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Kafka Joint Oct 2019


Kafka Joint Dec 2020
"42" might be the answer to "2020?".
Kafka Joint Jan 2020
I am not doing something stupid.
I've done it already.
Kafka Joint Oct 2019
A bad getaway
Got away.
I'm stuck and I'll stay.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A baker's dozen
Is the rule in the quantum world,
The only formula.
Kafka Joint Jun 2020
A bar of chocolate
Was left on the table
In a hot sunny day,
And melted away.
His previous owner,
A nice little girl,
Has learned her lesson
In a hard and a molten way.
Kafka Joint May 2020
A bear came,
Out of the forest,
Looking for some honey,
Dreaming about a smoked fish.
Kafka Joint Oct 2019
There's a big, black crow
Who's looking at me
And clearly thinks:
"I. Don't. Know".
Kafka Joint Oct 2019
If dinosaurs still were
In my vicinity,
I certainly would be worried,
But also less bored.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A bit of this,
A bit of that,
A bit of karma,
And so we met.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A black crow
Flew in a nice rainbow,
I'd never seen before
A black rainbow.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A black strong tee
Is the best,
But for a black and equally strong coffee.
Kafka Joint Oct 2019
I was alone, you were alone, and only some bone
Of the previous civilisation was laying around.
Kafka Joint Oct 2019
There's not enough books in this world
To hit you with all of them,
Because I can't stand you
And books are quite handy for this.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A book was written and rewritten,
Then maybe lost or maybe hidden,
Then reappeared once again,
Was read with joy and soothed pain,
The book about life and death,
The book about all this mess.
Kafka Joint Oct 2020
A boy and a girl went out together,
By a good weather and by a bad weather,
Because they both wanted to be meteorologists.
Kafka Joint Jan 2020
Absurd but sympathetic,
That's how I would like to appear
In your loving eyes.
Kafka Joint Oct 2020
a car sped away,
darkness is falling on streets,
the thinking is creeping in.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A cat,
A dog,
A fog,
That's a story without a clear outcome.
Kafka Joint Dec 2020
A cat has nine lives,
But only one curiosity.
Kafka Joint Jan 2020
According to the order of time,
There will be spring
And you will be mine.
Kafka Joint Nov 2019
a strange fat man
is always in my head,
he fears to be on a diet.
Kafka Joint Jul 2020
A cowboy and a gun
Are never done
With each other,
Because they are rather
Having a lot of fun.
Kafka Joint Mar 2020
Across all borders, and also nations:
Birds are flying from south,
Cars are reparking in different formations,
Cats are excited, from tale to mouth.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
Across deserts full of dunes,
Across writting tables full of papers,
I will come and make you happy,
Before disappearing in new oceans.
Kafka Joint May 2020
a crumbled edge
came down in the forest,
the last of its kind.
Kafka Joint May 2020
A cup of tee,
A book with nice ideas,
The happiness to bring myself to tears.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A curious comet approached the Earth,
And hesitated, back and forth,
Before becoming a shooting star,
From afar.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A desert appeared,
Like a reflection of my thoughts,
Which aren't many.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A desert is just a waiting room,
An ocean is a bank, open for new deposits,
A sky is a lazy supervisor of deserts and oceans.
Kafka Joint Sep 2020
A dictionary has been spilled into a desert,
And so many nice words are laying around, half-buried in the sand,
Waiting for a passer-by to be spelled.
Kafka Joint Oct 2020
a door banged,
the cat is looking lost,
he played enough,
he doesn't like the frost.
Kafka Joint Jan 2020
It is a far cry from the complete silence.
Kafka Joint Dec 2019
A far cry
Is still there,
It's in my ear,
Unable to fly.
Kafka Joint Jan 2020
a fleeting moment,
then a fleeing moment,
then it's gone.
Kafka Joint Jan 2020
A flying crow
Will know,
I won't.
Kafka Joint Apr 2021
A foolishness is something I can feel every morning waking up.
Then I'm normally having a distracted thinking or musing, which is a favourite pass-time of our Universe.
You know, pieces and bits, until it fits.
At some point a feeling comes, that the closure is coming to get me or ask me for the last time:
"Make love, or at least sense".
Well, I am surrounded by love with question marks!
So, don't take me, seriously.
Anyway, in life you only have to know what to stop, and then you should stop it. That's it, really.
The next message,coming to me, will be even more clear: "Reality wants back to you".
Just one last thought before giving in to it:" Love is a tricky business with some weird schemes for overzealous investors".
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
After a short time,
The long arm of coincidence
Put me in the middle of this mess.
Kafka Joint Jan 2020
After I've seen a cupboard
To float through my room in broad daylight,
I will never have the old set of emotions.
Kafka Joint Jun 2020
After the Big Bang
There was a Big Pizza,
Probably with pepperoni,
Maybe without cheese,
Because the Universe isn't sticky.
Kafka Joint Oct 2020
A galaxy is only huge,
If you can't live without it,
Otherwise, it's just a tiny speck,
Because you don't love it.
Kafka Joint Apr 2021
A gentleman went to his club,
Had a coffee, read a newspaper, asked for a cigar,
Thinking about this world, that is so tough.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A ghost came once to visit me,
I offered him a drink,
Proposed him a toast
To health of all the ghosts.
He drunk with me,
Was pleased with the toast,
And floated away,
I suddenly felt lost.
Kafka Joint Mar 2020
a glass of beer, please,
a promising smile, please,
I will gladly accept both.
Kafka Joint Nov 2020
A good music can solve your  problems,
A very good one can save your soul.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A good music
And a very good coffee  
Is the best philosophy.
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A good music
Makes you do all these things,
That you'll never regret afterwards.
Kafka Joint Nov 2019
A good night sleep
Can solve all problems but one:
How to get a good night sleep?
Kafka Joint Aug 2020
A good poetry is scary,
After reading it,
You will have to live in the world
With higher standards.
Kafka Joint Nov 2020
A gripping narrative
Is lurking in the shadows,
Like a mean *****.
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