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Emanuel Martinez Jan 2013
Cada ves que te mirava
Carisia queria darte
Esa carita linda

Amor como te queria
Nunca deje de amarte
En mi corazon gotas de sangre
Cuentan en la eternidad
La profundidad con la que te quiero
Como un reloj de arena eterna

Pedesito de mi alma
Cada momento de existencia
Tu tomas contingo

Que increible la vida
Saber que puedo amar
Pero como tu me rechasas

No quiero amar a nadie mas
Por que la perfeccion que yo busco
Esta escondida dentro de ti

Tras tu rechaso, me vuelvo loco
No entiendo las cadenas
Que me atan a ti
Sin rason, sin autonomia

Mi cuerpo, mi alma, y mi mente
Se atan sin mi permiso
A la idea de tu amor

Como quisiera correr
De la carcel de tu corazon
Donde mi amor esta escondido

Amor como te queria
Nunca deje de amarte
En mi corazon gotas de sangre
Cuentan en la eternidad
La profundidad con la que te quiero
Como un reloj de arena eterna

Pero todo lo que mi ser expressa
Esta fuera de mi control
Cuando me quiero escapar
De lo que siento por ti

Mi mente piensa de ti
Mi alma te siente aqui
Mi cuerpo añora tu carisia

Cada pena que mi corazon
Acumula por ti
Me deja en parálisis
Y no se como puedo escapar

Amor como te queria
Nunca deje de amarte
En mi corazon gotas de sangre
Cuentan en la eternidad
La profundidad con la que te quiero
Como un reloj de arena eterna
January 27, 2013
st64 Apr 2013
I want.......
Quiero un corazon, lleno d'amor
Un corazon.

A heart.....
Por que tu no esta ahi?
Soy tan solo, tu no esta ahi.

Toco justo guitarra, por te olvidar
Por que tu no esta ahi?
Soy tan solo, tu no esta ahi.
Donde es mi corazon?
Creo esta perdido.

S T,  6 Abril 2013
Un poco de amor....

AntRedundAnt Jan 2014
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I uploaded all of my past work onto the site already, so everything from here on out will be new and original. This is sort of an experimental idea of mine: take all the words hellopoetry has tracked for me, put it down as if it were a poem, and see how it flows. It actually kind of works sometimes, but I'm not sure. I'm sure it's mostly terrible, but I wanted to try it. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Evelin G hoffman Nov 2013
Dime tu ,  como hago?
Hay en mi mente un lago
Un lago de pensamientos
Que el agua dirije ati...

A ti que ignoras esta corriente
De deseos que pasan por mi mente
Tantas ganas de sentirte
Tantas ganas de tenerte.

No poder tan siquierA verte
Te digo en verdad abrume mi mente
Quiero terminar con esta agonia
Es como una enfermedad que me mata dia a dia.

Solo dime , como hago?
Es que acaso neesito un mago?
Que le haga entender ami mente
Que mi corazon es un demente.

           11/12/13 EveGaby
I encourage you to abandon your faith
imagine the uncondonable
do the unpardonable
and rest in the arms of father mountain

I encourage you to go beyond your thoughts
appeal to your animalistic self
let go of your inhibitions
and tear me up in bed

I encourage you to try the impossible
reach the corners of your body
where pleasure is indigenous
where there will never be colonization

I encourage you to learn a new language
to not be patriotic
and worship your own flesh
resist majoritarian temptation
and dig an altar to yourself

I encourage you to love me
without strings, with no chains,
corral me, make me struggle,
and deep your soul within my veins

love me whole
sin fragmentations
love me across borders
without concessions
with negotiations
and complications

I encourage you to love.
Love Jul 2014
Tu tienes mi corazon para siempre.

Why take my heart and possess it in a place where it cannot thrive,
Only suffer.

Why be so crule as to take my mind captive,
Then toil and torture it?

Love I will fight back.
I would rather love and remain repressed and silent,
Then to ever ponder hate thoughts of you.

Tu tienes mi corazon para siempre.
Puedo escribir los versos mas tristes esta noche.

Escribir, por ejemplo: 'La noche esta estrellada,
y tiritan, azules, los astros, a lo lejos.'

