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Jace Oct 2021
Your smile is fake
but no one knows
Your pain does not
You laugh too much
they judge you for it
But they don't see  
your pain
You're good at faking
you have been for
You've been through
some things no one else
has been through
Which makes it hard to smile
Faking is the way to go
So no one will ever know
Jace Sep 2021
Eyes blue like the sky
Seen vividly in my mind
Oh how beautiful
Jace Apr 2021
Eyes like an ocean
Sparkling like a precious gem
Making my heart flutter
When you look my way

Smile as bright as the sun
lighting up the room
Making my cheeks flush
When I'm on the other side of
the room

Your laugh is music to my ears
Making me smile to myself
Wishing you were right here
Next to me instead of her
Jace Apr 2021
Our laughter was loud
We had an amazing bond
Now it is all gone
Jace Mar 2021
He walks past me

That Blue-eyed boy

Making my heart race

His presence I can never

Jace Mar 2021
When this guy opens his eyes
they are pitch black
He will steal your heart
and never give it back

Never trust him
all he tells are lies
He will only hurt you
he;'s the Devil in Disguise

It's no big surprise
he will not change
This is your warning
to just stay away

I swear on my life
I wish I had not stayed
My life changed
but not in a very good
Jace Jan 2021
A lot of change
but that's alright
I am still me
Even though I am trans
doesn't make me
any less of a
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