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To agape love someone is to hunger
for their eternal life and their abundant life
even when it seems impossible to hope for them
 Sep 2016 Taylor Hough
I am that kind of girl who will just smile
but in deep inside I'm tearing apart.

I am that kind of girl who you will act that I'm happy for the both of you but deep inside it hurts like hell.

I am that kind of girl that will back-off
when I see you already flirting with someone. Even if it's tearing my heart.

I am that kind of girl who will give up my own happiness for you to be happy.

I am that kind of girl who loves to read books
because I can't have you in real life.

I am that kind of girl who jokes a lot
but some of them are the truth.

Yes, I am that kind of girl who  will continue and
forever to love you even though you already love someone else.

All of this are true. I am this kind of girl.
 Jul 2015 Taylor Hough
Just Melz
 Jul 2015 Taylor Hough
Just Melz
You've always been the one
I never understood why
I cried and cried
And you were so blind to your lies
You forgot the truth
Alone and lost in truth
Deceived by you
But it was always you
I'll never understand
What went through your mind
How kind you were
Then such an instant switch
You can never forget me
But you left
Right in front of you
Then, gone, through
I can't decide what's worse
That I love you
Or that you love me
It ended in so much misery
But, since it was always you
The Love can never be through
I'll never forget you
Near or far
I'll wish upon a star
That I could just be
Wherever you are
You're the princess in the tower.
You're the minutes in my hour.

You're the question and I'm the answer.
You're the music and I'm the dancer.

You're the lie and I'm the truth
You're the evidence and I'm the proof

You're the tear beneath my eye.
You're the reason that I cry.
Another mundane poem, but I like telling a story through poetry. Even if I have never experienced said poem :)
 Sep 2014 Taylor Hough
Your words burn like fire
They scrape at my skin
How could I desire
What couldn't have been
Tears sting my eyes
I squint til they close
I force them to dry
And I sniffle my nose
I pretend I'm alright
I pretend I don't care
I pretend you don't show up
In every nightmare
My smile is fake
It's so you don't see
I'm easy to break,
You can shatter me.
I wear this disguise
And I try to be strong
But one look in your eyes
And that's where things go wrong.
Your eyes were once loving,
Loving towards me.
But now I'm discovering
Thats what used to be.
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