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Sep 2019 · 173
TinaMarie Sep 2019
Seconds can feel like an eternity as I anticipate your warmth and taste burrowing through the dense froth that binds us.

©Tina Thompson
Love note to a moment of bliss
Jul 2017 · 525
Coupled Pendulums
TinaMarie Jul 2017
We're like two Pendulums
Made from the same source
     Once One
Split through creation
Drawn together
Each swing moving us closer
Writing our destiny in the sands
Magnetically pulling us back to Unison
          Becoming One Again


Harmonious with the Universe
And Purpose

©Tina Thompson 2017
May 2017 · 4.4k
Morning Coffee
TinaMarie May 2017
Cinnamon aroma
    Warmed fingertips.
Approach eager lips
     A gentle sip.

Eyes close
      A blissful smile.
Deep breath...     In
     Exhale...     Out.

Mind replays
      The joy of last night.
As My Love
     Enters the room.


More Coffee?
#love #coffee #romance
TinaMarie Mar 2016
I want to
      Kiss you the morning
...after bringing you coffee
               ...with loud laughter
   ...and uncontrollable smiles

I want to
      Kiss you the sunlight
...with waves crashing at our ankles
            ...or amidst the clouds on mountaintops
    ...sharing adventure
I want to
      Kiss you
     ...surrounded by trees
      the delight of the wild
   ...and the serennade of birds chirping
                         ...with excitement

I want to
      Kiss you crowds of people
  ...with raindrops falling on our heads
        the musical harmony of life
...and feel your heartbeat

I want to
      Kiss you
     ...alone, beneath the stars
                   ...caressed by the moolight
  ...filled with passion voyeuristic opportunity to the nocturnal

I want to Kiss you when you least expect it
And perfectly timed for when you need it most

I want to
       Kiss you

Every Night


For all time



Then again

                              The next morning

I want to
      Kiss you
With you in mind ❤
Nov 2015 · 12.6k
Your Kiss
TinaMarie Nov 2015
I keep licking my lips
trying to re-taste you
remember you.

Using my tongue like a
defibulator reviving
the moment.

Reliving the gentle soft press
of the sweetest lips
in the world.
For you
Oct 2015 · 1.7k
TinaMarie Oct 2015
Come with me...
     Moving away from the guarded cell blocks of past disappointments, mourned losses, and forgotten hope

     Diving our souls into the deepest depths of being where there's no past or future, only present, only presence, only us

     Dancing high above the world, let me lay you down upon a cloud and merge our energies into one unbreakable bond

    Watching the sunset, snuggled tightly within the curve of a crescent moon, I will fill a basket of hand picked stars for you and pledge my everlasting Love

©Tina Thompson
Jul 2014 · 1.0k
Once More
TinaMarie Jul 2014
Fingertips descending spines
Causing Bodyquakes

Delicate mist of kisses
Covering peaks and valleys

Mahogany stretched towards the heavens

          Oceans of eagerness
                    An arch of bliss

Fainting breaths

          Dying with Desire
To be Born in your Love

These thoughts are looping through my mind

                    I must have you

                                   Once More


                               Once More


                                 The next time

©Tina Thompson
Jun 2014 · 1.6k
TinaMarie Jun 2014
May I rest in your calmness
                                       Bathe in your peace
Replenish in your happiness
               Find home through your gateway

          Find ME

                     In the stillness

Breathe in



©Tina Thompson
Apr 2014 · 3.0k
Helluva drug
TinaMarie Apr 2014
I would
Bet my life
Has nothing
On You

©Tina Thompson
My first 10 word poem
Mar 2014 · 4.8k
River's Bed
TinaMarie Mar 2014
I once lived by a river
That flowed with a seducing call
Drawing me daily to it's bed
And Liberating me in it's waves.

