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Mar 2018
Message put on Lady of the Night’s garment, and it changed her countenance
Take this watch, Dragon-Man said, it is the access to the Winged Fire-Lance.
You press this button on top and then the Fire Lance is yours to wield.
This is just a reconnaissance mission and Message curtly replied, If Drozen comes I will not yield.
This Winged Lance-fire is the perfect instrument to pierce Drozen’s chest box.
Dragon-Man shook his head but he knew there was no use arguing when the SheTalkMan talks.
So Message left the Isotrain Mechanism to go to the Logre Market to buy
And also to inquire where Drozen was, because Message also appointed herself a spy.

Legate, one of the Federation is here, the traveler with the Nourishless Caravans said with glee.
I don’t concern myself with a mere mouthpiece, that is a tiny morsel, the Legate replied to he.
Message came to the market, and asked, Excuse me, but have you seen the Drozen creature.
I am looking for Commander of the Numberless Clans who is this high with these features.
The being replied, I’m confused, I thought you were here to barter and watch gladiators?
Message yelled, You don’t sound like a Scimitan, and she drew out her Celestial Blade Saber.
He kneeled with terrified pleas, Please, your Imperial Candidacy, I am a Dahomeyian  who came here to survive.
If I tell you where Drozen is, he will make sure I will not remain soon alive.
Message put the Celestial Blade Saber back in the Estateian Scabbard, and said, Subject follow me.
You will use these Premo-Cartridge Gems to purchase the Federation some elite weaponry.
Meanwhile I will hunt for Drozen, using the Decipherment Charter to receive what you know.
Drozen has been reaping Death across these Realmic spans, and it is time for him to pay what he owe!

Message and the Dahomeyian Subject set off, and soon reached the market with this plan to destroy.
Meanwhile Dragon-Man was waiting in the wings with the Isotrain Mechanism, shielded by the alloy.
The Dahomeyian Subject went to the bartering station, and asked, I would like some fire power.
The person threw back his head and laughed mocking, I am sure you would, this is the final hour.
Help, Help! The Dahomeyian cried out, and Message started running to this man’s aid.
The man stood up and said, Diablo-Robots arise, and suddenly the place was filled with with raid.
So you are alone, Drozen taunted, as Message took out the Celestial Blade Saber and Winged Fire Lance.
Is this the way to treat the suitor you spurned because as an Imperial Candidate you couldn’t handle romance?
I have already sunk an Anvilic Block  into this Dahomeyian’s mind, and if you don’t come he will die.
Message was so shocked at this sheer evil that she, for once, was unable to reply.

Message extended her Celestial Blade Saber into the Dahomeyian’s head, and he fell with a thud.
Lady of the Night yelled out, No! And Message down below said, Take heed this is the first shed blood.
Drozen screamed, Attack, attack, and Dragon-Man said, This is the War the Federation was built for.
So let us go as the Federation to conquer in victory, because Message needs us for this  Battlefare war.
The Isotrain-Mechanism began firing, and Breast-plate Bearer was laughing as the missiles hit.
What’s so funny, Lady of the Night barked, Oh it is amusing the one who speaks would start conflict.
Message was on the ground, and used both her weapons to deadly effect.
Dragon-Man told Breastplate-Bearer to stay and fire, while the Federation went in the Paroah chariot.

The Paroah Chariot rumbled over the ground, hitting Diablo-Robots and rolling over their remains.
The battle was sometime fierce, and those who were dead had a better fate than those in pain.
Message was fighting alongside, and Dragon-Man used the Abyss Sword for deadly lightling.
The Diablo-Robots fell back terrified, because the blinding heat was so frightening.
Drozen cried out, Advance, but they stood by sullen, afraid of this fight.
Then stepping forward to speak and break the impasse was Lady of the Night.
I offer a solution for this impasse, because neither you nor us can win this toil
We will offer you Message for a Claimant joust, and the victor will gain all spoil.
Message said I volunteer on behalf of my people-nation, to save this planet I will be a  gladiator.
Because I left one planet that was destroyed, so this one I can be a savior.
Dragon-Man whispered, are you crazy, and Lady of the Night said Reinforcements are coming.
The Covenantial Project is leading them, but we need to stall for the time being.
This Claimant Joust will give us time, and Message can handle herself.
I just need my garment back, so I could disguise as a Diablo-Robot for stealth.

Message was on the Alieno-Machine, and Drozen said, Now we as brethren are united.
We should have a lover’s quarrel every now and then so that none of us are dead.
It is better to step forward in my presence, then hide forever in the shadows.
Message defiantly replied, I stay there because it is my position to continue battle.
Drozen said haughtily, Battle, how could you say such horrible things and who really sent ye?
Message banged on the door and yelled, I come as the Imperial Candidate to pass judgment to execute thee.
Drozen said, Fine, if that is what you wish, you can lose this Claimant Joust and be gone.
In the midst of it all Lady of the Night was watching in her garment, and wondered what the hell  was going on.
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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