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 Apr 2021 Kafka Joint
pitter patter
of April thunderstorms
leaky roof
 Apr 2021 Kafka Joint
wicked kitty
at the pond
nervous koi sounds
 Oct 2020 Kafka Joint
I am not pretty
not like
I am not skinny
not like
I am not good
not like
I am not noticed
not like
I am not perfect
not like
You are a delight
Cause your words match against the laws
The volume silent between you and me is intuitive
How can I be the source without your light

Delightful like the stars
I know from miles, you are clever
We may not met yet
But nature tell me that you a change of greatness

Your thoughts show me greater confidence
Which make me feel emotional
Cause you have a power of positivity

I resemble you
Cause you are
A Delight.

K-mari (c)2020
 Dec 2019 Kafka Joint
There's not enough books in this world,
To hit you with all of them
Because I can't stand you
And books are quite handy for this

I realise how dumb I was
To chose you,
How you made me a book

I try to supress my loathsome
By smiling on the front page
But you dont know
How broke i am

You scribbled on me words
I could never forget
Tore my fragile pages and
Tossed them into air
Showing how much you cared for me
By burning them with fire of hate
I ignited
 Dec 2019 Kafka Joint
 Dec 2019 Kafka Joint
He found me
When I got lost
In his eyes
Sneaking, slithering,
creeping down;
snaking hands
prey they've found.
Wrapping, writhing,
closely wound;
warping warmth,
sleeping sound.
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