El viento de la noche gira en el cielo y canta.

Puedo escribir los versos mas tristes esta noche.
Yo la quise, y a veces ella tambien me quiso.

En las noches como esta la tuve entre mis brazos.
La bese tantas veces bajo el cielo infinito.

Ella me quiso, a veces yo tambien la queria.
Como no haber amado sus grandes ojos fijos.

Puedo escribir los versos mas tristes esta noche.
Pensar que no la tengo. Sentir que la he perdido.

Oir la noche inmensa, mas inmnesa sin ella.
Y el verso cae al alma como al pasto el rocio.

Que importa que mi amor no pudiera guadarla.
La noche esta estrellada y ella no esta conmigo.

Eso es todo. A lo lejos alguien canta. A lo lejos.
Mi alma no se contenta con haberla perdido.

Como para acercarla mi mirada la busca.
Mi corazon la busca, y ella no esta conmigo.

La misma noche que hace blanquear los mismos arboles.
Nosotros, los de entonces, ya no somos los mismos.

Ya no la quiero, es cierto, pero cuanto la quise.
Mi voz buscaba el viento para tocar su oido.

De otro. Sera de otro. Como antes de mis besos.
Su voz, su cuerpo claro. Sus ojos infinitos.

Ya no la quiero, es cierto, pero tal vez la quiero.
Es tan corto el amor, y es tan largo el olvido.

Porque en noches como esta la tuve entre mis brazos,
mi alma no se contenta con haberla perdido.

Aunque este sea el ultimo dolor que ella me causa,
y estos sean los ultimos versos que yo le escribo.
Sdru Aug 2013
Es cuestion de encontrarte de verte a los ojos
y decirte lo que pienso y que sepas
que desde la primera vez paso todo, fue solo un instante que no creo que recuerdes
pero yo lo tengo marcado aqui en mi corazon

La vida se vive de momentos y creo que ese fue uno de los mejores
no puedo decirte en que minuto paso, pero fue fugaz
en el que nuestras miradas se cruzaron, cuando las estrellas se cayeron
mas cerca del cielo, cuando nos corazones se unieron

No ha llegado el momento indicado en que te vuelva a ver
no ha llegado el momento indicado en decirte lo que pasa
por que solo unas palabras bastaran, para que tu puedas entender
lo que por mi mente y corazon, lograste tu con tu poder

Sin saber, con tu belleza sin igual
con tus grandes y hermosos ojos
solo quiero decirte algo, tengo corazon
y es completamente tuyo.
Zaira Diana Jun 2013
In a white book, writing was done with tears,
And so we cannot figure out a single line;
Memorized and though about since early youth,
It eludes one’s wit even as one has aged and greyed.

When mind seeks it out, love turns up in the heart,
When heart pursues it, love is in the mind, escaping wit.
Regarded at close range, love dissipates,
Leave it aside and love turns sad and grieves.

When loving is intense, love resists the long wait,
Like a lightning bolt, it streaks across the dark.
The kiss that sears is a kiss given only once,
And when the river swell, only once will flooding rise.

Love that is timid is a river still and currentless,
No falls nor torrents, no tears nor unbearable loss!
But when love has dared, the heart is swept away,
Honor, wealth and wisdom, love will drown them out!

When love is yet a bud, it heeds an elder’s counsel,
Such is not yet love, for it still sees the light.
But when it bursts aflame, what matter the universe —
That’s real love, so lose yourself in it with all your heart.

When you balk at the threat of ill fortune and hazard,
Truly your wit is lit and your mind at dull alert;
Your love is cautious yet, you have not
learned to really love,
For once in love, the grave itself is heaven’s gate.

Love has eyes, love is never blind,
having learned to love, one’s wounds turn into blossoms,
Love is selfish and cannot bear to share,
It’s either you get it all, or get nothing at all.

“Mother has been watching me, so I cannot write..”
Friend, that’s a sign you have yet to win her love.
But when she dares write even at her very grave site,
She has come to love you more than her very life.

