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Siena Nov 2018
my love
does not materialize
out of thin air
it is a product
of your words
your smiles
your laugh
so don't tell me
its not your fault im hurting
or maybe im just selfish
Siena Nov 2018
you flutter your eyelashes
as innocently as a butterfly flutters its wings
and yet you spit your poison
as viciously as a scorpion strikes its tail
you were never innocent and you knew it
Siena Nov 2018
love is described as:
flowers blooming
sunlight shining
red lips perking
broken hearts mending

and maybe love is all that
but it can also be:

flowers sagging
rain clouds swarming
grey lips drooping
and the newly mended hearts
love can brake as much as it can heal
Siena Nov 2018
my photos
capture a moment in time
my drawings
capture a moment
i hope to occur
in this life
or the next
one day
Siena Nov 2018
you laugh
at my attempts
to be better

maybe its not me
that needs to change
right your own mistakes before you laugh at mine
Siena Nov 2018
your soul
was black
but your heart
was blue
and so
you see
i fell for you
i took pity on you
Siena Nov 2018
you think
you are exempt
from being blamed
for the pain your words caused
because you think
the words that came out of your mouth
are drifting,
in the air
forever lost
to the elements

they're not
they landed in my heart
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