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it is sadly obvious
you don't care about
Corona, or your people,
the unemployed, the jobless
the thousands of Americans you killed
with your procrastinating non-approach
to the most dangerous epidemic of the century

so - just get lost!!
non-leadershp incompetence amoral
the pandemic is endemic
that’s why it has its name
if you ignore all your medics
only you are to blame

for the deaths among your people
    the highest rate in the world
you sure made America great again
in disasters corruption unemployment
and mismanagement of a deadly crisis

out of misguided vanity
in times when simple sanity
would have sufficed
to save thousands of lives

do presidents get sentenced for mass ******?
if not
they SHOULD!!!
pandemic mismanagement sentenced deaths vanity
considering all the people
    we have lost throughout the years
          grandparents  parents  lovers uncles aunts
               if lucky   no children
    we know that our time to leave this world
    will come to pass eventually

         and yet
    as long as we feel full of life
    we prefer not to think of this too often
    borne by the vague conviction
    that the survivors of our family
    will bear the pain of loss
    as we did years ago
and live on
  Jul 14 Walter W Hoelbling
My brittle heart
longs to be held
by your small hand
always blame others
for your own mistakes
this is exactly what it takes
to make America great again
ignore all medical advice
for over four months of pandemic
let hundredthirtythousand people die
and when infections shoot sky-high
blame all the mess on your chief medic
     to everyone but Donald Trump
    such sleight of hand would be too plump

but he’s obsessed with his campaigning
oblivious of the dangers he creates
risking that his remaining followers
may soon be knocking at the gates
     of hospitals without more space

     or of some otherworldly place
blamegame irresponsible dangerous epidemic campaigning sleight
one cannot help start wondering
about some leaders' meandering
rather than take decisive measures
they pander to their selfish pleasures
claiming they are in full control
and never mind the rising toll
of deaths, infections, unemployed
during the crisis
                              they avoid
acknowledgment of actual danger
instead fan hate, divisiveness and anger
ignore all human suffering
but only aim at buffering
their own political survival

it seems high time for the arrival
of real statesmen who can stall
that deadly downward spiral
and save their nations
     from being driven
full speed into the wall
avoid military service
due to a bone spur
for which there is no evidence

have managed to tell
an average of 16.5 lies per day
since elected into office

slander possible opponents
and everybody else who
has a different opinion

divide their country
at a time when unity
were most desirable

sets police on peaceful protesters
just so they can pose for a photo-op
before a church flaunting a bible

but only for self-aggrandizement
     no prayer
     no empathy
for those who suffer most
    the victims of racist violence
    the thousands of deaths from the pandemic
        caused by his delayed actions
    the 20 millions of unemployed

people there are who
are simply too incompetent
to lead a country
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