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Starr 6d
our hearts are so capable
of selfless love
But our minds are too capable
of envious need
our hands are so capable
holding another
But our feet are too capable
of running away
Starr Feb 11
I kissed the lips of my Prince Charming

If only I had realized I was looking into the eyes

of my Bluebeard
Starr Feb 10
Illuminating warmth
Saying my name
Begging me to stay
Your lips hold all
of my attention
Mine begging to be
Starr Feb 10
Watching you walk away without looking back
reminded me of the strength I wish I could have.
Starr Feb 10
Beautiful people, with beautiful words
seductively interesting
Their voices hold contempt

Beautiful roses, with sweet scented petals
Curiously radiant
Their stems hold thorns
Starr Feb 7
it’s not you it’s me

yet i’m the one hurting

it’s not your fault

why am i the one crying?

this just isn’t working

i thought it was working just fine

i’m sorry

then why do i feel bad?

- it happens so often, i'm beginning to think it's me
Starr Feb 5
time and time again
I trip head over heels
I let myself fall
expecting your arms
to catch me
hitting the ground



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