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August May 22
i have not fallen in love
i have not held a hand

i have not broken a heart
i have not felt that pain

i have not walked the aisle
i have not said my vows

i have not healed my wounds
i have not become whole

i have not felt that joy
i have not traveled the world

i have not given you flowers
i have not asked you to be mine

i have not driven a car
i have not lived alone

i have not calmed my breaths
i have not slowed my heart

i am not done
i have not finished here.
Alex Nov 2017
My love for you will never die but yours died long ago.
My heart and Mind
are in battle every day,
but yours won time ago.
My emotions are like the weather, always noticeable,
yours, are like a Tsunami,
before you realize
what's going on its to late.
My thoughts are killing me.
Your thoughts?
You have none.
I am nothing to you.
My trust? Forever yours.
Yet you have no trust for me.
My body and soul, every inch of my body is yours. I am entirely devoted. You? She is yours.
Claire Walters Jul 2015
You are a photographer, your flash is extremely bright, people use to tell you to turn it off, but you wouldn't listen so they stopped speaking. You don't come around that much anymore so people either gather around in excitement or hide under there covers in fear. Your pictures are close to being rare.

You are the co-existent crowd, your clapping, roaring and cheering is often misleading. You are invisible but if you weren't I wonder what you would look like.

You are the muted out firecrackers your repetitiveness is calming over time. You make some people have the urge to run outside and  dance.
Im dying inside.
My mind is dead from suicide.
And i swear nothing kills you like your mind.
And time by time the sadness never fades away.
And the sun?we aren't friends.
He never wants to play.
But the moon,oh the moon.
We're best friends!
Never apart.
When I'm sad, he's there.
When I'm happy, he shows me reality.
And I'm sad again.
And somedays I'm okay with that,
Other days I just don't want to be here.
Sometimes i feel like im worlds away from everyone,like i simply just disappeared.
And no one notices,
They never do.

— The End —