All you, young people. who are in quest of love,
Moths who are fluttering around the lamplight,
Once in the grip of love, danger you will seek out,
Ready to love your wings to the very flames of love.
Santiago Jun 2015
Ya me voy para siempre
Para nunca volver
El amor que yo quise
No me quiso querer

Ya me voy derrotado
Me duele el corazon
Por que el amor de mi alma
Por que el amor de mi alma
Solito me dejo

Voy a vagar, por ahi
Trataré de pasar
Mi vida mas tranquila
Si sigue este dolor
No le sorprenda que
Mi hogar sea una cantina

Ya me voy derrotado
Me duele el corazon
Por que el amor de mi alma
Por que el amor de mi alma
Solito me dejo

Voy a vagar, por ahi
Trataré de pasar
Mi vida mas tranquila
Si sigue este dolor
No le sorprenda que
Mi hogar sea una cantina

Ya me voy derrotado
Me duele el corazon
Por que el amor de mi alma
Por que el amor de mi alma
Solito me dejo
Lizzy Apr 2014
Mi sonrisa
Brilla como sombras negras

Mi imaginación
Viral como mariposas en el jardín

Tengo alas andrajosos
Y un mente colorido

Pero lo oculto mis ideas

Con pulpas grises
Y una sonrisa falsa
Mi alma azul
Se desvanece
Con la navaja
Light setting in
The bedroom window open slightly
I gaze upon your face
Our chests are moving lightly
There's stubble on your chin
And the words that cloud my mind
Flow deeply to my lips
To my lips, they fly steeply
As we kiss
And I'd lay here forever, knowing this.
Timothy Mooney May 2011
O, mi corazon! Que has hecho a mi?
O, mi corazon, necesito saber...
Una vez te senti,
Palpi tando
Hando dento de mi...
Para ahora me siento tan vacio
Y solo...
O, mi corazon,
Where have you gone?
Nora J Watson Jul 2010
Shadow ghosts,
With ice-cold fingers.
Come near me, precious.
Come dancing, precious.
Come dance a devil’s jig.

Quieres mi corazon?
Willst du mein Blut?

Dance for your dinner, my precious, my love.
Join the circle.
Look at their smiles, my dear.
So beautiful, so wide.
Careful. They might swallow the world.
Send us back in the dark.
So warm, so calm.
Suffocating womb again.
Nothing but time.
Pounding of blood drums,
Calling us to dance.
Take it slower, slower.
Match the heartbeat, mi corazon.
Feel the pulse, together.
Twine fingers, twine hair, wide mouths to the sky.
Feel the beat, mi amor.
Feel the reaper man’s call.
The beauty doesn’t last,
But the dance, my precious,
The dance is forever.
My precious,
My love,
Mi corazon.
tread Feb 2012
So sleep doesn't come to me
But perhaps it has found you fine,
And that's fine.

I hope that you're fine
But my thoughts now unwind in confusion intertwined with illusion can I find what intrusion made you draw the line to place a sign and say to my face,
"This is over. Good luck in college, good luck in life, *** I will not be there tomorrow or tonight, corazon."

And you loved me yesterday,
And today is just yesterday with a different name
Does that mean your love was labelled
And now the label has been changed?

*** yesterday we spoke of what our futures held in store
For the both of us together, holding hands amidst the roar
And the dark of the unknown glazed with ice across the floor;
It was that; "Goodnight, kittycat;" what strange coincidence as my heart sang the night before
And now it's sore.

What a difference 24 hours makes;
Was it my mistakes? Or just the lake of tears and sorrow and how often your heart breaks?
*** I knew I really loved you when my first concern became,
"I hope that she's ******* alright!"
That thought drove me insane.

And there was no response,
The receiver remained on the hook.
Her cell-phone thumbed with call display,
But 'decline' is all it took.

She broke my heart with 1, 2, 3
and now questions seep my bones.
Making sleep impossible,
She could have picked up the phone
And said, "I'm sorry. I really am, you understand this is just as hard
For me as well, I really do love you,
I'm simply more than marred."

But silence was the answer that I got
With my shocked glance.
In my mind stirs feelings that perhaps there is a chance
In fact, a truth that there's no way I could have lost you yet.

Not like this,
Not this abyss
With such finality.

This was so much more than that
In my reality.

I hope you turn around and regain your sanity
Because I miss you and although I've made mistakes, I've realized

Real eyes realize real lies

And what we had was honest truth.

