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Mia Wallace Sep 2017
I'm weathered and weary from shapes of greed
Their colors mislead me
I am naive
But I know eyes that taste
Without seeing
Now you know me, don't you?
But you are just waiting.

I am tired of this misinterpreted concept
I am tired of our tangled body's, this act between two that is only about you.
I'm tired of not being able to dance freely in fear of needy hands and sharp teeth
Pressuring possessiveness
Climb into your soul and off of my body
See that I am a creature of interrupted freedom
I will not answer to your hollow eyes
Your misconstrued ideas of love constructed by a society that forgot to feel
That forgot to see
That forgot that you are you and I am me

I will not answer to your hollow eyes
You are not welcome here.
Mia Wallace Nov 2016
you stay and you're pretend-boy
stuck in space like you're alone, afraid-boy
you call me runaway-girl
but I'm just being natural
collapse and explode
like space molecules, I rather float on my own
than stay the same, boy
I hope we cross orbits another day.
Mia Wallace Nov 2016
walking across the stage in adderall brain
they're pulling off my fingers and I'm spitting up sounds
it's dark pastels and Pisces Syndrom
you can't hear me but you're blood orange baby
like night-time sunshine

I feel your frequency and its the only thing keeping me
Mia Wallace Aug 2016
tiny mirror girl
molasses in the metal drain brain
run from sticky fog
smoking **** for silence
turn it down
feels like a thousand fingers pulling the inside of my skin

i won't save you

your thoughts are so ******* loud
shallow breath and the beat's too heavy
bathing in your blood but i didn't cut you
bookshelf dreams
I'm screaming
tiny mirror girl
metal drain molasses brain
Mia Wallace Mar 2016
Baby sister, keep growing up slow..
I promise to give you the world in little pieces
I'll never give you too much to hold
And I'll always help you carry it around.
Mia Wallace Feb 2016
I wish I'd fall from orbit and grow in the dirt somewhere.
I can't come to terms with life itself because I have too many questions.
If you wonder why I don't listen to half the things you say it's because I'm too busy counting the molecules of your breath.
As a detached, extraterrestrial floating in a sea of unfinished ideas, I thoroughly enjoy solitude. Colossal tragedy wouldn't give me a perspective anything short of that of a rubber band, pulling me down to the earth for a moment only to plunge me deeper into an anti-social abyss. Blades of jagged titanium churn through my flesh and I can't help gawking at mellifluous shapes of crimson.  
13 billion years ago the universe manifested from explosives and sometimes I can't tell if I'm ADD, sociopathic, a poet or if some of us are made up more of
fire than human.
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