I miss my raging river
That use to splash all over me
Bringing joy and excitement
To my otherwise lonely days.**

©Tina Thompson
Mar 2014 · 841
TinaMarie Mar 2014
Won't you,
          Come sit down beside me
Hold me,
          Love me,
                    and set me free

I've waited so long for you
Kept careful watch for you
Got my sights now set on you
Just need one thing from you

Won't you,
          Come sit down beside me
Hold me,
          Love me,
                    and set me free

Come get lost with me
Escape from this world with me
Merge into one with me
Release and be free with me

Won't you,
          Come sit down beside me
Hold me,
          Love me,
                    and set me free

There's a life that awaits us two
A life prepared for me and you
A life that's destined to exist
A life that begins with just one kiss


Won't you,
          Come sit down beside me
Hold me,
          Love me,
                    and set me free*

©Tina Thompson
Mar 2014 · 1.2k
Another Lifetime
TinaMarie Mar 2014
I Love You
Purely and Innocently
Just like the first day I saw
My handsome red head
Smiling my way.

I Love You
Wholly and Completely
Time and distance won't diminish
What was then is now
And forever will be

I Love You*
Your Spirit; Your Soul
We are connected through Lifetimes
Until the day you're Mine.

©Tina Thompson
Mar 2014 · 1.6k
Fantastic Voyage
TinaMarie Mar 2014
I want to go on a journey.
     A splendid adventure.
In search of lost love
     That could have been
          But never was.

I want to wander every inch of you.
     Writing love letters across your back and chest
          With my tongue.
     Tagging your neck, arms and thighs
          With lingering kisses.

I want to travel to southern regions.
     Exploring new pathways to heaven.
Unraveling the concepts of time.
     Bringing past to present; present to future
          Making you mine.

I want to board a shuttle with you.
     Launching us beyond this world.
Suspended among the moon and stars
     Bringing the entire universe to halt
          At the very moment  
               you yell out
                    my name.

©Tina Thompson
Feb 2014 · 4.0k
Win Win
TinaMarie Feb 2014



©Tina Thompson
Feb 2014 · 993
Smiles for You
TinaMarie Feb 2014
Here I go
          *So wide
An involuntary
Pure reaction
To the thought



Surroundings fade

I am fully submerged
          in Images and Dreams
Wholly immersed
          in Conversations and Schemes
Completely entrenched
          in Wondering
                    What this

I am here
          Right now
In these moments
A lifetime



So far gone

Transcended to a parallel reality
I could dwell here
          In my make believe
Make a life here
          For you and me
Stay forever here
                              My fantasy


Filled with
And Love



©Tina Thompson
Thoughts of My First Love
Feb 2014 · 1.7k
My Kryptonite
TinaMarie Feb 2014
I may forget what is true
Might deny what is real
Take a selfish adventure
Focused only on you

Let all my dreams take flight
Act out the could have been
Lose myself but for a night
Weakened by my kryptonite*

©Tina Thompson
Feb 2014 · 703
Maybe a Lifetime
TinaMarie Feb 2014
Come to me and stay a while
     Let's share a drink or two
Sit back relax enjoy yourself
   That's all you need to do

Go ahead and take a nap
     I'll wake you in a few
With a meal prepared for you and I
     And a table set for two

I want to make you happy
     For more than just a day
And show you that I love you
     In every possible way

What I'm really trying to say
     Is I want to make you mine
If only for a little while
     Like maybe just a lifetime.

©Tina Thompson
Feb 2014 · 911
Silent Cries
TinaMarie Feb 2014
Buried inside
Wrenching pain
of Untold truths
and Secrets maintained

Alone in crowds
Invisible to eyes
Can't they hear
My Silent Cries

Tired and weary
Heartache swells
The world ignores
My muted yells

Tears descend
Spirit sighs
Won't anyone hear
My Silent Cries*

©Tina Thompson
Jan 2014 · 1.1k
Pucker Up
TinaMarie Jan 2014
I could kiss you and like it

          Pressing slowly


     by the softness
               of your flesh


     To ****
          Upon your upper lip

     And bite
         Gently upon the lower

Surfing the tidal waves
          of your tongue

                    Synchronizing auras

I'd breathe you in

       Absorb your energy

And exhale life

I could kiss you
                  And like it

Indeed Love it
                  And make you Mine.*

©Tina Thompson
Aug 2013 · 1.8k
TinaMarie Aug 2013
There's but one indulgence
     One delicacy.
That will ease my hunger
     Please my appetite.

