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May 2018
Achilles came out of the ground and quickly shook off the dirt.
He thought to himself, These puny Trojans are in for a world of hurt.
I would have finished the job but I died, and the difference is telling.
Achilles laughed to himself, And their history books say the Trojan War was about Helen.
My son, My son, Achilles heard the voice of Vibrate in his head as he did in the past.
Who are you, asked a soldier holding a gun, as Achilles stood there steadfast.
Are you a Trojan, Achilles asked as he cocked his head to one side.
I am American, the soldier said as he felt uncomfortable as he replied.
Achilles growled, You fought with Troy and left alive, but your time to die is now.
The soldier fired his gun but all the bullets bounced off, and the soldier asked How?
Achilles said, You cannot **** who already died in this war, but I can **** those who cannot survive it.
Achilles pushed their shoulders together so that they touched and crossed. the soldier fell down split.
Achilles then saw a mass of American troops pointing guns and artillery at his face.
He laughed and said in a bellow, Today you will be known both as casualties and a national disgrace.

Message and The Alliance Project came to his condo, and The Alliance Project turned on the T.V
He was glad that Message and him were able to talk and hang out so freely.
Suddenly there was a breaking alert on the news, that a man has killed American servicemen.
He could not be killed by artillery and missiles, so these weapons were all worthless then.
Message said, We have to get him now, and The Alliance Project protested, But we just got here.
Message grabbed him by the arm and said, I have a lot of emotions and all of them is not fear.
The Alliance Project pushed his watch and the Isotrain Mechanism came in front.
Message ran to the Isotrain Mechanism and The Alliance Project called out, Wait for me, ***.
The Isotrain Mechanism was headed to Achilles, because he had forced her hand.
Then Message piped up and said, So there is something that I still do not understand.
There are three projects with three blades, where is the Templarite Project with his blade?
Maxus, the automatic intercom said, His name is Arthur, and he is in Avalon sleeping and laid.
He is to come to protect, when the people need him the most to save their fate.
Because Excalibur is the third blade, but it was taken back by the Lady of the Lake.

The Alliance Project and Message got there and a general said, Stand down we can handle him.
Message yelled, All those dead bodies beg to differ, just imagine all those flags needed to bury them!
The general shook his head and said, In all my years of combat, I have never seen anyone this strong.
The Alliance Project replied, Step aside General, you will not have to see him for long.
The soldiers parted ways, and The Alliance Project and Message approached Achilles.
Message turned up her nose at him and said disdainfully, You smell filthy.
Achilles roared and replied, You smell like a concubine that use to be in my palace.
Message got goosebumps at the way he said it with such malice.
The Alliance Project said, Your reign of terror is over, and Achilles said I bring no rain.
Just misery and destruction, and those who survive will know nothing but pain.

The Alliance Project and Achilles fought, and The Alliance Project was forced back.
Message said, Lay your hands off of him, and put the Winged Fire Lance for her attack.
Achilles stepped back and said, That is my spear I used to **** Trojans, give it to me.
Message retorted, Well it’s mine now, and if you want it, come fight me.
Achilles fought Message, and she did worse than the Alliance Project.
Defeat looked to be inevitable because victory was not a prospect.
Message used the Celestial saber to stab Achilles in the chest, he just grinned.
Message stepped back and wondered what kind of fight they were in.
Suddenly an arrow traveled through the air, and hit Achilles in his heel.
The Alliance Project and Message looked up at who could aim with such skill.
It was Lady of the Night on the hill, seated in a wheelchair with a bow.
The only problem was, Achilles did not fall down dead down below.
He laughed and said, It’s painful, but I’ll live, Do you really think this would make me die.
The Alliance Project, Message, and Lady of the Night did not know how to reply.
The Achilles heel story is for children, you should know that my demise is more than a foot wound.
Nothing did **** me but betrayal, but you fools listened to fairytales and you assumed.
Lady of the Night retracted the wheelchair into her back and stood up, ready for war.
Against an enemy who might just be unstoppable, such power has never been seen before.
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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