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May 2017
There's a message in a bottle.
Coming in from the tides.
Rapid sea, rapid sea, I am seeing with my eyes.

There's a message in a bottle.
Coming in from waves high.
Crashing down, crashing down, into the sea
Oh, I am high.

There's a message in a bottle.
I can see it with my eyes.
Flowing in and out the world, into me.

There's simple question, tension coming up from the mist,
from the depths of the abyss

From the depths of our subconscious

There's a fleeting pattern, chatter, clatter coming up from the past,
don't want it their atlas, don't want to be that man.

There's a flow coming cold, bringing chills, making them asleep, arise.

There's' a message in a bottle coming full throttle from a tsunami into the sea from every side, into the sea
of my mind, into a sea flowing hot blasting from Earths core from inside .

I just see the bottle passing by, message true testament, proof that there is a perspective on another side.

Turn from sin, levitate higher, keep those wins, turn from a binge, learn control, like a comet hitting the globe, words heard, written down is that so profound I found myself asking now.

There's that bottle with a message.

In a sea of transgressions.
Help me find it and don't let me neglect it, I am reckless like the waves, but the message is still there, clear is sound waters, crashing down it does last I have no impact, at the end when I pass it will grasp a mind not mine but oh Divine help me while I am here find my prime.

Oh, there's a message in a bottle.
Written by
MOTV  California
   Eudora, --- and The Dedpoet
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