It is a sweetness
     No baker can provide.
A delicious treat
     A most Savory delight.

The aroma visits me daily
     Dismantling all self control.
I can taste it by thought
     But that won't soothe my soul.
These cravings are possessing me
     My mind and body can't rest.
In order to cease my desire
     I must Feast upon your flesh.

© Tina Thompson
Jul 2013 · 718
TinaMarie Jul 2013
I am here...




For You...

     to come...

     in Love
          with me.

         By me.

         With me.

©Tina Thompson
Jul 2013 · 701
TinaMarie Jul 2013
I am turning this pencil upside down and rubbing vigorously upon a fictional friend.

Pressing tightly to my life's page the images of you disappear and your presence comes to an end.

Blowing away the memories of opportunistic lies, self serving betrayals and make pretend.

The page is now clear.  A new story can be told.  This time however, I will write it in pen.

©Tina Thompson
Jul 2013 · 900
Irrevocably Altered
TinaMarie Jul 2013
There's no reset button
No ctrl alt delete solution
I am forever changed

I can not hit esc
There's no back out option
My life's been rearranged

Short circuited
By the surge of your touch
I will never be the same

I've been Remanufactured
Reprogrammed and Restored
My heart's logo reads your name.

©Tina Thompson
Apr 2013 · 483
Big Girls don't...
TinaMarie Apr 2013
Allow me to cry for you
   As I hear your story
   And absorb each pain
Hurry! Please
   These rising oceans
   I can no longer contain.

Watch as my tears flow
   Like raging rivers
   Beneath Thundering rains
For You have
  Freed and released me
   From my emotional chains.

© Tina Thompson
Feb 2013 · 1.2k
Around you
TinaMarie Feb 2013
I gaze into the portals of your soul
And get lost in the depths of my imagination.
Navigating images of elevated limbs and
    Blended flesh entwined into one.

I breathe the aroma of your essence
And float high on the ecstasy of your presence.
Bringing chills that travel to secret places
    Triggering spontaneous pleasure sighs.

I want to pull you near and taste the sweetness
of every inch of your body.  
Embarking on a journey to devour you slowly.
Steadily taking you to your limit as I simultaneously
show you through the warm rhythmic flows of my body
Just how much

© Tina Thompson
Jan 2013 · 767
**Just then**
TinaMarie Jan 2013
When Peace evades me
     and Hope fades to a memory.

When Frustration and Grief become my only friends
     and Weak and Weary try their best to settle in.

Just as Hatred is knocking at my door...

My knees find their way to the floor
      and I cry out

I NEED YOU LORD, like never before.

© Tina Thompson
Dec 2012 · 1.1k
Solitude Delusions
TinaMarie Dec 2012
Shrouded in righteousness
Cloaked in superiority
I sit
In a dimly lit room
Arms neatly folded
Back stretched high
Brow raised
Lips slightly smirked
I look down
Of my disengaged Perfection

© Tina Thompson
May 2012 · 2.9k
Haunt Me
TinaMarie May 2012
I want to be haunted by you.

Want you to...

Sit down beside me, 'til I feel your presence in the air.
Watch me remember you, So you can see I still care.
Caress me in passing, leaving chills on my spine.
Visit my dreams, make me believe that you're still mine.

     Haunt me daily, and keep this loneliness at bay.
     Haunt me nightly, until my desire goes away.

I want to be haunted by you, so I can ignore the pain
Haunt me please, so I can pretend that nothing has changed.

© Tina Thompson
May 2012 · 1.6k
A Simple Kiss
TinaMarie May 2012
I'm staring at this clock
     Wishing I could turn back time.
To...Let's say...the summer
     Of Nineteen Eighty Nine.

