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May 2018
Message cocked her head as if to understand what Arthur had just said. She pulled a lock of hair back and questioned, “All of them? How?!” Arthur sighed and said, “When time was not, Mythology
was. He is made up of twelve force-beings who many people in the past had to worship. They were joined by the strength of the Five Arguments, Power, Dominion, Acceleration, Presence, and Existence. There is this legend that an Argument called the Thirteenth was supposed to join and did not. If one of these
arguments are missing, they will not exist, or cease to exist the way Mythology is as a composite being. But these force-beings were always in disharmony, and as a result chaos and calamity was in the world.
The only beacon of hope in the world was Troy.”
Message nodded and said, “So that was how the Trojan War began?” Arthur said, “ Yes. Forget that Helen and most the beautiful woman nonsense, it was only a façade. What Mythology really wanted was to destroy the world, just as he wants to destroy this one. When the Trojans scattered all over the world his mission was deterred at every turn by their descendants throughout time. ” Message gripped her chair so hard that she thought that her veins would pop. Message inquired, “But what can I do about this threat? The Assembly of the Many voted me down and if I try to take action, those fools can take away my Rulership, as they did my father’s.” Arthur grinned slyly and said, “You can’t do
anything, but me and the other Projects can. We serve the Dahomeyian Rulership but are independent, and we don’t answer to the Assembly of the Many. That way, if anything happens….Message and Arthur yelled out together, “The Dahomeyian Rulership is not responsible!”
Message pursed her lips as she said, “ Whatever you need, I can give it to you.” Arthur said, “We first need to go on a reconnaissance mission before we can take further steps to combat Mythology. We need to know the enemy.You can stay back so if we need anything we can contact you and you can
forward it to us by Galvatar watches. I will also give you Lady of the Night’s hook-up so all of the Federation can be on stand-by. “ Message nodded, relieved that something was finally going to be done. Arthur stood up and as his walked out he said, “ Tell The Alliance Project I have a mission for him so his
days as a house husband are over.” Message laughed.
When the Alliance Project came home, he was startled to see Message crouched over the laptop with a familiar look on her face. He thought, “This is the face she has when she is determined to
fight…..””Honey!” Message said as she ran to The Alliance Project and gave him a kiss. “ Don’t honey me, what are you up to?” Message smiling seductively at him and said, “ Just a little Battlefare. I was going to send the Projects to fight Mythology.” The Alliance Project sighed and replied, “ What did the Assembly of the Many say?” Message’s smile turned into a snarl and she snapped, “The Projects are under the Federation and I am their head. It was an executive decision.” She also turned around and
said, “Need I remind you I am your head as well?” The Alliance Project sat down and pondered this decision. He got up and said, “Ok, where is Arthur and the Covenantial Project. We can bring some Scouts from Earth and go. “ “But” The Alliance Project said, waving his hands around, “This is only reconnaissance, not a combat mission.” “Right” Message, agreed, but her fingers were crossed behind her back.” “ Why are you winking” The Alliance Project demanded. “I had something in my eye,”
Message laughed.
Message, Arthur, The Covenantial Project, and The Alliance Project were in the Dahomeyian Arsenal preparing for the mission against Mythology. The Covenantial Project said, “ Mythology can
sense courage, so we need Strength Suppressors to be put on the side of the Isotrain Mechanism. Arthur and the Alliance Project nodded in agreement. The Covenantial Project then said, “I will pilot and Arthur will wield the Lifeforce Seeking Missiles. We have to see who Mythology interacts with on Dahomeyia,
because I am sure he has spies. Then we will disengage, go back up, and Message you try to convince the Assembly of the Many that Mythology is the biggest threat there is. I will send out communications to Essence because we need her in this fight.” Everyone nodded.
Far off in the distance, in a place measured not by light-years but by light-timelines, there should a woman warrior with a wicked recurved bow in her hand. She sighed as she thought of how she was not able to get to Troy, Camelot and Dahomeyia in time. Someone tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “Essence?”
She turned around.
“Dahomeyia needs you now more than ever and  sooner rather than later.”
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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