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LBG Oct 2018
que poca mentiras tenes de chiquito a chechuas:

Lyrical y poeta
Poeta y lyrical
Media luna y cracked jokes
Cakes and misfit animals
Se van a open para vergasos
Los movemos antes de llegar
Muebles no carga
Sangre equivocada de cuero
Los libros se cargan solos
Los libros en las tinieblas de la mente

Girando sin parar la cabeza va
Después de todo es más que un sonido

Todo lo bonito se admira de repente
Todo lo feo se arrepiente uno despues

Que es lo interesante de tu pareja:

Baudelier, se sintió frío al escribír sus poemas o estoy mintiendo.

No podemos rescatar la madre de la sabiduría.
Bardo y sana
ConnectHook Sep 2015
Once I hoped to write like Ginsberg –
but Allen Ginsberg went to hell.
His bolder Buddhist poetry glitters,
then opens like an empty shell.

In vain one searches for the pearl
within the lyric art he showed us.
Open wide his rotten oyster –
seek the center of the lotus.

Perverted lost Semitic soul –
lyrical ranter,  mind unhinged…
He celebrated sin and shame
while crew-cut culture cringed.

His beatnik aircraft took off fast,
flew into bardos of the ******
promising enlightenment –
but the cockpit was unmanned.
I heard Ginsberg read his writ live (CO Springs 1985).
Riya Aug 2014
They come to me with problems That they can't handle. With a smile,
I drop everything to help them.

What they don't know is,
I'm facing a battle.
But they just think that
I'm a happy little helper.

The forces are joining up, Gathering everybody they can
While I stay here just trying to ignore them.

Black and white,
Dark and Light.
Go head to head
As I watch in Bardo
Waiting to be claimed.

— The End —