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Max Watt May 2016
Crawling into my own head space
only reminds me of the mediocrity
that climbs the walls of every town and city.
Every thought that races furious around
my brain screams
that I can never be the curious one.
Just the One who observes and never truly
finds his home.
Just the One who whimpers
among those who talk big
and in arrogant tones.

An unfamiliar thing that
never embeds itself in-
to my being.
Talk of arrogance - everyone has it.
Even those who are above it.
Even the One who is not amongst the arrogant,
because he is alone with it. He does not
confide it.
For the One who sits alone confides only in himself
and shares his arrogance with nobody.
Why else would his self indulgent scripture be titled as it is?
Miss Liss Feb 2015

Dear number ninety nine,
I see your small town heart,
But tell me through the fame and success,
Does it feel far apart?

You seem to have all you've wanted,
Built on hard work and big dreams.
But please tell me, is having it all
Really all it seems?

Do you feel totally fulfilled?
Or is something missing you can't explain?
Are you searching for more greatness?
Is there something else you need to gain?

Dear number ninety nine,
It seems your hard work has been rewarded.
But did you ever stop to think of the One,
From whom all your gifts were awarded?

With all the awards and accolades,
All the credit goes to you,
But I wonder if deep in your heart,
You give the credit where it's due.

The man who throws players to their knees,
Do you ever get on yours and pray?
The man who leads in many stats,
Do you ever let God lead your way?

Dear number ninety nine,
Nobody is perfect, you and I will fail and be weak,
Times like these I look to God for strength,
Who is it that you seek?

In times of doubt and insecurity,
How do you feel secure?
Is it by working out and pushing yourself through
The hardest exercises you can endure?

The times you feel empty and broken,
How do you feel whole and new?
Is it by new cars and vacations,
And doing whatever you want to do?

Dear number ninety nine,
I love your work with those who defend our nation.
Without even knowing it, you're doing the work
Of the King of all Creation.

Like all you do for underprivileged kids,
Providing them athletic equipment to compete.
By allowing them to play sports,
You help keep them off the street.

People of all ages look up to you,
But what if you gave them more to see?
Kids want to be like you when they grow up,
But what if you gave them more to be?

Dear number ninety nine,
Does that small town heart beat for the love of God?
Or for simply the love of the game,
And giving it all you got?

Do you think of the people you can help,
Or the opponents you can defeat?
Do you train your body for your work,
Or do you train to be God's hands and feet?

Imagine what would happen
If everyone who know and love you,
Would also by association
Know and love God too.

So when you lock yourself in your cabin,
To find peace and train alone,
I challenge you to find your God,
Who will train you from his throne.

Your heart will beat, and your hands and feet
Will move in ways you've never known.
Your thinking will change for the better,
Your mind will be heavenly blown.

There's a peace you never knew possible,
A strength you never knew existed,
A mental toughness shining light
On a society so dark and twisted.

Dear number ninety nine,
I know it's pizza you like to deliver.
But what if you could provide the hope
That calms every shake and quiver.

You know how to score a touchdown and touch a life,
But tell me can you touch a heart?
With the kind of love and faith that never fails,
Something that won't ever fall apart?

Dear number ninety nine,
I see your face on the television,
But do tell me does it always reflect
The face of God's mission?

At 23 years I haven't seen what you  can see,
But I know the greatest sight was the one that's in me.
No superbowls, photo shoots, or riches can ever satisfy my thirst,
Like how it feels in my heart to put my Lord and Savior first.

You seem to be the headline of every story,
But few are dedicated to giving God glory.
Tell me, are you shy or afraid of offending?
Or are you going to keep going through life pretending?

You can isolate your self to build every muscle,
You can train all you want to have more strength and hustle.
But if you don't give thanks, listen to the spirit, or pray,
You may not be reaching your greatest potential each day.

One muscle will still be neglected,
unless one day god's temple is erected.
Your heart is the muscle that shows true strength
Following God's path to every length.

You're in the hearts of so many people,
Imagine what would happen if their hearts would build a steeple
If your heart filled with God, maybe theirs would be too,
But it all starts with number 99, it can begin with you.
Max Watt Jan 2014
Trapped in the anxiety
created by society.
It forged a mist and it won't let us go.

Feel the churning hollow pain
at the centre of your brain.
There's nothing really there,
and if there is, why care?

They'll ask you what the point is,
a question that still taunts us,
but the question makes no difference,
and the judgment has no existence.

Should we, or could we flee?
Will we ever be free?
We run, but it's always near.

The unshifting terror, strapping you down.
So am I crazy? I don't know. I don't know.

— The End —