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tRevor gUmede Oct 2017
"Amongst the money, the cars
The shoes and the clothes
Lies ******* ******* *******
And strippers and hoes"

Have i covered it all
Have i covered our down fall
How we lost ourselves
Befor we even began

How we lacked pride
Lost our innovation
Set exploring aside
For ****** presentations

Thats all the music says/shows now
And still you dance along
Cause Sundays you bow
God will surely forgive after all

"He should understand we are humans
Our urges are greater than their consequence
Boys will be boys
Girls are their toys"

Well my sisters aren't property
So address them by their name
I wish them equality
And not be instruments of lust and fame
The media focus on music "mainly Pop and hip hop" doesnt potray our fellow sisters in a dignified light... i get *** sells.. but enough is enough...
tRevor gUmede Oct 2017
what sweet pain i feel
Like  being pierced in the chest
With red hot steel
From something that isn't
And never was real
It lived in my head
And worked in my heart
As old memories fade
New ones shred apart
No tears
As it leaves work in smokes
All ****** functions mob
And panic, everything racing, pumping, no don't, don't leave...
I don't know how I've managed to live
Without it...
Everything stop...
And stare... as the heart burns....
The fire... RAGING... raging
It can never work again
It lived in a dream... now its over
And... dreams will never be
What they once were
chaotic life cycle of love
tRevor gUmede Aug 2017
I saw the moon skip the night
To see the day
I saw the Sun shine bright
In joy of her stay

I saw them dance in the sky
I saw lost love reunite
Seeing your love after a while
tRevor gUmede Aug 2017
She holds my heart
For reasons i don't know
But she holds my heart
Don't ask me how

I can't remember
Whether i gave it freely
Or out of dispare and anger
Maybe she persuaded kindly
Or forced my hand

Maybe i lost a bet
Then it's on me
Yet she holds my heart
And she says for keeps

I don't mind really
I wish she'd hold it forever
Cause i have hers
And that's all that matter
New to love
tRevor gUmede Aug 2017
Its all your fault
Why i cant
I try i do
But im locked
To you im sure

I've let you rule over me
Worse cause i dont think
I dow nt think you even know i exist
You tell me about your passed
You show me all those you hurt

I thought I'd be different
I thought you'd let me be
I thought I'd make it work
I thought thats how its done
I thought....
I thought I'd never regret

Enough thinking
Time to act
Enough dreaming
Im over you now
I know you'll always be there

But that doesnt matter now
Cause I'll never let you dictate my life
Not again... not ever

So i declare...
you mean nothing to me
I know you there and i
I'll rest with a peaceful heart
Knowing you dont have the power anymore.
tRevor gUmede Aug 2017
I'd wish you'd stay longer
But i know you cant
I miss you when you not around
So i try to fake your presence
It helps
Cause you actually appear
But not always
So i fake it a lot
Till you arrive

With your gleeful giggles
Your heart racers
Your breath takings
Your blushing stares
Your snoring laughs
And loud movements

But then you go
Quicker than you came
Leaving the awkward huhs
For me to miss you again

I know you cant stay
Cause missing you
Makes your visit worthwhile.
tRevor gUmede Jun 2016
I'm a Sheep
I Sheep and I'm proud

I can't live alone
Alone *****
Plus...m Not built like that
M not meant to be
So I flock with my other sheep
I dare you to try get me with squad

I get lost
You gone tell me you don't?
Not once?
Well I do.
Either mentally or physically.
So I follow, though sometimes I lead.
It's easier going with plots already began.
We get further, than starting from humble beginnings.

I keeps my rams on the down low
And my ewes updated
Wherever, However, Whenever
We got that social
And we quick with it

I hear you hate
I see you fronting
I might even taste your envy
I won't react... thats a bad touch
Might give me a bad smell
I'm to have more sense

I does what others do
To learn to be unique
I goes where others went
To find new places
I eat like the rest
To learn new tastes

In short I Sheep
I sheep to be different.
Don't you?
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