So before you give up on me and you
On both of us;
Please consider what you're giving up,
Because I trust
You'll figure all this out in time
And if space is what you want;
I understand,
But please don't forget of what we were,
I can wait, I just wish it weren't all such a blur.

I love you, and I'm still your waffle
I hope that you know that
And I can be your patient
Waiting kittycat.
Ponds Sep 2016
Decisions are difficult to make
But I'll tell you one advice to take:
Use the brain to be smart;
To be right, use the heart
Cody Gartner Mar 2013
Crown of interlucense

Crafted en aeon, emerald, and ebony

Matriarch a La Flora Marquee

Vida; en silken veil

La Corazon of Crystal Aquarius

In gown of nights starry spinel.

Exile; she weeps

En final desperate lament

The tears of amber & ember

La Valor De La Vida~

-Cody Gartner
© Cody Gartner. All rights reserved
Mola Feb 2012
Cuento mucho todo y nada ,asi empezo la tonada
con el mar que hay en tus labios, y el desierto de mi boca
podemos hacer que un rio corra
hasta por las mas secas praderas

Dime si estas jugando porque para mi es serio
no se como lo hiciste , pero de mi conciencia te deshiciste
lograste poner todo al revez
ahora soy yo la que no sabe ni leer

No se que pasaria si manana no te encuentro
se oiria mi suplicio, mi tortura y mi lamento,
y es que te has convertido en el aire que respiro, no se como ni donde
pero sin avisar llego a mi como, tornado
revolviendo y destrullendo todo lo que encontro a su paso

Y es que te has convertido en parte de mi alma
eres dueno  de mi corazon, de mis suenos y mis primaveras
como podria olvidarte, como podria arrancarte
si te arranco me arranco el corazon
y si te borro me muero de dolor.

Siempre seras parte de mi......
Daisy Chain Jun 2013
At first it falls
swishing between
the silhouette
tiny little smile
for a whispered while.
in her sweetest
tiny hands
strong and meek
laid but
a lovers chest
effortlessly, eternally
out of breath.

Si la vida es amor, bendita sea!
Quiero más vida para amar! Hoy siento
Que no valen mil años de la idea
Lo que un minuto azul del sentimiento.

Mi corazon moria triste y lento…
Hoy abre en luz como una flor febea;
La vida brota como un mar violento
Donde la mano del amor golpea!

Hoy partio hacia la noche, triste, fría
Rotas las alas mi melancolía;
Como una vieja mancha de dolor
En la sombra lejana se deslíe…
Mi vida toda canta, besa, ríe!
Mi vida toda es una boca en flor!


If life were love, how blessed it would be!
I want more life so to love! Now I feel
A thousand years of ideas are not worth
One blue minute of sentiment.

My heart was dying slowly, sadly…
Now it opens like a Phoebean flower:
Life rushes forth like a turbulent sea
Whipped by the hand of love.

My sorrow flies into the night, sad, cold
With its broken wings;
Like an old scar that continues to ache–
In the distant shade it dissolves…
All my life sings, kisses, laughs!
All my life is a flowering mouth!
Diabetes, babe
Why can’t you be kind to me?
I appreciate your sweetness and all.
Setting my life on “reset”
And making me feel like ****

Diabetes, my love
Can you please be nice to me?
Give me a few more years to live
Stop making my mouth dry
Stop making ‘ama cry

Diabetes, chiquito
Tratame bien corazon,
No me metas tentacion
Por que de ver los tamales,
El pozole, el salpicon
Se me olvida que el suicidio
Se esconde en un chicharron

Diabetes, mi rey
Anda pues no te hagas wey
Que la dieta sea mi amiga
Librame de la fatiga
Y de la azucar maligna

Let me live
I want to eat cheesecake again
Life without sugar is lame
And equal is not so great

Diabetes, babe
Let me be…
A Sad Alex Nov 2018
Me distraje con tus ojos
Cuando me encataron tus pupilas de caramelo
Y seran tus pupilas caramelo
No son tan dulces como tus besos
Tus besos que me dieron tus labios
Que dibujan tu sonrisa hermosa
Con un tajo destruyen la sombra
Y me contagia de felicidad

Se me olvido mi corazon blindar
De tus dulces palabras y de tu mirar
Tu risa melodiosa no se puede superar
Pero lo lograste cuando dijiste que me querias
Y que si me fuera, me ibas a extrañar.

