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RLP Apr 2017
so dark you wouldn't see your hand if you put it in front of your face.
and you most definitely wouldn't see what lies beyond it.
shadows and stars,
goosebumps and scars.

i dont remember the last time i slept with the light off.
RLP Jan 2017
i should have known that when you didn't say "i love you too," you probably never would.
RLP Jun 2016
When it seems we've lost the spark that sets our love ablaze i know that through this haze ill find the strength to still come back to you.

When there's nothing that i seem to do but think of you though all it does is tear me into two ill still come back to you.

And even though my heart is trembling trying to keep still i will come back to you

each and every time.
RLP Apr 2016
you are the most beautiful flower i have ever seen. the sweet scent of you is one that stays on my mind throughout countless hours and days alike. your vibrant petals of the brightest scarlet captivate my gaze and i cannot look away. in my palms i only feel the softness of your petals and neglect the sharpness of your thorns. blind to the negative, always. always.  
silly me.
everybody knows that the seasons come and go. and by winter all the flowers wilt and nothing's left behind but emptiness where they once grew. autumn took you from me and i did not notice until winter came along with the brisk reality that all roses wilt. and that even the most beautiful of roses
has its thorns.
RLP Dec 2015
each day brings a new form of emptiness.
a sunrise that mimics the flame in your eyes
and the moon that reminds me how quickly they moved on.
now each day im traveling through the motions of life
but never fully living.
cause without you im not dead, but ill never be alive.
you see,
living is not the same as being alive.
because to truly be alive i would need you.
and sure they said youd come and go,
and now they say move on.
but how can i move on
when id rather be dead than to love someone else?

i guess sometimes people just leave us
like how life can slip from the most desperate of grasps.
and most times, we can't tell the difference.
because the one who makes us feel so alive
is the one who holds the gun.
RLP Dec 2015
you're all it took
you're all it takes
to make me feel alive.
but now i find that you're not here,
so why the hell am i.
idk tbh
RLP Nov 2015
believe me when i say
that id throw my life away
to just be by your side again
until my dying day
cause without you im not me
and im never gonna be
til youre holding me so tight again
that you are all i see.
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