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Taylor Hough Nov 2019
is this the way it is supposed to feel
taken but never more alone
never meeting someone who could even come close
to comparing to you.

yet everyday I feel as if the space between you and me grows and I am falling through those cracks that were once sealed shut

I struggle to muster the courage to utter six words as the space widens


I guess I’ll never know.
Taylor Hough Nov 2017
I want to find it.
That one thing.
That one thing that makes my very flesh crawl with passion,
That one thing that makes my very soul want to sing.
Life has been kind of down, and quite frankly,
I am so sick of downs.
I want someone, or something,
To bring me back to life,
To make me want to live.
Taylor Hough Jul 2017
I feel at peace.
For once my mind is not screaming at me,
telling me to up and run.
It's telling me to stay, and to trust myself.
Yes, this is different,
and yes, this is not what I had before.
But maybe what I had before is not what I need anymore.
Maybe I'm due for a change,
maybe good things are coming to me.
And that feeling brings me peace.
Taylor Hough Jul 2017
Soon everything will be different.
The place you call home won't be home anymore.
All of the ones who hurt you will soon be a distant memory,
the scars no longer visible.
Letting go of all the pain will be easier,
as new friends and new memories take the place of pain.
Taylor Hough Jul 2017
Love yourself.
Love yourself softly,
and love yourself completely.
You are a masterpiece in the making.
The only thing holding you back
from truly being a work of art,
is the undying love for yourself.
Your appreciation for your kind heart
and your sweet smile.

The world wants to see you shine.
The world wants to see all you can do.
No one else can do what you can do.
You can achieve greatness.
It all starts with self-love.
Taylor Hough Jul 2017
genuine happiness,
the one part of my being that has been missing.
I've been searching
through ins and outs,
ups and downs,
and finally I was taken to you.

Finally Sweet melodies
join soft harmonies,
you and I move smoothly together.

The song plays over and over in my head,
reminding me of what I found,
and what has been created.
Taylor Hough Oct 2016
The spot in my heart that was always dedicated to you is now vacant.
The leaves that fell from the trees at our hiding place are now dead and colorless.
You're gone.
You're walked away.
You walked farther
And farther
And farther away
From what we knew as forever.
You're still everywhere I turn.
I see you in my dreams.
I see you in my nightmares.
Remains from what was still linger.
How can you tear me apart?
You tore me into shreds.
Piece by piece, I fall deep into the void.
And all you do
All that you think to do,
Is walk father away from the one you ruined.
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