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4 days ago

oh my darling
not a brain in your head
but your not silly
you care nothing of politics
you have no morals
no more then a finger or a toe anyway

every 30 days
you weep and gush
tears of blood
a sacrificial purge
for a missed opportunity
and i love that you don't give a dam
smudged ditz
blood jam lips

cant sing a note
or utter a sentence
yet a mind of her own
a masochist
carnival of spice
oh yes butter cup
creative impulse no matter the sacrifice
a christ in panties
blood glitter paradise

always in search of you
pert yoni goddess
angel of love
whom hath no fury
cave of salvation
woven love cup
tantra koota
seductive violet
honey tulip
tigress lily
vulva heaving
with a killer ass

i am dick man
solar phallus hero
yet two brains
and they both agree with each other
i am ruler of men
loving sadist
wanting to impale you

have we not made history ?

i love cunts
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Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
6 days ago

So many ways to describe, the perfect curve of hip or face
each sigh and moan inscribed, in leather, and in lace

Heated breath and supple breast, electric fingers that don't end
every move a pleasure test, each and every time, a win

Crumpling the bed sheets, burning the coals of desire
basking in your body heat, stoking a raging fire

Passing time in company, each touch perfected sin
every move a symphony, where you, and I begin

Wow, this just flowed out... I must be visiting that place again ;D
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Feb 12

when it rains
it pours
and now your soul
will forever soar

up in the kingdom
with the lord
may we take this sadness
and let it grow-
into something beautiful
in your name.

Oh how I wish
we would have known
that the darkness
was taking control

you will be
forever missed
my brother
until the day
we meet again

I go to a small, private university and one of the students passed away last night. R.I.P. Brad
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Her scent is that of jasmine
her taste, tangy, and yet sweet
her face bright and dreamy
each and every time, we meet

Her body smooth and excitable
her curves and lines supreme
her smile could topple empires
I don't think, that's too extreme

She clings to me, and I must confess
she's much more than just a ten
she's perfect, in every way I know
when she calls, just tell me, where and when

Some women know the strings to pull, that get men eating out of their, hands. (bet you thought I was gonna say something else :D)
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Never in all of the world
was there ever, a happier girl
today she was wed
of her bride she has said
she's an expert at finding, the pearl

Yup, kinda a two way type limerick, maybe, sorta.
Hey, it's legit in a lot of states now!! :D
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Did you just call me ugly?
How blind could you be?
Don't you know that I got God inside of me?
Tell me dear....
So, full of pride and so focused on your youthful looks.
How much makeup?
How much pride?
How many people?
Will be at your side,
When you close your eyes for the last time.
Tried to be sexy at times myself.
Those ideas blew up in my face.
Got a lot of regret debts
anchored down in the valleys of the wrinkles on my face.
Did you know I used to have abs?
Not anymore.
One day I heard my stomach having a private conversation,
with gravity.
Gravity said, 'Winning!'
Took my abs away.
Gave me arthritis and a fever in its place.
I fart so much.
I swear someone has a gun to my ass.
It is so fucked up,
when the pistol starts to cry and laugh.
I need a walker most of the time.
I guess the only crime I committed was staying alive.
Yeah, I am old.
So, what! I made it this far.
Take your ass on and be thankful for who you are.
You don't know how good you got it.
You can still get around,
Without leaving fun size Hersey bars behind on the ground.
'Hey, old dude, what Hersey bars are you referring to you?  The thing I see behind you are chocolate bars,
With corn toppings.
The old man starts to laugh.
The young lady says, 'Do you mean to tell me that you shitted, while you were talking to me this whole time?
The young lady began to puke.
'Baby, I didn't shit on myself. My ass did all the work. I haven't been able to control my bladder for a few months now. Here is a tissue for your mouth though?'
'Did you just hand me your depends?' The young lady said.
'Yep! These Depends never judge me and makes me feel very special.'
The young lady walks away, as she continues to puke.
The old guy says, 'She is so slow. I thought that she would have given me my Depends diaper back.
'Uh oh! What am I going to doo-do in now? That girl stole my Depends!

(C) Copyrighted

A poem on aging.
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Using liberal theory
in reality
to totally, fuck up traffic

Have ya seen these new intersections, where everybody goes WTF? :D
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The hungry lips starved for a kiss,
The lusty sour smell inhaled,
The silent mourns heard,
The fingers teased the pelvis,
Sweats scrolled down from
the behind of her ears, and
The moist tongue tickled
the collar bones, The warmth
of her nearness, the touch
of her lovely long fingers,
the husky voice of her heart,
Whispered ' Make Love to me'.
More close I got, The far
her soul tried to escape, as
the innocent little she, had
sufficient enough to fear,
Eager souls waited to merge,

The stars were not beautiful,
Just pale presence of light.
Only a blind knows the
colour of black. She, the
blind lady, bright of love,
Yet, afraid, of the souls
to merge within the
darkness that prevailed.
A story far back from now.
Only there was time,
That might have healed.
Yet in the end, The souls,
have submitted gladly...

Within my head
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Feb 4

all my life
ive only thought of one thing
you are why i got an education
why i tried so hard to make beautiful things with my hands
why i got dressed up
why i learned to sing
and dance
why i never stopped trying to make a living
why i always went to the gym
and worked out to be diamond hard
why i was polite or inconsolable
why i ran seven miles a day
why i tried to be charming
why i could never stop playing with myself
why i got through james joyce
why i learned
conversational hypnosis
neuro linguistics

to invoke a spell
that would compel
to dance
the wiggle wiggle
from hot rhythms
and slow melodic
as i prayed
blood red candles
during the darkest moon
for adorations
with endless masturbations
to your beautiful ass and feet
for tender red lipped mercies
kisses kisses kisses
you are beauty piqued
from your golden angelic head
soft silken hair
to your sweet pink arched feet
and twinkling painted toes
to yank my eyes
cock boy sex toy
oh goddess glitter fuck
queen of heaven
all paradise any man needs
sometimes i couldn't have
it velvet crushed me
taught me hopelessness
broke my will
gave me fear
made me cry
shivering inside
tore my heart to smithereens
and twisted my in-nerds
like jagged metal
as i spiraled
into madness
veins on fire
until inferiority dragged deep
suffocating me
midnight freeze
and howling winds

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