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Jul 2018
The Manyman stepped back and waved his hands saying, No, no, I meant my nephew! My beloved one!”The Alliance Project pointed at The Manyman and said, “Seize him.” The Dahomeyian Scepter Guardians put him under guard and led him away. The Peacemonger for Strengthened Weapons looked on and a shiver ran up his soul. Message called out from her palace, “I am coming to lead you!”
The Alliance Project pointed at the Seragon Mountains and grimly noted to Message “A war is just to determine which side will have a victory parade after people die but before everyone is dead.” Message nodded and started to come down. She took her Dahomeyian Scepter and put on her Galvatar Watch. Message pushed a button and the Celestial Blade Saber came into her hands. Message walked out to where the soldiers were gathered. Suddenly there was a rumbling from deep inside the mountains. They turned black and shifted to the right side. Arthur took his side by The Alliance Project and Message and pulled out Excalibur.
A ominous figure rose from the mountain. It spoke in a conversation of tongues as it set down in front of them. One of those tongues, a deep baritone that was cold in its logic, said, “ Silly Message. Pretending as if you like war because then you can save your people. Your true motives were crouched in the shadows until the bloodshed threw them into the dying light. When others see who you really are  they get ashamed because you are a shame.”
Message said, “ High talk from a person who always disagrees with himself.” The Alliance Project yelled out to the Dahomeyian Army, “Take your positions! This is war.” Message walked out in front of her Dahomeyian Army and cried out, “Soldiers, now is the time to end that monster who afflicted this planet under two heritages!” The Dahomeyian Army gave a shout and then charged.
Message went forward but the Alliance Project held her back saying, “You do us better staying back and directing the battle.” Arthur can lead the head-on charge and I can focus any reinforcements as needed. We have new roles now.” Message huffed and sat down on the grass. It was a small hill, but she felt that she was even smaller because she was no longer part of the action. Message looked up at the sky and noticed for the first time that it had three moons…..
The Alliance Project directed Paroah Chariots to encircle Mythology and to have suppression fire while soldiers kept up the heat on Mythology. Mythology was hit many times but refused to go down. Arthur flashed Excalibur and suddenly Mythology fell to his knees. But when the Dahomeyian saw his face, he was grinning, a smile that was chilling because of its unpacked evil.
Mythology called out to Arthur in a woman’s voice, The light from your Excalibur has freed my forces, and now they are ready to arise and swallow this forsaken planet. Say goodbye now, because no one will remember you later.”
Mythology looked at the moons above and suddenly, ominous warriors began to drop from those moons. Each clad in armor and carrying a weapon that seemed to be half blade, half hand-cannon. The Alliance Project went into the Isotrain Mechanism preparing to fly up to cut off the source, and Message ran after him. Message yelled out, “I am your Dahomeyian Rulership and I demand that I come with you as your commander, and I order to come as your wife!!!” The Alliance Project shrugged and Message sent a note to Arthur on her Galvatar Watch saying, “ Hold off those beings until we can get to the moons and destroy the source. Only use Excalibur for stabbing but don’t use the Light Power because it attracts these fiends.” Arthur said, “Got it. We have to get in close for hand to hand combat.” Message turned around and said, “See I can do a lot better being a part of the action.” The Alliance Project shrugged and piloted the Isotrain Mechanism toward the Tripodate Moons.
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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