Y aqui estoy, lejos, triste y desvalido
Y aqui estoy ahogado en lagrimas y dolor
No siento que me extrañes o me quieras
Como extraño el calor de tus abrazos
Y sentir los latidos de tu corazon

Me engañste con dulzura
Bajaste mis defensas sin considerar
Que si las tenia era para evitar la tristeza
Que has traido asi nada mas
¿Y que hago ahora conmigo mismo?
¿Que hago ahora que te vas?
¿Reemplazar mi corazon molido?
Tal vez lo haria si me lo quisieras regresar
Porque es testarudo el amor, y estupido el querer
Que a quien tanto daño me hizo, estoy dispuesto a morir
Como muero cada dia sin ti
Mis lagrimas son rojas de brillante carmesi
Aferrado a un recuerdo que yo vi morir
Esperando que regrese a la vida, y tu por mi
Esperando tus sonrisas dulce y tu querer
Ya que sin tu amor, ya no se que hacer.
Jack Turner May 2012
Estos es mi tentativa
para escribir para tu
Estos son mis palabras
y es asi como me siento
Escribo sin adornos y acentos
porque esto no es mi idioma
pero yo todavia hablo del corazon
con estas palabras en la pagina
Yo no siempre se que las cosas correctas decir
y a veces yo estoy demasiado atemorizado decirle como me siento
Entonces escribo mis sentimientos aqui tan puede saber
Exactamente como me siento
Como me siento de tu.

El corazon se hincha
cada vez veo la cara
y un frio arrastra en los dedos cuando paro de pensar de tu
y todo yo jamas quiero hacer
es es un mejor hombre para tu
para ser el mejor
para ser el unico hombre para tu
y yo no puede ayudar per pensar
como espero que sea el uno destinado para mi
temoch Nov 2011
Tenia mis dudas,
no lo puedo negar.
Pero el sol aun brilla,
Mi corazon no te ha dejado de amar.
Pense que te alejabas,
Que a mi lado no querias estar,
Pero me equivocaba,
El amor que sientes,
     te ha hecho retornar.

Seria mentira decir que te olvide,
Seria falso profesar la muerte de este amor;
Porque la verdad es que te pensé,
Y que en mis sueños aun te amé.
Respiré de tus memorias,
Vivi de tu sonrisa,
Y cada momento que pasaba
Aunque no estabas aqui,
Me traias alegria.

Pero no todo se ha perdido,
Al fin has regresado.
Mi amor, espero que te quedes,
Quisiera de nuevo despertar a tu lado.

Soy un hombre sencillo,
Sin brillantes que ofrecer.
Mi corazon entero te entrego
Quisiera que este amor pueda florecer.
Te ofresco mi vida y mi alma.
Te ofresco mi cuerpo y todo mi ser.
Porque este amor que por ti siento
Jamas lo sentire otra vez.
I know it's in spanish, but I'd still like some critiques so I can improve my writing. thanks
A Sad Alex Sep 2018
Eres mi lucero
Un sueño de amor
Que me leva a los cielos
Con un solo beso
Y un roce de tus dedos
Acelera mi corazon

Un ser divino
Con poder sobre el tiempo
Pues pasa tan rapido a tu lado
Y cuando te vas pasa tan lento

De figura tan perfecta
Que la luna refunfuña tu belleza
Los mares celosos que bajo tus cejas
Tus ojos inspiran a mil poetas

