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May 2016
I guess you're right, I am a true romantic..
I daydream through the night and through the day I plan things
& these songs I write may help you understand things
I'm not one to talk but with you I'd try dancing

So if you want someone there to sing to you whilst you do the dishes
And someone who can take care of all your hopes and wishes
I'm not one to talk oh for you I'd listen
And we could maybe take a late night walk through the city's division

Oh if you need someone there to help you take the weight off
to tell you, "**** you're beautiful without make up"
To hold flashcards for you whenever you need to stay up
in order to get that A grade
just go at your own pace...

If you need someone to do all of that then guess what?
I've always been,
just right here <3
Hey guys! Another super personal poem with personal references but I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

I'm on Soundcloud as well as youtube! Uploaded a new little mashup if you're interested in hearing the singing voice behind the poet haha:

Just copy and paste that link :)

Love always,
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