Looking in the mirror wishing you could change
Knowing it will be a process, but results are in range
Feeling like you cannot breathe, telling yourself it's okay
Touching your heart and knowing it will push you, and stay

It is okay to feel tired, to feel worn down
That does not mean give up, that means stick around
It is hard to be in a newly routine but your mind is there to help
Do not let the darkness take over for even a second

You may want to quit, but today is not the day
Get up and realize your worth, this is for you and you only
So lose your energy in something that will make you better
It is better to have a healthier half than to be a shadow lonely

Stay Strong

To be happy.

She stared at me, the message of control
Wanting a dream life, isn't it my turn?
She shook in question, why I would her
Needing to be let go, escape it should be my turn?
She stabbed in delight of torture, she was winning
Craving love outside and to deserve, cannot it be my turn?
She sank within my veins, to close the gate to light
Urging to make purpose without noise, when will it be my turn?

To be happy.

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My name is not special, nor does it roll of the tongue
My time is spent wasted, instead of being young
My life is not easy or strong, but knowing I am alone still stung
And my heart craves for it to be un-hung

My world is always frustrated, no matter who I am around
My voice is never tough, but independent is the special sound
My mind is wondering so far, it took it turn to the ground
And realized that hell is my only home, with fire I drowned

My relationships struggle no matter what I do
My mental-mess breaks tension between loneliness and what I've grew
My lips part with words that mean nothing to others, no matter how hard I threw
And wanting it to be over so no one doesn't recognize my face and ask who

My feelings get mixed with confusion that hold me under
My love for him make me feel butterflies as thunder
My life is just work, no matter how much I wonder
And I just want to live and be set free and be in love for her

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We drink alcohol
So we don't have to feel emotion
We smoke green
So we don't have to think about it
We party wildly
So we can have distractions
We keep secrets
So we never have to explain
We keep quiet
So we never have to argue
We pretend to be okay
So people don't leave
We fake a smile
So no one has to worry

A burning black rose is my heart and a white rose is my soul
Screaming images scan my thoughts as a shadow follows
Being alone, being social is not a good role
But the beating of torture seems to be acceptable

A scar for every issue seems to be an answer
Locking the positvity away and it never coming back
But love is even scary and leaves me in anger
I just want a light at the end of my life

I wish my mind was wired to only admire, not be jealous
I wish I could think I was unique, instead of ugly
I wish I would stand above them, and not feel trampled by just looks

I know that I am trying and using comedy as an escape
No one will know how hard I use their feelings as a definition towards me
I just wish I could be happy, and ignore the stretch

#hope   #wish  

Slowly placing me on the counter top
Making bruises on my neck, kissing gently
Feeling his fingers tracing every stretch mark not wanting him to stop
Pressure from craving closeness intently

Shaking from excitement, makes moans glisten
Wanting more, every pedal feeling I love you
Everything can be silent in faded backgrounds but yet I listen
He holds my face, and it was a look of love,
I just knew

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