
#love   #poetry   #life   #death   #afterlife   #free   #grief   #verse   #imissyou   #freeverse  
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