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There is poetry
in nature.
The way you
breath is poetry.
Meandering of the
river is poetry.
There's poetry
in rainfall.
The songs of
the wind is poetry.
The harsh anger
of the cyclone
is poetry.
There's poetry in
a child's laughter.
The piecing eyes
and the toothless
grin of a
child and the
elderly is poetry.
Poetry is written
even in glistering
star in the
Beauty is poetry,
and the ugliness
of discarded things
are poetry too.
There's poetry
hidden everywhere
you look.
The art of
cooking is poetry.
The heart expresses
itself in poetry.
Love is poetry.
Life itself is
poetry written in
the sand of time.
There's poetry
everywhere and in
if only you
can look.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
You are the magic
I never knew
I wanted
but always needed

You are the star
that shines
in the dark

You are the happiness
I’ve grown to
treasure more
every single day

You are my today, tomorrow and forever
Zeenat Kabir Mar 4
I've known him forever
From that first day he waved through his window
To now when I can tell what he wants to say with a glance at his eyes
He's the reflection I see when I look in my mirror
Our minds always in sync
Even when we're miles apart
We have conversations with one look

I understand the littlest of his moves
From the slight raise of his brows when he's tensed
To the flex in his toes when he's mad
I have every bit of him memorized like my old favorite song
Fighting him was like getting stuck in a maze with no way back except the one leading to him
I know all the nooks and crannies of his heart
What makes it pound and what makes it squeeze

And I sure felt it do both that day
And I knew it wasn't for me
And realisation punched me in the stomach

I loved him!

Always have, always will
But that heart beats for another
I hate myself whenever you hug me beside you
Squeezing my hands and telling her you love her

The face I could paint even in my sleep became one I dreaded like the plague
Because that wave was no longer mine
That smirk no longer for me

I realized then why they say a boy and girl can't be friends
What Friend zoning meant
Because then I understood that
I found my soulmate, but he didn't.

It hurts like hell to be Friendzoned especially when the other party Knows nothing of your existing feelings
  Feb 13 Zeenat Kabir
w y n n e
They said pain is temporary
But I can feel my bones
disintegrating at a rapid pace
the more I think about your goodbyes
you keep sending me.

I can feel my blood
entering the veins to my brain
like a bullet train
the moment you wanted me
out of your life.

I can feel my breathe
reaching an unsteady,  
erratic tempo as my pulse flutters
in my heart
the moment you said
you love someone else.  

It has been 6 months exactly
since the the day you turned around
and never looked back.  

But the pain is still here.  
It's still destroying the **** out of me.
It's as if I would run out of breath
and collapse any moment.

Tell me.

How do you **** a feeling?
lady in red
in my head
“someone said,
in a book I read,
that men are misled:
beauty kills us dead.”
get out of my head!
“To where shall we head?”
“my creaky twin
or a hotel bed?”
our minds are led
by hurried legs
as her lips, red,
push me to the bed
tinged with dread
Rapped version:
(password is "stand").
  Jan 31 Zeenat Kabir
Let me be captured by the night.
Engrossed in the conversation
between the stars.
Syncopated twinkling like...
thousands of fireflies
trapped within sealed jars.

Let me be enslaved by the moon.
As I drink her glow in
greedy insatiable gulps.
Her beam with an agenda...
As the landscape she sculpts.

Let me be ensnared by my solitude.
But I hear crickets...
Chirping and chipping away at my
bastion of dreamstate.
Persistent calls
I try to shun
that never abates.

Let me be trapped in my thoughts.
So I could harness...
And immortalise them in
indelible careless scribbles.
Erecting and...
Rebuilding them from the
rubble of conflicting squabbles.

Let me be overwhelmed
by the mess of my being...**
Let me wallow
Then emerge strong from this
decrepit state of mind.
Let me breathe heavy from my
punctured lungs.
So I could heal in time before
true solace
in this dark,
I would find.
My girlfriend was so pretty
And normal as could be
But then something horrible happened
And changed her entirely

One day she was sipping coffee
A spider fell into her cup
It was too late when she gagged
And realized she had swallowed the spider up

The next morning when she woke up
And scratched her sleepy head
She discovered that overnight she had grown
Eight spider legs and a giant spider head

She screamed as she crawled out the door
And shrieked when she looked into the mirror
Her spider senses tickled and twitched
And made my poor girlfriend quiver

Her life has never been the same
Being half a spider and half a lady
At first I wasn't sure I could continue dating her
I mean, just imagine starting a family and having a spider baby!

Sometimes I think and wonder
What to do with our lives
Normal is seeing your girlfriend shopping
Not chilling upside down from the ceiling watching Desperate Housewives

Sometimes its quite funny
To see her browsing at a store
Where she’d usually buy a pair of shoes
Now she’d have to buy three pairs more

When I couldn’t take her shopping
And tried to run off with the guys
She spun her spiderweb and caught me
And took me by surprise

I’m so sick of her spider antics
I really wish we were done
At first she was a lot of nice things
But now my spider girlfriend is no longer fun

I took her out to dinner
And the only thing she ate
Was a plate of fried houseflies
And a glass of lemonade

When I tried to hug her
Her eight legs wrapped me tight
They gave me such a shock
Eight legs were such a hideous sight!

I couldn't take it anymore
I broke it off with her and made her understand
But now I really regret my thoughtless decision
Because now my girlfriend is dating Spiderman.
Mary Jane must be furious at the guy's gf :P
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