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  Aug 2017 r m
where once there were words, now there is nothing.
maybe most write for themselves, but I can't help but feel I was only writing because of her.

Maybe I'm just stuck.
  Aug 2017 r m
I don't believe in anyone, so I say,
yet here I am being consumed, just another prey.
if anyone has ever felt ignored, worthless, or unappreciated
r m Aug 2017
i dedicate my time
on your blog and social media
you dedicate yours on writing
about your soul mate;
the one who got away

(and of course, i'm a pouting mess
but i still read them nonetheless)
you (in less than fifty words) #3
r m Jul 2017
three...'re under my spell
counting seconds from now to infinity,
you're bound to me.

invisible chains, no, i'm no witch
just a charmer, more than a pretty face,
and less of a golden-hearted character from your favorite bedtime story.

... i'm falling out
wear that choker and chase me
to the depths of the earth.

counting seconds from infinity to now,
you're bound to me; just another cursed heart.
this is the spell where you're a willing victim and i'm your favorite torture. chase me, chase me, little cursed heart.
r m Jul 2017
at the back of fresh, faded or even others' receipts
in front your pack of cigs and your floral, feminine taste on place mats,
were snippets of your poetry.

(none were about me, obviously)
"you in less than fifty words" is a series of one-sided poetic snippets.
  Jul 2017 r m
chipped tooth
Falling backwards- Never mind where from,
it could have happened anywhere
you stood.
The dark water below is so vast that
the only word that can describe it's volume
is open.
Landing on its surface, like a crucifix
you sink forever downward, but
otherwise still.
There is no end to its depth,
but increasingly crushing the farther
you drown.
  Jul 2017 r m
Brian Hoffman
We parted our ways
I wanted to go with you
But my chaotic mind pulled me to a different direction.

A hug is now a dream
A kiss is like a star
I see your thoughts like an ocean
I hear your voice like the wind

But I never give up on my dreams
I won't stop reaching for the star
I will take the risk of crossing the ocean
I will hear the wind through my heart

So can you wait for me there in my favorite place the far side of eternal?
I'm sorry for letting go. But I needed time to figure my **** out. Now you're gone and you've moved on. :(
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