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 Dec 2018 juliet
Aaliyah Houvener
they say you are what you eat:
but i don't remember feeling this full off of over dramatic with a side of uncontrolled depression and topped off  with acute mania and short mental break downs as a snack.
 Dec 2018 juliet
Gaby Comprés
m a y b e
may be
may (i) be
i (may) be
may i (be) May
(May): spr(i)ng and flowers and bees
be (sweet)
be (here)

may i just be
may there always be room for me
between may and be.
 Dec 2018 juliet
Rita Sailor
since when do you concern yourself where I lay my head?
don't you know as long as you don't say it out loud it never happened
 Dec 2018 juliet
stand up
 Dec 2018 juliet
keep me wrong to make me right,
hold me down and make me strong,
pull me in just to stand me up,
I've been your canvas all along
Do I look like a doormat?

 Dec 2018 juliet
god it's hard to breathe
i've felt this for a few days
what is happening?

 Dec 2018 juliet
white room
 Dec 2018 juliet
i just wanted to sit down.
sit down and breathe.
i don't know where but i want to be alone too.
i'll let my mind roam,
get bigger and small again.
i'd forget about everything,
my life,
my worries,
my past,
my future,
i'd forget it all and breathe.
it'd be like the first moments when i was born,
unaware and unexpierenced of all the pain and hurt that i once knew.
i just want to sit down and forget.
 Dec 2018 juliet
the moon
is a testament
to the idea that
something so heavy
and encircled by darkness
can still
 Nov 2018 juliet
you warm my heart like a cup of tea
on a cold autumn day
your warmth envelopes me
please don't go anytime soon
stay here within me
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