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Hello Daisies Nov 2018
today i am love sick
Yesterday i was reckless
This year i am entirely lost

I let my heart break so quick
I have been crying like a complete mess
My heart was frozen into a frost

I laughed when told to enjoy these moments
I cried when told these would be my best years
I broke because this has been the worst year of all

But now in this car the night soothes the torment
Because i realize from this hell trip that  I lived through so many fears
I braved through it and got up after every fall

No one would understand the terror in my mind
The sadness in my soul
The feeling of having your gut constantly churn

Sometimes i stop and feel  growth changing within my mind
I'm learning to let awful things go
Alanis morrisette really was right when she said you live and you learn

I am so reckless
I'm currently deeply heartbroken
A rising alcholic with noone to call my own
Crying at every failure

But I'll look back at this and learn it's ok to be a mess
Having my heart broke made my eyes open
I wanted to live life and I'm being shown
That to have fun and love I'll have to often be a total failure
Ive been going through so very much. Very deoressed and stressed. Possibly worst year if my life. But i keep going and i dont know how. Im terrified it'll get worse but after this trip i had i realized some things. The trip was my last hope for something good to happen. While it didnt work out that way it taught me to let things go and to be ok with being reckless right now. Just don't go too far. And that no matter what i can be strong. Im still finding myself
Amanda Feb 2018
You love me even
When I am not capable
Of loving myself
And for that I am eternally grateful.
Dream Fisher May 2017
There is a place where we all go,
Beyond the light and smile shown,
Through the tears of hard nights,
And within the fire burning through determined eyes.
Yes, there is a place where we all go.

My place looks so different than yours,
You wouldn't even recognize it
And I can't grasp yours.
They are all beautiful and real.

We put up so many shields to hide ourselves
Most opinions are not lucid but fabricated
By how we were raised or taught to think.
Go to your place and find you.
If you can't smile looking in the mirror,
Stop smiling to please others.

Sing like no one is watching and dance and love it
If that's the you, that you love
People may laugh, but they will appreciate you
If you open the door,
Who knows who will walk in.

I don't speak from fortune cookie advice,
I speak from  the life I've created.
Ask them about me, please,
I'm crazy, weird, original, innovative
Spending every work day singing and dancing and love it
Because that's the me that I love.

I can't enter your place you go.
Truthfully, I don't want to, it's yours.
Own it and all the rest will follow.

— The End —