I just remembered something
     I frankly failed to do.
And should have done at the time
     I first thought to Kiss you.

What could have, that simple kiss become?
That simple kiss, that went left undone
A simple kiss from me to you
Just a simple kiss... or... two.

I am staring at the hands on this clock
     Dreaming of how life could have been.
If only I garnered the courage
     To Kiss you back then.

© Tina Thompson
May 2012 · 3.6k
TinaMarie May 2012
Straight Shooter
with No Chaser
Tell me
No Lies
Kind of

Pom Pom swinging
Rah Rah singing
From the front
Or Side
Proudly Cheering.

Spirit Lifter
Mood Shifter
From low
To high
On time Laughter.

If things get crazy
Or someone comes against me
You got
My back
You're my one man army.

My Partner

My Friend

©Tina Thompson
May 2012 · 5.5k
GOD is my co-pilot
TinaMarie May 2012
Ahh, sweet familiar uncertainty
My joy you will not steal.

My Faith abounds, My journey's sound
For my co-pilot's at the wheel.

©Tina Thompson
May 2012 · 2.3k
TinaMarie May 2012
You taught me to believe in myself
     And encouraged me to soar.
You protected me from harm, keeping
     Enemies away with your roar.
You raised me to feel wealthy
     Even though we were poor.
You showed me God's grace by
     Always making room for one more.

You are the personification of unconditional love
     The epitome of selflessness.
You are the embodiment of true beauty
     The essence of graciousness.

You are my Mother
              my Motivator
             my Strength
    And my Friend.

© Tina Thompson
May 2012 · 2.4k
My Request
TinaMarie May 2012
Allow me...

To be your warm bath at the end of a hard day
     And wash away all of your stress.

To be the long exhale from your tightly held breath
     And relieve your mind for good rest

Permit me...

To be the light that accompanies you along your path
     And brightens your darkest days.

To be the drink that quenches your body's needs
     And the source for all that you crave.

Give me permission...
To be... Your dreams in reality...

                     Your fantasy in the flesh...
                          Your Good to the last drop...

                               Providing pleasure non-stop...Girl

Let me be this for you babe

© Tina Thompson
May 2012 · 966
In your Arms
TinaMarie May 2012
The pressures of the day dissipate
     Worries of tomorrow retreat.
Tensions take flight in the stratosphere
     Vaporized by the heat in the air.
Psychological armor melts away
     Veils and covers are kept at Bay.
The frigid world begins to thaw
     Threatening crisis withdraw.

All from the warmth of your arms.

© Tina Thompson
May 2012 · 2.7k
Whenever you're near
TinaMarie May 2012
I can't
Seem to
My eyes
Your Lips.

When you
Take a

Nose diving
Right down

My body
And mind

© Tina Thompson
Mar 2012 · 1.1k
Identity Check
TinaMarie Mar 2012

With your designer blinders on
Custom made
Secured tightly in place
     With diamond studded screws in each temple.

Proud of your daily ignorance.
Worshiper of indifference.
Cold to the touch
     Revealing the constricted flow of life within.

How do you sleep?

While the rest of the world weeps.

© Tina Thompson
Mar 2012 · 10.9k
TinaMarie Mar 2012
Sunny afternoon

75 degrees

          Blowing softly through the slightly cracked window

          Laying rhythmic undertones to lyrical chirping

Snuggled so tightly
     Pressed against your skin
Entangled limbs
     Indistinguishable as to where you end and I begin

     Hearts and Breaths
Producing a soothing lullaby as we drift off to...

I miss afternoon naps

     With you


     The afterglow


© Tina Thompson
Mar 2012 · 891
Strength in the Distance
TinaMarie Mar 2012
Time elapsed has been good to me
Past pains have diminished
Memories of laughter draw me back
Not for it all, but for the friendship.

Our conversations have been easy
No expectations or complications
Lines left uncrossed, flirtations tossed
For more serious communications.

Deceived by the distance and
Misled by my [fragile] armor of strength
I believe I can see you again
Without falling into your arms again.