Mas vives en mis tristes versos
De mi imaginacion un fragmento
Mi corazon tan desvalido y viejo
Un inalcansable deseo
Mi pasion corre fervorosa
En la lineas de un poema
Y mi labios se abotonan
Al pensar en las rimas de una estrofa
Y si mi musa llegara a mi
E inspiracion inyectara a mis venas
Sera ese dia cuando escribiera
ya no mas poemas de Ti... Si no de ella...
una rosa no es una rosa hasta que una mujer la recoje y la situa al
lado de su corazon
una canción no es una canción hasta que un amante la canta a la
tierra y al cielo
una mujer no es una mujer hasta que un hombre la encuentra y la
hace sentir digna de amor
tu eres la canción que resuena en mi corazón
tu eres el sonido que late en mi cuerpo cada día y noche
tu eres la luz que brilla dentro de mis más oscuros sueños
tu eres los colores de mi energia
tu eres el último capítulo de un libro que estaré leyendo antes de
tu eres el rostro que veo siempre que cierro mis ojos
tu eres mi sombra
cada vez que te vas te llevas la belleza de este mundo
tu caminas a través del pasillo de mi corazon y llenas los espacios
mi amor por ti es un perfume que derramo a tus pies
me convertí en un poema del cielo y de la tierra
que será leido y cantado por la eternidad
estoy borracho por tu amor
tu eres el viñedo de mi juventud
más bebo más siento
la belleza que me das es la que busco
Andy Hunter Nov 2016
We talked before eating
About place


Then went straight
To tapas

One lasagne to share &
Two patatas

We talked so much about timing that
To fill up our mouths
We ate with a relish we'd
Seldom shown
Each other

And took too much

Went to cut up the pasta
Sharing, as ever

But 2 bay leaves
Lying, deep inside
Resisted the knife

Leaving a ragged edge
Between us

We stopped - smiled

Really sure

dafne Oct 2015
carcomeindo mi corazon
llagrimas de llama
del fuego que incendias por adentro

algunos dias eres la abeja que da la nutricion a una flor
que es mi alma
algunos dias eres la mano que empuja el viento fuerte
que son mis emociones
algunos dias eres la luna que controlla la marea del oceano
que soy toda yo

un dia terminaras desmonarando mi corazon
pero te dejo el priveligo
mi lindo amor
hi, this is my first poem in spanish, hope you enjoy, **
gnawing at my heart
tears of ashes
the fire you set inside of me
some days you're the bee that pollinates a flower
which is my soul
some days your the hands that push the rushing winds
which are my emotions
some days you are the moon the controls the tide
which is all of me
one day you'll finish eating up my heart
but i'll give you the privilege
my dearest one
As a sprout ,
I watched my elders burned to the ground
As a pup ,
I watched the other dogs eat each other
As a boy ,
I questioned wether people need each other
constantly backstabbing and beating on one other..
The spider and the frog do it better than my brothers,
sucker fish and sharks do it better than you sons of mothers..

As a seed ,
I watched my father die off inside
Watched him struggle to provide the walls in which i reside.
As a pawn ,
The powers cut me down like a lawn
For some the grass is very green iv only dirt to stand on...
Trying my very hardest , the existential dread spreads its wings inside regardless. If only it could fly, away with all my rage. A bird is cramped inside, My soul a shoddy cage.
Richelle Leigh May 2012
estoy viviendo una prueba, dices tu
pero mi corazon me duele, mas que tu...
no me dejan dormir todos estos pensamientos
es el amor amor que me causa estos sentimientos?

me gustaria decirte que me dejes en paz
pero tu y yo, sabemos, que yo no soy tan capaz...
tu voz, tu cara, tu amor, tu recuerdo, me entra
espero que este corazon debil no me mienta

te digo, tratare de dormir otra vez,
aunque eso no funciono todo el mes...
porque mi amor, me haces tanta falta
estoy segura que la vida me aplasta

no quiero regresar al mismo terror
cada noche, cada dia este gran tremor
amor, amor, yo se lo que te digo
toda sera mejor, solo regresate conmigo
Triste, triste
Detras de los cristales
La lluvia cae
Cae, cae,
El cielo esta llorando
El sol la ha abandonado
Y el invierno es largo
Y frio
Rayos Feb 2011
Mi corazon sin saber nadar
y con la corriente se dejo llevar
Pobre corazon
Acabo !!!
en las lagrimas saldas del mar
ThoughT Nov 2013
Here's a little story about one of my best friends, and I
We've gone through the lowest of the lows, to the ecstasy peak of highs

It all started during the second half of 12th grade
Immediately a beauty caught my eye, fixated my gaze
Her aura was not normal and I immediately needed to know her name.
It was in that film class, where we set the stage.

