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Dia Mar 2018
Its been four years, night terror, more details, night terror, depression, night terror, it feels all my fault, night terror, no one will believe you, night terror,  incident  anniversary, night terror, more details revealed, night terror, you deserved it, night terror, I will never heal, night terror, loose a friend, night terror,  paralysis, night terror, no one believes me, night terror, self sabotage, night terror, harm, night terror repeat..
Francie Lynch Jan 2018
The blockbuster sequel
To The Handmaid's Tale,
Will star one lonely,
But very safe male,
The Handjobber's Tale.
No human, animal, child, politician, religious person, flora, fauna, fish, bird or insect will be in this movie,
But him.
Margaret Atwood: *The Handmaid's Tale.*
Two political leaders in Canada just stepped down due to ****** allegations.
Now that I think of it, I was sexually assaulted... twice... once as a student and once as a teacher. In fact, almost everyone I talk to now can relate an incident that is questionable. I'll bet this has been going on for ten thousand years. I believe time is up.
Francie Lynch Jan 2018
We're misrepresented
(We male Caucasians),
Who don't indulge
In bigotry.
Poor "Us."
Kimberley Jan 2018
**** culture is being told to change my outfit five times too many because i don't want to attract the wrong man or give men the wrong idea.

**** culture is men (and women) thinking they're entitled to my body because parts of me are showing.

**** culture is being asked what did i do for a man to **** me. it's being asked if i was too friendly or trusting.

**** culture is blaming the victim for being ***** instead of blaming the ******.

Francie Lynch Jan 2018
Put down your pens and pencils,

You've been on that swing long enough.

Congratulations. You did the crime, now...

Your five minute egg is ready.

The ebb and flow of tides is discriminate.

Your light turned green.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...Blast Off.

... to conclude our meeting...

Just one more contraction...

My worthy opponent considers...

Find the escape door in this room before
Time's Up.

Be reassured. Be content. Good things take time, and don't wait
for them to happen.

But if Time isn't Matter,
Should it.
I support Me Too and Time's Up initiatives.
Francie Lynch Jan 2018
Make Hollywood Great Again.
It's the next new slogan, sans the men.
It'll be like Jolly Olde England,
The Elizabethan style, if you get what I mean!
Inverse women bejewelled in cod pieces
Preying on the men.
Not in an English accent, but more American:
******** won't mean the same;
Cuckold won't make sense,
But all the phenomenal men we know
Will need to share the pants.
Yikes. Those Golden Globe Awards speeches were powerful, eh? There's a shift in power occurring, and I hope the women handle it better.

— The End —