We meet with an embrace
I feel a simmering warmth
Initially mistaken as just
The joy of seeing an old friend.

But, Your smile starts to sedate me
I am losing consciousness with reality
Your eyes have launched a stealth attack
On my logic and disarmed my sense.

My ears capture only silence
My eyes keenly focus on your lips
My mouth tastes your every word
I bite firmly upon my lower lip.

The heat now radiating is too intense
My clothes singe in the flames of desire
I am bare and breathless before you
Resuscitated only by your kiss and...touch.


Quickly weakened in your presence
I am but an iron particle drawn in your magnetic field

It is now clear

It is in the distance and only in the distance
Where I am strong.

© Tina Thompson
Mar 2012 · 922
Night Sweats
TinaMarie Mar 2012
Though your body has vanished from my daily grind
I find solace in what is left behind
Every moment, minute, and second of time
Is vividly retained in my mind.

Your soul meets me nightly as I dream aloud
Taking me on tantalizing flights among wispy clouds
Retracing your touches from love avowed
Conjuring heated encounters in a thundercloud.

© Tina Thompson
Mar 2012 · 11.4k
Inspire Me
TinaMarie Mar 2012
Be my novel tonight
Allow me to navigate the depths of your thoughts
and journey through the pathways of your mind while
merging in my imagination and infusing in my wildest
poetic fantasies.  Inscribing in our bedpost an
unforgettable bestseller.

Be my music tonight
Let me groove to the beat of your heart picking up pace
as I explore new ways to invoke melodious outbursts. I
want to sing a duet with you of synchronized moans and
pleasurable sighs.  Culminating with you belting out my
name in one final perfect note.

Be my masterpiece tonight
Permit me to trace my fingertips across every inch of
your frame as I find your sensually stimulating spots.
Armed with new knowledge and intent, sit back as I
stroke you with my brushes of desire and take you on a
creative adventure of twists and turns as I bring to life my finest
work of art and watch with all anticipation your love erupt.

© Tina Thompson
Mar 2012 · 1.2k
Untouchable Star
TinaMarie Mar 2012
In my dreams you are with me
Our love is alive.
You are here in my arms and
Never said goodbye.

We sit in the afterglow
Of what we just exchanged.
Yet clearly appear anxious
To exchange it all again.

You always had an insatiable appetite
For my dessert supreme.
Devouring every drop
Being sure to lick it clean.

My dreams just don't do justice
To how amazing you are.
They just can't replicate
My untouchable star.

© Tina Thompson
Mar 2012 · 1.1k
Hide & Seek Love
TinaMarie Mar 2012
It seems I've unknowingly embarked on this endless quest to
find parts of you.  You so carefully conceal.  Each time
I begin to close in.  Whenever I'm getting warm.
They swiftly evade my footsteps and hurry to find new

When I grow weary and begin to slow in my
pace.  They reveal a trace, giving me visions of the
targets I chase.  Lifting my spirits just enough for me
to continue my search hoping to find the parts of

Now usually games are fun.  Whether lost or won.  But
your heart and soul do not play fair and I'm
convinced this pursuit for your love is not square.  How
is this game legit?  When I'm the only one who's


Mar 2012 · 537
TinaMarie Mar 2012
I tell you
     My darkest secret
          Will you still be here?

Will you
Take a moment
     To hold me and
          Kiss away my fear?

I show you
     My silliest ways
          Will you stay by my side?

Will you
Laugh with me
     And join me
          Cast all worries aside?

If only for a moment

I open
     My heart to you
          Will you protect the fragile parts?

Will you
Open yours
     To me
          And allow Love to start?

I share
My hopes and dreams
     Will you leave the past behind?

Will you
Chart a new path
      Of destiny
          With our lives intertwined?

I will


                            ­                  you will.

© Tina Thompson
Mar 2012 · 1.5k
TinaMarie Mar 2012
My Allure
Comes from the Love that resides inside
     Not in the stare of my "bedroom eyes".
From the uplifting Words that depart from my lips
     Not in my stroll or swing in my hips.
From my ability to graciously give of myself
     Not in my curves or financial wealth.
From my quickness to drop to my knees...In Prayer
     Not from the secrets beneath the clothes that I wear.