I tried to back away, even though it wasn't what I felt in my heart
There was just something about her that struck me right from the start
I knew in her life movie, I wanted to play a part.

Not a supporting actor, not a stagehand.

I wanted that lead role, and so I took a stand
We then embraced our connection, and took on life, hand in hand

There were clashes with the cast around us
Mental strains clogged the drains and caused too much fuss
But we knew enough to build off of what we had, trust.
That and a whole lotta love, thankful for every moment
That I was blessed with this star from above.

But we were young, high-strung, and intoxicated by our surroundings
When we shut it all out, removed all doubt,
Together on a cloud it was no less than astounding.
A future we were founding, shined brighter than sun beams
It's in those fields where life feels better than your dreams.

Existence was constantly testing us, arresting us in prisons that felt so grim
I was fighting a battle against hateful people, one I could not win.
Voices from outside led us astray, to sin
An alcoholic's logic, made me wanna get a bat and swing
But we sparked a new beginning when we dismissed other opinions.

She was my sunshine, and I let her know
We nurtured our beings, continued to grow
Anywhere she wanted me, I would surely go
We never stopped to look back, groovin' with the flow

We never meant any harm
but sometimes had to disarm each other
when the alarms were blaring.
There were occasions that were downright scary,
But peace was found in each others' eyes,
Staring into the depths of one another's soul
We physically held onto each other determined to never let go.
Despite the rain, shine, or snow
We've weathered all weather patterns
Our boat we continued to row

Merrily merrily, wait where are we?

2 hearts, minds, bodies, and souls
Our blissful union had been on a roll
But spending life on a bus, depressed, and sleep-deprived was surely taking it's toll
Got me drinking and thinking there'd be a tomorrow I wouldn't know.
Became resentful with a head full of dreadful hypotheticals
Unto none I could bestow.

Someone drowned in the nearby river
I figured I would join them after a night of abusing my liver
I immediately considered, how I felt during her moments of weakness by the cliffs
I'd've been so hurt emotionally it would seem as if internally I was pummeled by fists
I then put a pen within my grip, now connecting the dots, it led to this.

I once pushed her away, now it was her turn.
I tried holding on too tight constantly watching the bridge burn.
Impending doom filled the room inside my head
Sorrow was now the only one to lay in my bed
Zooming down a road I knew to be a dead end

When the time came, the perfect vision of our future shattered
I still kept fighting for love, but felt it didn't matter
The canvas was torn, the paint was all splattered.
I felt as if it were a sick joke,
Causing my inner demons laughter chasing a happily-ever-after

She would still call on me, whenever I was needed
Like temporary medicine even though I felt that I was bleeding.
Never heeding warnings from friends,
I felt like nothing more than a means to an end.

I lost the two that were closest, but they found each other.
In that fire I was but a scorned lover,
Cast them off my island,
While they didn't know where my life or mind went.
Lived life fast, one could say hell-bent
Then spent a lot of time, with another girl.
Decided this was gonna be my new world.
Although, it was doomed right from the start.
I was this girl's "soul mate"
but she couldn't hold my whole heart.
I tried forcing it, picturing another forever
I hurt us both, my mind is far too clever.
We were both too hurt from the past,
I knew it was a matter of time, it wasn't meant to last.
The concept of hurting someone, I just could not grasp,
2 and a half years sure went fast.

The original girl would sometimes pop in my dreams,
It was never angry but I didn't know what it could mean.
Shortly after the breakup came in girl number three,
We matched, the fun times with glee
Surely we were on a loving spree.

One night it changed, my whole being felt strange.
Inside was a feeling that I just could not tame.
I was at work stuck on a trip down memory lane
Fiery passion was the game
I knew deep inside I needed that again.
Hurt to another came down like rain,
Never intended despite how much I could explain.

I needed to let go of past pains and invite love to stay.

I messaged the girl that was once the brightest star in my solar system
We let our feelings out and again our spirits were in rhythm
It was a new beginning
Even contacted my old best friend n let him know how I missed him.
I again tried to hug her pains away and listened to every word she'd say
Common contact was slowly turning the nights into days
Replaying memories and the talks of forevers with old and new lovers.
We knew once again, that we always had, us.

