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Raymond Turcotte Jul 2018
Enjoy Yourself
Heal Yourself
Trust Yourself
Respect Yourself
Believe Yourself
Love Yourself

Be Yourself.
Raymond Turcotte Feb 2018
The Heart is an Ocean
Filled with deep and strong emotions

The deeper down within you dive
The longer you have to return.

No lens can provide
How we truly feel inside.
poem created (2/21/2018)

summary/ purpose :/ Dedicated to someone who i met and was introduced to. I felt this poem calling within and without,

inspiration from/ inspired by :/ for a girl
Raymond Turcotte Nov 2017
Like paint falling upon a piece of paper,
from a distance, unclear like some vague vapor,

Like a bright vibrant fire within us all
Able to burn a forest of delusion to see our true call.

Like the Smoke within us all, grey and dark
Rises out of the mouth and everyone knows you have the spark.

Like The Power of the Circle, the ring, the commitment of power
Face your problems, face them and tower.

Like what i did, and now I'm free.
Swimming in the water of freedom, swimming within the sea

Its a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply.
poem created (30/10/2017) until (10/11/2017)

summary/ purpose :/ Dedicated to Boys to Men Canada Weekend ~ Adventure Weekend 2017 (Poems like this for me are on rare occasions on which I'm in a bright mood) Helped me to grow as an individual,

inspiration from/ inspired by :/ Dave Welling, Sean Cameron, John Giffen, David Cordes, Gord Carpenter, Mike Barrington, John Closs, Alex Bon-Miller, Drew Yoshida, Keith Turcotte, Leland Dieno, Tom  Chaggaris, Chris  Tyrell, Riley Byrd, Koby BenEzra, Brandon  BenEzra, Félix  Landry, Jean-Louis Rheault, Sean Fleming, Kierron Campbell, Charles Thurston, Ian Spencer, Mike  Wexler, Tommy Beaulieu-Frisella, Bruno Landry, Barry  Hannah, David  Rynard, David Brunet-Cossette, François Rheault, Phur Tshering Lepcha, Shawn Ross, David Berger, Eyal BenEzra, Satrajpal Singh Rai, Louis Vouloumanos, Mario  Mamoulides, Tamalei Blagaj-Berger, Robert Turcotte, ,Callum Chaggaris, Kyle Turner, Lyubomir Zehtinski, Dylan Cordes
Raymond Turcotte Oct 2017
******* your blood, I desire
It hurts more than fire
The haunting sounds you hear prior
I am a horrible flyer

Observing your every move while I stalk
Notifications arise when I knock
Children of the night I mock
However, I don’t acquire a clock

Once I bite, no turning back
You don’t even know if I attack
Death is upon me with one smack
Depressing, because you would have been a delightful snack.
poem created (8/25/2017) only published later on.

summary/ purpose :/ Dedicated to Christopher R Gauthier and his fascination with Dracula.

inspiration from/ inspired by :/ Wrote this while with family - my brother & dad visiting for the season.
Raymond Turcotte Oct 2017
Just like a raindrop
I was born to fall
Just like a tough guy I am
I will try and show them all

Never knew love or hate
Only pain the past drugs create
hitting up like flint and steel
Cannot fathom if anything is real

Darkness creeps in, paranoia begins
When lights go out I face my demons
I hear the loud echoing screams
To this day I wish they would stop visiting my dreams

Evil is winning it’s wearing the crown
It’s all smoke and mirrors until they break down
But by then your already slaves
Just another toy with which he plays

Silent visions of past mistakes
Let us see what this new day makes
poem created /; cannot re-call unfortunately

summary/ purpose :/ While walking to an Ottawa Bus-Stop I seen a homeless man, offering poems if you helped him. I often help out homeless people anyway, with Jordan it was no exception. I gave him a Canadian 5$ bill, and i seen the joy in his eyes. He gave me the whole pile of poems and Thanked me very much. I wish him the best. He inspired me to create this poem.

inspiration from/ inspired by :/ Dedicated and Inspired by Jordan MacDonald(not targeted at him)

— The End —