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Cathyy Jun 2016
Welcome to Cathytown where the grass is always pinker.
Where the moon and the sun fall in love and where everything's better when everyones together.
I had a heart to heart with my mum today, I was angry that.. She didn't understand me, I was afraid that she didn't love me and that it was my own fault.
She told me I couldn't be anymore wrong, that she shouts at me so I can grow, she's ******* me because...
Well, no one else is..
Not in Cathytown.

She said I have to grow up eventually, and see that the world isn't as sensitive as I'm going to be.
She said she loves me so much her heart hurts every time I stay out til midnight after every row and argument but she can't reach out because I'm too hurt to let her in.
She said I was born perfect, two eyes, two hands, two legs, perfectly healthy. So it hurts her when I say I'm not beautiful, not good enough.

Cathytown... Where dreams come true in a blink of an eye,
Cathytown, where friendship is forever
And true love can blossom and *** isn't as important as intimate conversations.

Please let me stay in Cathytown...
Where I can watch disneychannel and drink tea and make others happy by just being me..
I know I get sad sometimes,
But staying strong is my anthem
I know I get dramatic and weird and over emotional
... But hey, that's just me.
The poem says it all.
Thanks for the great response on my previous poem too.
Cathyy Jun 2016
We go through life thinking
"Oh what if?" And about all that should have been..
Comparisons are poison, oh how it leaves me wondering;
Am I not as beautiful as the flower you have picked up today?
Is that because you didn't notice that flower yesterday, and I started to shy away?
Am I not as kind as the Sun, who lets the Moon shine in your darkest moments?..
Am I just a sad song, the same broken record stuck on repeat?
& Is that why you'd rather listen to something else more uplifting than me?

We go through life, growing, and changing.
I am not the same as I used to be,
And everyday I'm getting closer to who I will be.
So why does it bother me, if you think about me differently?
Surely this life of mine is my life alone; and I'm the one in control you see..

But I'm not..
No, not really.
Because I care...
I care so much.

I wonder who I am to you,
And if I'll ever be enough
I wonder about the parts you don't love about yourself
And how those parts are just petals and you, the flower, you're still gorgeous regardless

Tell me you'll never give up
Tell me you'll reach for the stars.
Cause who you are to me,
Is not a secret..
Darling, you're my heart.
A bit different to my usual poems but I hope it was still relatable and somewhat pleasant to read!

~ Cathy
Cathyy May 2016
I'll get a tattoo when you're gone,
Something just for me..
So at least then I'll feel pain from something else,
And by the end, i'll feel like a pretty art piece

I'll keep on writing songs even when,
You see me off with goodbye
Cause darling you're the catchiest song,
I've ever danced to in my life
So when it all makes sense in uni,
And you find the love you deserve
Don't forget, at 19 you met a girl who kissed you with her words

I'm working day and night
Just to make a name, make a life for myself..
Imagine where we'll be next year,
You seeing the world
And me crushing on someone else
Oh is it dark in your mind?
Cause if so i can be the light
If you just hear me out..
I know I tend to get so insecure and impulsive
Its hard to believe I'd ever settle down

But I know that the universe is on my side, I'm..
Picking up on all of these signs
Like, a heart to heart with a stranger at the right place at the right time
Oh I'll be alright,
I love late bus rides speeding down the highway
Whilst listening to sad yet beautiful songs stuck on replay
And now that I'm finding out you're not the one...
I'm gonna smile anyway,
Cause its a long way we've come <3
Oh gosh I'm all teary eyed.
Cathyy May 2016
Some people are holograms,
They appear to be there but in reality they're long gone..
Some people are mirrors,
They see things that you don't see about yourself and they love those things.
Some people are artists,
And other people are the art
Few people are both
Because not everyone has a pure heart
These are just my views and opinions
I have these little Cathy theories I believe in,
Like how.. The Universe is always leaving us signs
Some people accept the good and the bad,
Most people make up their own signs sometimes even toxic people come with the signs.

Some people are lovers,
Two types; heartbroken & in love
Some people give up,
You did, I won't...
Some people are platonic.
Some people...
But not us.
A bit of a different poem in terms of content and even structure, hopefully it isn't boring for some of you? I was just thinking out loud.. Or well, writing out loud aha.

Thanks for all the love on my previous poem! I appreciate it!

Here's my recent soundcloud cover which kinda mirrors the last verse of this poem..

yeppo, i sing and play guitar ;)
Cathyy May 2016
I wonder what my future wife would be like,
If she'd be exactly just like me..
I wonder if she'll be the same height
Thats.. 5ft2/ & on a good day 5 foot 3
I hope i can make her laugh
Make her smile as soon as she wakes up
I would learn some ukulele,
just to serenade her at breakfast
And when the stars come out to play at night, we'll behave pretty wild, young and reckless
And if i ever make it as a star someday,
I'll write songs about all these moments
& I hope she likes how i met your mother and crosswords too
And inspires me like a camera to stay in focus
Oh I just don't want to believe that theres nobody for me
Cause i'm a truly, true romantic..
So universe if you're listening
Find the girl that I keep missing..
& send her a sign from me
I really like this one, one of my most hopeful poems!

Hope a line or two made ya smile ;)
Cathyy May 2016
I guess you're right, I am a true romantic..
I daydream through the night and through the day I plan things
& these songs I write may help you understand things
I'm not one to talk but with you I'd try dancing

So if you want someone there to sing to you whilst you do the dishes
And someone who can take care of all your hopes and wishes
I'm not one to talk oh for you I'd listen
And we could maybe take a late night walk through the city's division

Oh if you need someone there to help you take the weight off
to tell you, "**** you're beautiful without make up"
To hold flashcards for you whenever you need to stay up
in order to get that A grade
just go at your own pace...

If you need someone to do all of that then guess what?
I've always been,
just right here <3
Hey guys! Another super personal poem with personal references but I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

I'm on Soundcloud as well as youtube! Uploaded a new little mashup if you're interested in hearing the singing voice behind the poet haha:

Just copy and paste that link :)

Love always,
Cathyy Apr 2016
One cup of tea is not enough...
Two cups of coffee is what usually wakes me up and
two sugars in the morning is,
perfectly sweet.

One day you'll be mine,
if not Today then, some other time
Well that's what I'm hoping,
Please tell me you'll have hope too
and two songs are not enough,
to say "I Love You"

Well just one of me,
can't do much for you but
two hearts beating like ours sounds pretty beautiful
and sometimes one word,
can make a difference
well for me that one word is you...

So come into my life now
and don't you dare leave without me...
'Cause one plus one can make an infinity

One photograph is not enough,
I'd want a couple more of you of me and both of us
two pair of eyes...
occupied with thoughts that can't be sung

Well if you want to play dinosaur mini golf,
in the summer...
You can just call me up any time that you wanna
and we can grab a takeaway coffee
and take the long way back home.. (woah oh)
One cup of infinity please, to go...

One plus one can make an infinity if you want it to,
and that one plus one could be me and you.
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