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18h · 51
I will never
I will never be whole again.
Can I have some pieces back, please?
18h · 352
Who have nothing to say,
Are worth talking to.
18h · 106
Sometimes, things don't have to be good or bad.
They just have to happen in the right order.
18h · 90
I left this behind
I left this behind,
I never looked back,
Going in the circles.
I want to be with you,
Being me,
And you being happy.
You are running away
From your calling to stay
And be beautiful.
18h · 71
I didn't forget
I didn't forget,
I just don't know,
How to remember.
18h · 57
I like to wake up
I like to wake up
With a start,
Being happy.
I've got a nice collection of knives in my back,
Sometimes they are moving
And joyfully hurting.
18h · 61
There is only
There's only one bitter truth and a whole bunch of sweet lies.
And all you've got is an empty stomach.
4d · 166
Don't look
Don't look into the eyes of the monster,
You won't like your reflection in them.
5d · 213
A miracle
a miracle
is always around the corner,
wherever you turn,
it's right behind your back.
5d · 164
You know
but, you know,
whatever it is,
it's still there,
it's always there.
5d · 212
In each room
In each room
There is only one elephant,
To get you confused.
5d · 101
I am exhausted
I am exhausted,
But hey,
Everything else is ok.
5d · 104
Walking targets
In the life we are walking targets,
For the sake of ourselves.
5d · 86
Be sophisticated
Be sophisticated:
Don't make your life complicated,
Make it simple.
I cannot have feelings
That I don't have,
I don't love you.
In the grey world,
A red squirrel
Is running frantically through the whiteness of fields.
Dec 2 · 145
There is nothing
Kafka Joint Dec 2
there is nothing,
that could stop me
from not doing it.
Dec 2 · 119
I am having nightmares
Kafka Joint Dec 2
I am having nightmares,
And as such,
I like my nightmares
Very much.
Dec 2 · 132
Yellow, blue
Kafka Joint Dec 2
Yellow sun, blue sky,
Yellow sand, blue ocean,
Yellow-blue storm of emotions.
Dec 1 · 150
No, seriously
Kafka Joint Dec 1
No, seriously, tell me, come on,
What are we supposed to do
After being born?
Dec 1 · 202
In some universe
Kafka Joint Dec 1
in some universe
a gull cries,
because it's missing you.
Nov 30 · 121
You'll have your way
Kafka Joint Nov 30
You'll have your way,
You'll have your way,
And thus you stay,
And thus you stay.
Nov 30 · 113
Remember, remember
Kafka Joint Nov 30
Remember, remember
The end of November,
The start of December,
Remember, remember.
Nov 29 · 105
Kafka Joint Nov 29
Nov 29 · 119
There's nothing
Kafka Joint Nov 29
There's nothing
And then not much,
That is my life,
As such.
Nov 28 · 313
There is no time
Kafka Joint Nov 28
There is no time
For the first time
Or the last time,
There's barely time
For the next time.
Nov 28 · 158
I can stay
Kafka Joint Nov 28
I can stay,
I surely can stay,
Night for night,
Day after day.
Nov 27 · 210
The worst part
Kafka Joint Nov 27
The worst part is always over,
As long as you think about it.
Think about it.
Nov 27 · 119
Love is tough
Kafka Joint Nov 27
Love is tough,
But my love
Is gentle and tender,
If it's still love.
Nov 27 · 49
Be with me, please
Kafka Joint Nov 27
Be with me, please,
Be with me,
Without anybody.
Nov 26 · 137
Raving lunatics
Kafka Joint Nov 26
Raving lunatics
Are dreaming about a world
Not so crazy.
Nov 26 · 116
We are going forward
Kafka Joint Nov 26
We are going forward,
We are leaving silence
To look at our backs.
Nov 25 · 143
I am not looking good
Kafka Joint Nov 25
I am not looking good,
I am not looking bad,
I am not looking at all,
I am sleeping.
Nov 24 · 145
A good night sleep
Kafka Joint Nov 24
A good night sleep
Can solve all problems but one:
How to get a good night sleep?
Nov 24 · 127
Some people would say
Kafka Joint Nov 24
Some people would say:
"I love you",
Some others:
"Let's do stuff together ",
It's basically the same.
Nov 24 · 113
I will be with you
Kafka Joint Nov 24
I will be with you
In a moment,
Unless some eternity
Will come in between.
Nov 24 · 108
There will be no words
Kafka Joint Nov 24
There will be no words
Coming from my mouth,
I'll be silent like Buddha,
Who is having a nap.
Kafka Joint Nov 24
There's only one paradise
And one hell,
Because nothing is twice,
As far as I can tell.
Nov 23 · 106
It's a miracle
Kafka Joint Nov 23
It's a miracle,
That I live
And have you,
On my side.
Kafka Joint Nov 23
Houston, we have a problem,
We are not happy, Houston,
Nothing, but empty space,
Nothing to love or to face.
Nov 23 · 138
A huge ocean
Kafka Joint Nov 23
A huge ocean
Of strange emotions
Is washing over me.
Nov 23 · 101
Up all night
Kafka Joint Nov 23
Up all night,
Down all day,
But somehow
It's still okay.
Kafka Joint Nov 23
I'm having a perfect life,
Having been,
Having been dead inside.
Nov 23 · 30
I am not empty inside
Kafka Joint Nov 23
I am not empty inside,
You are not empty inside,
Nobody we know is empty inside,
And somehow, I am terrified.
Nov 22 · 103
It is bound
Kafka Joint Nov 22
It is bound
To be very profound,
Otherwise it's just stupid.
Nov 22 · 94
There are many words
Kafka Joint Nov 22
There are many words,
But only one silence,
In so many worlds
So few senses.
Kafka Joint Nov 22
Everything is for a reason.
Do you have a reason?
No, you don't.
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