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Dec 2018 · 270
numero seis
juliet Dec 2018
your prestige and glamour
have grown too much
so many people bow down to you but
you can’t see your own feet.
expect me unwelcome
to your golden throne
i’ll raise your prices
flat iron my tongue to make you happy
rhythmize my lips so they sway
to the beat of my hips,
to the music of love
Nov 2018 · 198
juliet Nov 2018
my ribcage scrapes against my heart
      but isn’t supposed to
            protect me?
Nov 2018 · 182
juliet Nov 2018
and i’ll watch the world
with the fire that you started in me
i’ll stay and look past you
because you’re blocking
my view of heaven
where i can see the
butterflies and bees
where they sip on waterfalls and
drink champagne full of
the stars
you know you’re my sun
my moon
my stars
this is my blood
my sweat
my tears
from all these years of loving you
you should be thankful
but you didn’t choose me.
i chose you
Nov 2018 · 129
juliet Nov 2018
im about to break someone’s ******* NOSE.
today’s a mess.
Nov 2018 · 304
thirsty (haiku)
juliet Nov 2018
i am thirsty for
all your blood, milk, and honey
sweet and thirst quenching
like a mosquito
let me seep into your veins
and take everything
you have to offer
thunder rolls above
a sweet death kiss waits for you
trust me, not clickbait
~ i want to feel your love (all of it)
Nov 2018 · 159
juliet Nov 2018
everybody knows concealer’s for eye bags
dark circles
hangovers and
bad decisions
and everybody knows that makeup’s what makes you pretty
but nobody knows the beauty beneath
you’re really pretty on the inside. don’t forget
Nov 2018 · 170
who can live without hope?
juliet Nov 2018
the angel laughs
at my broken mask
i hide behind a boulder
so i can’t see the light of day
and if i can’t see you
you can’t see me
who is this girl i see
staring back, listening to
the tune of the song i sing
about losing everything
i can’t hold onto myself
when you trace my lips
and marinate them with the taste of strawberries
but tell me,
who can live without hope?
Nov 2018 · 214
a new shade of black
juliet Nov 2018
for what it’s worth
shiny frost man
you shook me up last night
and your cold heart froze me
tangled up in blue and white
i’ll never see the endless sky
in your eyes
i wish i could be here with you
the coldest winter is coming
in a new shade of black
devouring the sky as snow falls
Nov 2018 · 137
juliet Nov 2018
There’s no way they could’ve known,
About the time you died with greed in vain.
But we are only animals inside,
And god, it’s worth the pain.
Nov 2018 · 201
[sinner’s diary]
juliet Nov 2018
【i am the sinner.
          i am the liar in you

                                           i am the seer】
Nov 2018 · 677
starry eyes
juliet Nov 2018
i am a sleepy drop of silver moonlight
i bask in diamond skies
before i feel the sting of the sun
because i don’t want to lose my
starry eyes
Nov 2018 · 180
i am a runner
juliet Nov 2018
i am an artist
silversmith of masterpieces
worn out scratches
of pencil lead and inked out memories
the fire on the candle
burns, lighting up my head
and guiding me to a crisp,
blank page
my heavy breath, my heavy heart
blows it out in dark puffs of steam
the smoke is singing!
i’ve lost the light and brought my soul back home
Nov 2018 · 273
do you think
juliet Nov 2018
do you think
you ever say is funny
do you think
do you feel you have
the adudacity and the eligibility
to be loved by me?
go away
stay far from me
Nov 2018 · 173
the grass is always greener
juliet Nov 2018
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
these are the rules
i don’t make them
somebody is always going to be better than me
should i look up or down?
to the glowing sun
or the deep blue sea?
this is the blood, sweat, tears
of thirteen years
of hate and love for myself
this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the faking of my feelings
against who i am inside
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
in their ocean eyes i see the
future and in mine i see the past
in their hands i see pure bravery and
in mine i see brute strength and no control
and on their face i see and angel
on mine i see a spectre in
a twisted mask
that chips off
with every single one
of my tears
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
from this side of paradise
all you see is my broken heart
and your hands quickly sew it back
as another stitch rips.
the grass is always greener
when you are on the other side
because no flowers would ever grow
if never washed with rain
the moon is always brighter
when the sun is there to shine
on its beautiful, silver face
that would be hidden by our
shadows till it melted into
space. this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the alpha
this is the omega
this is the end.
Nov 2018 · 691
juliet Nov 2018
i hear my mother
crying behind me, making
me up my meds now
#depression #mother #hear #words #crying #meds #medication
Nov 2018 · 284
juliet Nov 2018
i am the honeybee,
maker of the blood of the sun
i dip into the flower
and adorn myself in dusty light

they take my liquid gold
and keep it as a delicacy
forlorn, the sun will fall
i hear the honeybee’s buzzing symphony
Nov 2018 · 170
belle femme soleil
juliet Nov 2018
belle femme soleil
eccentric pulchritude
little roses and
echo from her
face with
elusive shadow tears. she
mourns for years and years…
my fair lady, sing your melody,
energizing the heavens with your
song of the sun and sea
over the hills and far away
little stars twinkle in your
empty soul
in your moon drunken heart, tell me which you dread more, the
lie, the echo or the answer
juliet Nov 2018
nobody knew how much she’d broken her own heart.
it was cracked to *******
and so much pain she couldn’t bear
her smooth skin painted in tears
salty like the sea
and cold, and unforgiving like dismal melancholia
she walks across the room
tiptoeing like she’s treading on new snow
amanda reaches for the bottle
and drowns in
a saintship made of modern renaissance
Nov 2018 · 128
juliet Nov 2018
if ‘i love you’
was a promise
we’d start a revolution
no, it isn’t love
at first sight
its you, and me, and us
would you break the trust
if you’re honest?
i’d be lying if i said
i’ve truly loved before
because the lips are too weak
to tell the truth

— The End —