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May 2016
Some people are holograms,
They appear to be there but in reality they're long gone..
Some people are mirrors,
They see things that you don't see about yourself and they love those things.
Some people are artists,
And other people are the art
Few people are both
Because not everyone has a pure heart
These are just my views and opinions
I have these little Cathy theories I believe in,
Like how.. The Universe is always leaving us signs
Some people accept the good and the bad,
Most people make up their own signs sometimes even toxic people come with the signs.

Some people are lovers,
Two types; heartbroken & in love
Some people give up,
You did, I won't...
Some people are platonic.
Some people...
But not us.
A bit of a different poem in terms of content and even structure, hopefully it isn't boring for some of you? I was just thinking out loud.. Or well, writing out loud aha.

Thanks for all the love on my previous poem! I appreciate it!

Here's my recent soundcloud cover which kinda mirrors the last verse of this poem..

yeppo, i sing and play guitar ;)
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