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May 2018
Lady of the Night came down with the Parisia bow to join the fight.
And kept firing at Achilles, who brushed them off as if they were slight.
Suddenly Achilles grabbed the Alliance Project, and took a knife and dug it into his side.
The Alliance Project refused to cry out, because he had too much pride.
Message took her Fire Lance and aimed it at Achilles head.
Achilles warned, One wrong move and your lover man is dead.
Message pointed the Fire-Lance with her hand shaking at The Alliance Project.
She thought of putting him out of his misery, but she hated that prospect.
Lady of the Night screamed out, Don’t fall for it Message, he mastered psychological warfare.
Message’s mind went back to the days when she and the Alliance Project were together, and she teased him about his grey her.
Achilles cried out, You want to fight me with my own weapon, but do you want your lover to live
Choose life for him for now, and hand over my lance spear as a gift to give
Otherwise I will detach him from himself, and it would be such a tragedy
That the one who loved him watched him die in such wretched agony.
Lady of the Night retorted, If The Alliance Project has to die, he knew what he joined.
Message went down on one knee and whimpered, He does not have to die, otherwise what is the point?
She pointed the Fire Lance at the Alliance Project trembling, then handed it to Achilles too.
Achilles then laughed and threw the Alliance Project at them, who said before fainting I will **** you.
Achilles attached the Nike Sling to the Winged Fire Lance, to make the Demihim Spear.
Message and Lady of the Night looked at each other, and knew they had to leave here.
They picked the Alliance Project off the ground and when they got back, gave him to Breastplate-Bearer
But Message cried out, Who in this universe is strong enough to stop Achilles and his reign of terror?
The Covenantial Project said over the intercom, We must go to Avalon, and wake from slumber Arthur.
Otherwise with Achilles and Vibrate, we will all just be targets for the slaughter.

Breastplate-Bearer was working to heal The Alliance Project while Message and Lady of the Night went to Avalon.
Lady of the Night said to Message, I used to read Camelot as a little girl, and the knights I thought I would marry one.
Message laughed and said, You do not strike me as being a damsel in distress for a knight to save.
You would be the one to fight the monster on the Knight’s behalf, because you are too brave.
Lady of the Night blushed, but then the Isotrain Mechanism stopped the location.
Message pulled out a map and said, If I wanted to bury a king, where would I bury one.
Suddenly they saw a cave, and then they went inside to take a look.
Hoping that Arthur was not just a fiction character in Old English books.
They entered the cave and marveled at all the cave drawings.
Showing men seated around a table, with their names inscribed on chairs therein.
Message tripped over something and Lady of the Night laughed and said, Watch your step.

They both looked down and saw King Arthur, or rather what was left.
Message asked, What does your books say we do now with his body.
Lady of the Night scratched her head and said, I did not get to that part, oddly.
But I think if we bring it to the waters where the Lady of the Lake is she can help.
Message said You can bring his slimy body to these waters, speak for yourself.
So they carried King Arthur’s body on their shoulders, hoping not to be seen.
Across to where the Lady of the Lake was supposed to be, and the waters were serene.
We have your king! Message shouted, and Lady of the Night murmured, That is not the way to call.
We must show that we are worthy to serve King Arthur, or he will not come at all.
Lady of the Night looked down below and said, Woman to Woman, only we can save mankind.
Lady of the Lake rose up with Excalibur from the waters and said, That is what I can stand behind.
Put Excalibur into his hands, and he will soon awake from his slept slumber.
I am glad someone came after all these years, his death was a bad summer.
Message and Lady of the Night tried to put Excalibur into Arthur’s hands, but it would not grab.
Message finally cried out, I have an idea, and placed the blade into his fingers, hoping it would scab.
Arthur came to live and coughed, he looked at his blade and said, Caliburn is forever mine.
Message and Lady of the Night looked at each other smiling because they knew it was time.
They told Arthur he was The Templarist Project, the one who could **** Achilles with Excalibur.
Arthur said, Woe to this Achilles, I will deal with him justly as the one fated to **** him as a challenger.
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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