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Nov 2016
As a sprout ,
I watched my elders burned to the ground
As a pup ,
I watched the other dogs eat each other
As a boy ,
I questioned wether people need each other
constantly backstabbing and beating on one other..
The spider and the frog do it better than my brothers,
sucker fish and sharks do it better than you sons of mothers..

As a seed ,
I watched my father die off inside
Watched him struggle to provide the walls in which i reside.
As a pawn ,
The powers cut me down like a lawn
For some the grass is very green iv only dirt to stand on...
Trying my very hardest , the existential dread spreads its wings inside regardless. If only it could fly, away with all my rage. A bird is cramped inside, My soul a shoddy cage.
Mark The Vagabond
Written by
Mark The Vagabond
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