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Kafka Joint Nov 2021
Between sleeping and not sleeping there's so much meaning,
Lost and sleepily found again,
Causing joy and provoking pain.
Oct 2021 · 932
My future
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
My future might
Be very bright,
As could be yours,
By your choice.
Oct 2021 · 425
I'm sorry
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
I'm sorry,
For what I'm not.
Oct 2021 · 513
Take a stroll
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Take a stroll,
And then take a full control
Of yourself after the stroll.
Oct 2021 · 450
You are so beautiful
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
You are so beautiful,
When I'm not looking at you,
My imaginary girlfriend.
Oct 2021 · 268
Fall in love
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Fall in love
Or run away screaming,
But don't look for a meaning.
Oct 2021 · 261
From your point of view
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
From your point of view,
In a moment or few,
I'm further away than ever.
Oct 2021 · 869
Black and white
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Black and white
Are going to fight,
All day and all night
With other colours.
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
There is always a bar downtown,
Where you go right after the dawn,
Until the dusk makes you free.
Oct 2021 · 771
I am lost
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
I am lost,
I am taciturn,
I'm waiting for your return.
Oct 2021 · 237
I made up my mind
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
I made up my mind and now
I'm going out
Of my mind.
Oct 2021 · 181
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Smile, at least for a while,
And after a while,
Still smile.
Oct 2021 · 185
We could have
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
We could have,
I mean you always had,
Whereas I usually could.
Oct 2021 · 421
Don't worry
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Don't worry,
Don't you worry,
Yours is a good story.
Oct 2021 · 171
To live with you
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
To live with you feels at times like to be attached to a wall,
With this wall erratically moving.
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
I'm waiting for you with bells,
Books and candles,
Just to make you wonder.
Oct 2021 · 645
Any thinking
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Any thinking is optional, weird and not necessary. Once the thinking takes over, they will soon have a civilisation, recycling issues and whatever else they might happen to be thinking about.
Oct 2021 · 217
Very stressful
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Very stressful was yesterday,
Today is unbearably calm.
Oct 2021 · 204
Let's wait
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Let's wait,
As it is fate
And anyway it's late.
Oct 2021 · 190
The absence
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
The absence hits us the most,
We are lost,
But the point of no return will be back
Oct 2021 · 177
Sit down
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Sit down,
Make your meaning,
I will do the understanding.
Oct 2021 · 171
Thank you
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Thank you, you know for what,
If you don't, thank you very much,
As such.
Oct 2021 · 172
I am thinking about you
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
I am thinking about you,
And that October is still available
To have you both.
Oct 2021 · 768
I move the books
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
I move the books along my table,
Till they are falling on the ground,
I like the sound.
Oct 2021 · 321
It's touching
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
It's touching,
Don't touch it.
Oct 2021 · 210
Ok, it is fine
Kafka Joint Oct 2021
Ok, it is fine,
The choice is mine,
And then it be yours,
A different choice.
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
I went fishing and the fishing was good,
I came back full of fish,
With an ocean behind,
With a peace of mind.
Sep 2021 · 248
In order to be fair
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
In order to be fair,
I love you,
You love me,
Where do we go from there?
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
I told you, leave me out of it,
And you left me out of it,
But apparently, it was me,
And so, I am not anymore.
Sep 2021 · 136
It is absurd
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
It is absurd,
It's absolutely crazy,
It's everything I like about this life.
Sep 2021 · 190
Be as it may
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
Be as it may,
As it may be.
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
I hoped for the best and expected the worst,
So the worst never came,
But the best got offended and made a U-turn.
Sep 2021 · 142
I found you alone
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
I found you alone, on a bench in a park,
Your eyes were not sad, they moved,
So I sat down and looked where you were looking,
And I saw movements, I saw colours,
I felt the time slowing to a stop,
I breathed out and closed my eyes,
For this moment I thank you.
Sep 2021 · 141
To get terrified
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
To get terrified, you have to be worried first.
Before that, you should be deeply concerned, probably after been suddenly distracted.
In short, never get distracted.
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
You never know what's the best:
To go east? To go west?
To feel the pains of love in chest?
To be prepared for the pest?
Sep 2021 · 146
I need somebody on my side
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
I need somebody on my side -
In my life, in my bed,
In my heart and my head.
Sep 2021 · 118
Whether the weather is good
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
Whether the weather is good
Or whether the weather is bad,
Whether the people are hungry
Or whether the people are fed,
This world is still mad.
Sep 2021 · 132
We had sex
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
We had ***,
I remember that much,
Very happy and drunk,
Even if not as such,
It was perfectly good,
Like it usually is,
We should do it again,
Sep 2021 · 118
No man is an island
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
No man is an island,
Not even a continent,
So the geography isn't human,
And we're lost in search of definitions,
But maybe we are coastlines,
Every one running in circles,
Never meeting an another soul.
Sep 2021 · 106
I will never forget you
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
I will never forget you,
I will never forget you,
And then I will met you, for the first time,
And only then I'll forget you.
Sep 2021 · 487
You're my life
Kafka Joint Sep 2021
You're my life,
And as I've got only one life,
Please don't go.
May 2021 · 1.2k
I bought a drone
Kafka Joint May 2021
I bought a drone,
That was brought to me by another drone,
Which politely declined to stay.
May 2021 · 848
The joker is sad
Kafka Joint May 2021
The joker is sad and doesn't understand any jokes,
The joker is tired,
The joker is going mad.
May 2021 · 490
Always dancing, my thoughts
Kafka Joint May 2021
Always dancing, never thinking. Some people can be happy just like this.
Any situation should be current. Beware of permanent ones.
Normal people are having strange thoughts, weird dreams and boring lives.
Points of no return are all coming back and asking for permission to stay.
I don't have what it takes, to give it back. So, I'll keep it.
May 2021 · 236
Kafka Joint May 2021
I'm a lot of things. Wait, I have a list.
I'm enjoying myself with a somewhat frightening determination.
I'm not other people. Who is this strange person Other People?
"I asked for a room,
The room was promptly given,
You'll find me then in any given room."
I finally got this joke, I'm getting it every morning now, with nobody to witness though.
I'm not drunk, you're not funny, that's a lot to think about.
I'm cancelling my dreams. See the big red button with "Reality" on it? I'm pushing this button now.
Apr 2021 · 342
For every soul
Kafka Joint Apr 2021
For every soul
There is one underground,
To be lost and found, to be lost and found.
Kafka Joint Apr 2021
A foolishness is something I can feel every morning waking up.
Then I'm normally having a distracted thinking or musing, which is a favourite pass-time of our Universe.
You know, pieces and bits, until it fits.
At some point a feeling comes, that the closure is coming to get me or ask me for the last time:
"Make love, or at least sense".
Well, I am surrounded by love with question marks!
So, don't take me, seriously.
Anyway, in life you only have to know what to stop, and then you should stop it. That's it, really.
The next message,coming to me, will be even more clear: "Reality wants back to you".
Just one last thought before giving in to it:" Love is a tricky business with some weird schemes for overzealous investors".
Apr 2021 · 738
If you look, you see
Kafka Joint Apr 2021
If you look, you see.
If you look...
You see?
Apr 2021 · 286
Too late was yesterday
Kafka Joint Apr 2021
Too late was yesterday,
Today is once again too early.
Apr 2021 · 259
The post-Covid time
Kafka Joint Apr 2021
The post-covid time
Will be yours and it will be mine,
But will it be our time?
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