Nicolegy Feb 24

sometimes she prefers to be alone and read books
and sometimes too dramatic that
she needs love and affection
or she's gonna die.

it's been a while, really. i guess i just miss writing lol
Nicolegy Jan 12

To the woman whom I love
To the woman who doesn't sleep
all night when you're sick
because she's worried

The woman I needed the most
The woman I can always count on
The woman who's too overprotective
The woman who we find annoying for being strict

You may be annoying sometimes
still i love you
You sacrifice so much for us to achieve what we want
and look at us, contented, happy and proud

The woman who will spoil us when it comes to food
When she laughs it feels so good
To the woman who will cry with us when we're in so much pain
To the woman whom i wish forever will stay

I am forever thankful to have you
God knows how much I love you
I'm proud to have you as my Mother
thank you for everything

I may not the kind of daughter you wished I would be
but just wait a little longer
I will make you proud, just wait and see

happy birthday mom! i love you
Nicolegy Dec 2016

I'm inlove with you;
with all the simple things you do
The way you smile at me
I'm inlove with you.

The way you make me laugh,
You're sweet compliments,
The way you looked at me
I'm inlove with you

The way you hold her hand
when you told her you like her
How happy you were when she's beside you
When you said I'm your sweetest friend

I'm inlove with you

poems only can understand what I'm feeling write now
Nicolegy Oct 2016

but girl,

it's okay to cry on your pillow when your sad, it's the only thing that comforts you and wipe your tears when no one cares.

It's been a while. :))
Nicolegy Sep 2016

I am that kind of girl who will just smile
but in deep inside I'm tearing apart.

I am that kind of girl who you will act that I'm happy for the both of you but deep inside it hurts like hell.

I am that kind of girl that will back-off
when I see you already flirting with someone. Even if it's tearing my heart.

I am that kind of girl who will give up my own happiness for you to be happy.

I am that kind of girl who loves to read books
because I can't have you in real life.

I am that kind of girl who jokes a lot
but some of them are the truth.

Yes, I am that kind of girl who  will continue and
forever to love you even though you already love someone else.


All of this are true. I am this kind of girl.
Nicolegy Sep 2016

Who doesn't even know you exist
To think that his the one
Like a fairytales twist

This is so accurate tho :(
Nicolegy Sep 2016

The sky was blue and beautiful
Then suddenly the clouds became dark
You didn't tell me you'd come
I felt your raindrops into my skin

Now I am soaking wet
But then longer and longer,
I'm starting to enjoy your company
Now I wish you'll stay

Been loving you dearly
Suddenly you stopped
You didn't tell me you'd leave
I feel so upset and lonely

If only you told me you'd come
If only you told me you'd leave
I shouldn't love you deeply
Now I'm left alone sad, broken and empty

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