My Allure
Comes from an acceptance of All that I Am
     Not in a desperate attempt for a man.

© Tina Thompson
TinaMarie Feb 2012
Your presence warms me daily
We flirt with anticipation
Of what's to come.

As you beam closer to me
I toss playful mists of eagerness.
Your caress drives me crazy
Every sense is heightened.

I arch towards you.

I am swelling with excitement
Raging wet with desire
Open to receive you.

You invade me

s l o w l y

Illuminating me to vibrancy
Of colorful ecstasy
Igniting golden fires
To radiate from me.

You drink my hues of your reflection

Returning each day
At sunset
For a time.

In those minutes
You are mine.

We are one

You are my Sun.

© Tina Thompson
View for yourself.;=youtube_gdata_player
Feb 2012 · 1.8k
TinaMarie Feb 2012

Everything injected
Identity constricted
Breaths restricted
Fights enlisted
Words explicit
Pain inflicted


Withdrawing addiction
Half of me missing
Shaking commencing
Cold sweats kick in
Heartbeats lessening
Death's threatening


Suffocation retired
Individuality aspired
Stimulation inspired
Culmination transpired
Life long love desired
Exact dosage is required


© Tina Thompson
Feb 2012 · 1.1k
TinaMarie Feb 2012
He fu¢ks her with ease
She fu¢ks him to please
She fu¢ks as he wishes
     And she does not see

He fu¢ks with disease.

He thrusts with anger, disguising his pain
She receives it as passion, it drives her insane
He thrusts with intention, he's full with disdain
She receives unwittingly, her health being slain

He arises proud having laid her in a lie
She arises feeling a closeness and exhales a soft sigh
She turns to watch him leaving and proceeds to wonder why
He turns and moves with furor and never says goodbye

She looks into the mirror giving thought to her conduct
Each moment playing in her head she starts to reconstruct
As toxins flow through her veins and begin to deconstruct
She finally takes her blinders off and sees she's just been fu¢ked

© Tina Thompson
Feb 2012 · 1.0k
TinaMarie Feb 2012
Hopelessly wandering
I am at an impasse
Immobilized by desire
There is no way out.

Freedom awaits me
I can hear it's cries
But I turn a deaf ear
My lover pulls me back.

A hypnotising smile
And tranquillizing touch
Invade my mind
And Control my body.

Liberation will come someday
I can hear freedom cry
Another day I will leave perhaps
Today my lover needs me.

Captured in a conundrum
Intriguing mystery abounds
Captivating me to decipher
Perpetual perplexity.

I hear the screams closing in
Freedom is more persistent
I ready myself to join the calls
But my lover has my hand.

© Tina Thompson
Feb 2012 · 1.0k
Divested Proposal
TinaMarie Feb 2012
Grandiosely bragging about what you would do
While gently pulling my hair, adding emphasis to
Such a desperate attempt just out of the blue
I had to shake my head and feel sorry for you.

How very little you must think of yourself
To offer your body and withhold your mind
To quickly entangle and even faster unwind
Leaving countless diminished beings behind.

My sympathy should lie with every woman
That has welcomed your nothingness on chance
That has been lured by your lustful glance
To later be dismissed when they seek to advance.

All I see is a scared little boy, trying to hide
In superficial exploits because you're void inside
Casting lines of bait with all feelings aside
Giving no thought to others cause your soul has died.

© Tina Thompson
Feb 2012 · 1.8k
"It's a Trap"
TinaMarie Feb 2012
I found out the hard way

Love is not
a miracle cure
pharmaceutical antidote
or herbal healing.

Love does not
guarantee happiness
deliver peacefulness
or reciprocal feelings

Love will only
confound beliefs
bastardize truth
and beguile dealings

Love is
an incessant languish
an immobile reality
and repentantly appealing

Love is a trap

With you.
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