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Alex Apr 2019
The day you left us
Was the day I lost my mother
I am told to have faith
But you let him in

To have faith in you
Would be to have faith in him
& I can’t take a leap of faith
Off a bridge that’s been burned a long time ago
Alex Apr 2016
If my word is worth anything,
Then I promise you, my love
Nothing will ever come between
This bond, we’ve spoken of

If my word is worth anything,
Then this is not goodbye
Cause I don’t wish to live a day
Without you by my side

You.. You make my days brighter than they’ve ever been
Before I met you, life was grey
But I know the sun will stay
And I.. See life as full of peppermint, kisses and surprises

If my word is worth anything,
Then, I give myself to you
Throughout the good and the bad
For everything we’ve been through

If my word is worth anything,
Then I’ll say these words to you
I won’t ever let anything
Come between me and you

You.. You make my days brighter than they’ve ever been
Before I met you, life was grey
But I know the sun will stay
And I.. See life as full of peppermint, kisses and surprises
First song written on my ukulele.
Alex Dec 2015
Last night, I felt your breath on my cheek
The simple sound calmed me
I now lay here alone in torture
To remember the slightest bit

The absence of your body against mine
In the dead of night haunts me
I long your presence by my side
Save me.

I never thought distance, complicated.
I never imagined feeling so empty.

Tonight you lay in bed at a minutes’ distance
Although I must know, our time for now is over
I won’t get to kiss you again
Until the fresh air is much colder.

Can I say I already miss the smell of your skin
When it’s still in the bed I’m sleeping in
Can I say the distance is already killing me
When you’re still here, but tomorrow you won’t be

This journey isn’t easy
I know it can’t possibly be
I just can’t wait till again,
I fall asleep with you next to me.
I couldn't stay by his side the night before he left...
Although it killed me now to be there.
4 months in. 7 days left.
Alex Sep 2015
I might fall for you
Even though I don't wish to..

I keep fighting with the shadows in my head
Knowing i’d be better off alone in bed
But the space so big is lonely & my toes are growing frost
I’m starting to dream without you, I find myself so lost

& now i’d rather say too much
Than not to say enough
But I'm not sure what will spill
Once I tell you I'm still in love...
Alex Sep 2015
I close my eyes real tight
Try to pretend that you’re here
With you, everything is better
My future, it is clear

I wrap myself in blankets
Hold them close and hard
Maybe it won’t hurt as much
If I imagine I'm in your arms

Face down on my pillow
Pretending it’s your chest
With that heartbeat in my ears
Everything hurts less

Doing everything I can    
To get some rest tonight
Every hour spent asleep
Is one less poem that I'll write
Alex Jul 2015
I want to fill up a field with flowers
& call it “ours"
I want to build a mountain with love letters
sent from afar

I want to paint your skin with kisses
Draw bubbles all over your neck
Watch them burst with the same excitement
As when our lips first met
Alex Jun 2015
Maybe I stopped being myself after you left.
Maybe I still feel your fingerprints on my chest.
Maybe that’s why I type so much but could never hit send.
Maybe I don’t know where to begin or where to end.

Maybe I miss the dream we lived in.
Maybe that’s why the rain feels colder on my skin.
Maybe my shot at making it through was none.
Maybe I was just so afraid I wasn’t the one.
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