Memories irreplaceable
I smile when I look out the windowsill
Reminiscing on the old thrills.

Nights spent watching sappy movies alone
while she lay with her head on my chest to the beat of my corazon.  
We once had sanctuary in each other, a home.
So many times I held her with optimism while she cried
Mascara marks on a hoodie of mine have stood the test of time
In her once upon a time was the only place I could confide
Arguments and water balloon fights.
Sneaking around to see each other always felt so right.
Halloweens and the moments in between,
Knowing the grass on the other side wasn't any more green.
Beds that were beyond places of rest,
Places where our cosmic beings could confess, love.
The best of rollercoasters had us addicted moreso than any drug.
I let tears fall in front of her once, regarding the loss of my dad
She held me oh so close and told me I'd be the best father anyone could have.
We've grown with time, and I'm happy to see her still rain down sunshine.
I'm happy that we once had each other as lovers,
and have each other as friends.
The past is past, but the stories will never end.
Santiago May 2015
Se llama Blanca Novoa
La conoci un jueves
Fue mi amante mi pasado
La puse a un lado
Tenia un corazon sencillo
Estaba lista bien al tiro
Pienso mucho de mi hijo
Cuando lo miro, yo suspiro
Profundo, respiro auxilio
Mi ex novia, un dia fue mia
Me trato al cien, muy bien
Machin, sin fin los dos,
Felizes, pero el cielo triste
Me viste, despues te salistes,
Nunca supe de ti,
Me dejastes al olvido,
Bien ahogado y undido,
Solo pido, ver a mi jemelito
Chikito, el que carga mi
Pito con gran sonido,
Y mi wuebos colgando, volando te mando si sigues chingando, la neta dejame ver mi chamaco, hoy lo veras te aplaco y te trago como un taco, soy loco no naco, pinchi parajo opaco, regresame a mi nino santiago, lo extrano mucho pero ya es muy tarde, lo secuestraste, te lo llevastes y guardastes, para hirte bien lejos de mi, llevandote mi papi chulo, y despues darme una patada en el culo, me abandonaste, al suelo me tirastes, y me rebatastes mi vida, luego fuego me hechastes, y con lumbreme cuemastes, pero yo se que eres un angel, fuistes  dulce como miel siempre fiel, pero bien herida de los golpes de la vida, del mundo llenando tu corazon oscuro con lagrimas y dolor, tu sangre se lleno de ardor, y te convertistes en serpiente, no fuiste tu tenlo presente, perdiste, lo tengo en mente, eres buena pero al fin el mundo te tumbo a lo profundo rapido en segundos, nomas te pido a mi squinkle, para comprarle su favorito chickle, y darle de comer su gerber, cuidarlo en mis manos, estar con el todos mis anos, mi duele un chingo solo me chupastes mi energia, dejandome una gran herida, fui solo tu bebida, gatorade laid & paid tu emergency aid, me dejastes dormido sin energia, con tu saliva, tan viva, como una divina diva, me sentia bien arriba, pero mas adelante no encontraba salida, perdido escondido super prendido, dame lo que me pertenece, dios me bendicio con mi gallo damelo o sino te lo arrebato!!!
Praline Poet Mar 2017
No quiero oir el latido del corazon
Ayudame a escapar
Carla Blaschka Jul 2015
What can we do once we are ordinary?

Mother Teresa an ordinary nun, just a woman.

Oscar Romero an ordinary cleric, just a man.

The Beatles an ordinary band, just musicians.

An ordinary office worker changed all of China when he stopped the tanks in Tianamen Square.

An ordinary woman changed the rules about ****** harassment in the American workplace, by accident, just trying to embarrass a Supreme Court nominee.

An ordinary housewife changed the world. In a peaceful way. In a non-violent way. Corazon Aquino toppled the might of the American-backed Marcos regime.

We need moms and dads, teachers and technicians, people who work and people who play.
Pearl divers and trash removers. We need ordinary people doing ordinary things everyday - like being a carpenter - to make our world an extraordinary place.

What can we do once we are ordinary? We can save the world.
Accessory poem to Death or Chocolate. You can hear it live at;

— The End —