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i hate the sound of your
last words in my ear!
angry, bitter stitched gasps;
pulling at my heartstrings
every single year.

sometimes, i want to shout into oblivion.  
announcing, unveiling your faults
as large as mars;
every last one of your words are
smothering, twisting in my veins.
i'd stand there, revealing the scars
crazily laughing;
i must be insane!

have you not know it is wrong
to uncross your x's and miss dot your i's?
no matter how many
red marks of correction
that you may instill in others pens,
will you ever correct
another one of my essays.
I never understood mathematics;
however I can add your negligence,
multiply my displeasures
to summarize your subtracting feelings, and calculate your ******* behavior.
Let's divide.
Special dedication to those who have experienced toxic friendships, relationships, anyone that has ever made a negative impact on your life, etc.

*also, the title is in reference to rise over run in mathematics. See what I did there? ;)
sea of misery
fear of dark & dull
scrapes from rock
blood and blister

feel my pulse within waves
like a knife to the throat
steadily now, don't flinch

salts dehydrating
beneath the blues
lingering evergreens
im exhausted
yet im screaming
the night, it fell
my heart
in pieces, my heart
it shattered but
i've lived to tell

the night, i swore
my heart
couldn't bare, the pain
yours too, it felt
for i, i do adore

the night, i knew
i've seen this true
that night, truth spilled
your heart, it grew
a new blossoming you
see a penny
don't pick it up
dried, brown leaves on pavement
avoid them all costs
pick dandelions,
but not their petals
but most importantly,
be rid of the sorry's,
if they're not genuine
I still remember your scent
Fading musk on the bear
You gave to me
You gave it to me
You gave it, to me
You gave it
To me
You gave
Me, it
4 weeks.
I waited.

You knew, and

I waited.

& now this *******.
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