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C Jan 2018
You’re the reason why I want to bash in my radio every time I hear the song my brown eyed girl
C Jan 2018
I want to call you but I want to give you your space
I want to love you but you need space
I want to reminisce on all the good but then that need for space
I want to fight for you but there is this space between us now
when did space seem so distant and so insulting all at once
z Jan 2016
Morning words that taste so sweet;
But your anticipation hides a hiss that won’t leave
And my attention will dwindle, too, like stars committing suicide
Problems precipitate on the porcelain sink and I think while it pours outside:
What you’re doing is eating at the pillars, your intent
Might very well be testing me like the Ocean tests a new continent
Your questions propel with good intention, but miss with bad-rap
And I drift between them aimlessly making no sense of the roadmap
And where my home is between fun and love and longevity
I watch you in the corner of the motel room as it stretches away from me
Your world crumbles like the end of your "bad habit”
That’s now mine too, and ever since I’ve been washing the red out of my T-shirt
I’ve been blue.
Zac Hill May 2015
The warmth of her body numbs my nerves
The soft feeling of her skin against mine
Suddenly all the worries in the world seem to disappear
Holding me tight as I feel her chest move slowly with each breath
How I wish I could of stayed in her arms
To remain in that moment forever and ever
Her eyes are bluer than the sky and ocean combined
Her black hair waves like a silky night
Though sassy at times I still see her beautiful soul
How can one person make me feel so wanting
Wanting to be with her for as long as my heart beats
I want to be one with her and share all my secrets
To experience new things by her side
She makes my bleary thoughts clear from the sound of her laugh
Her smile boils my blood as it takes away the sadness
She was named after the moon
And I a warrior
She comes from the South
And I the North
Yet so far apart we share so much
Take me away my sweet
For I will always promise to love your beautiful presence
And forever whisper your name in my dreams
So yeah... There's this girl I met ten years ago who moved to Argentina back in 2008 and she is the most beautiful girl I've met. I don't know if we'll ever be together but I can't deny the feelings I get when I think about her. She's perfect in my eyes and I long to see her one day.
ZWS May 2014
Sitting solid on a thinking throne
Drinking bottles that sing melancholy tones
Singing lone, resonating to your bones
Your fragile little frame cannot save the show
Not when you're casting skys clouding with crows

Your mind is pale, sick to it's stomach
Everything up there can't reconcile, but luck
It's begun to resonate quietly like a comets tail
When your playing on mental jungle gyms of shale

I'm sure there's things that keep you up
Drugs, and alcohol, and fasting all day
A cyclical belt of asteroid tales
You think so much you've burnt an image
Of cotton dreams, so soft and harsh, but somehow sail
You may never grasp them, but you've reached so far you've become so frail

It's hard to try, it's even harder to pry
Open your heart, and let yourself cry
The castles you build are built of tears, and the cemetery near is calling your fears
The foundation is weak, and your pastor you seek, but everything you've found thus far, oblique
Cast your shadows as you will, but they're just funny puppets you've conjured in the night still

— The End —