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 Jan 2018 Connie Lee
Colleen R
In ten years they’ll ask me how I’d ever come to love you

I’ll tell them that I can’t remember your name or whether your laughter was like thunder or rain -

but I’ll remember your eyes

Even now, centuries of stardust gazes back across the abyss to ask forgiveness once more.

It has been years since I have found unwanted galaxies painted on my skin.

Years since the supernova consumed all that was within its path when it died

You called me a black hole at the center of your universe and you the stars trapped in my gravity

In ten years I’ll say I was the comet that escaped your orbit

In ten years, I’ll say that Eons ago, two stars collided in an explosion of energy and matter 

The echoes of their passing still resonate in their surviving atoms
 Jan 2018 Connie Lee
I'm young and I shouldn't preach
but at least listen to me speak.
I have dreams about
what this world could be.
I have ideas
on how we could be
and to discredit me
based solely on my youth
tells me more about you
than you could ever tell me.
Who silenced you
when you were young?
Who taught you that
the younger generation is dumb?
Who taught you it was okay
to silence those youthful tongues?

Who silenced you
you silencer?
Inexperience is a thing, and i acknowledge that. But don't shut down what a person says just because they're young. Because discussion is also a thing and a much better learning tool than telling people to shut up.
If what we had was real, why does it feel so wrong?

You never noticed me, until I decided to play along.

But then you got too rough, I had to push you away.

But my heart you had took, now I'm doomed to stay.

Everyone around me wanted you, but you chose me.

Now I'm asking myself what did you me?

Looking back, I wasn't interesting, not in the least.

But I guess I had to intrigue your interests at least.

But you pulled me into depression.

With your streaks of aggression.

But I didn't learn my lesson.

Now im covered in suppression.

Anything I say, and anything I do.

Could be the end of me...

but not the end of you.

If what we had was real, why does it feel so wrong?

You never noticed me, until I decided to play along.

But then you got too rough, I had to push you away.

But my heart you had took, now I'm doomed to stay.
 Jan 2018 Connie Lee
she was exquisite as she looked out into the distance, waiting for her coffee to cool down
I would watch her as she sat in the same spot every day
as if this was her escape from something far away
But what was it?
Is she debating on leaving someone or life it’s self?
Or the memories she placed on a shelf?
What about Rent?
Is she late?
Or was it a letter she sent?
Is it the boy who makes her wait?
wait for every day that her energy fades away
certainly, it wasn’t the cold weather
because her face would brighten up as soon as she saw the first snowflake
I feel like her name is Heather
surely it wasn’t Blake
She was creative, and I'm sure of it
due to the overload of sketchbooks and pencils that were jammed inside of her purse
they were losing their color like how the fresh leaves abandon us with some remorse
I bet she's a writer too
because as she wrote, she would stop for a moment and glance outside for something new
At times I wish I could be courageous enough to say hey
but every time I do, I panic and forget what to say
she was the girl in the coffee shop
and I was the boy who wished to have the ***** to introduce myself before I stopped
cuz maybe, somehow she could have lived for another day
 Jan 2018 Connie Lee
A poor girl and a curse

From ponytails to cigarettes
From dolls to *******
From teddy bears to teenage ***
From sweetness to insane

At age sixteen
her body worn out
She couldn’t see the damage
The years of what she
thought was fun
A living **** so savage

“Too many men”
Bellowed the nurse
“Too many drugs”
A poor girl and a curse
Too much pain
Upon her soul
Forever young
Never to grow old
In the mirror glass
I watch the world drift past,
to fast,
and deep inside you know i die.

The perfect love,
the meaning of the poem is real
it simulates your life
poem created (1/15/2018) until (1/17/2018)

summary/ purpose :/ none, just felt like writing today, this tune was stuck in my head for quite a while now. Needed to share. Will remove if asked/feel like it dosn't belong, it's not my work.

inspiration from/ inspired by :/ Joey Eppard
 Jan 2018 Connie Lee
Seeds I feel I should plant, tho dubious at best,  I can almost taste fruits of the labour. The sweet and the sour, bitter and salty to some, for now not all would enjoy the harvest. But some seeds need to flower and others weeded out at the root. My already beautiful garden could suddenly go kaput, or emerge and flourish better than it ever could. To take the risk? I’m not sure if I should.
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