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Sydney Gretha  Mar 2018
Sydney Gretha Mar 2018
every 98 seconds
a person is shattered like a piece of glass
or perhaps in the view of the perpetrator,
used and discarded like a piece of trash
Francie Lynch Apr 2018
No, no, no, Dirtbreath. I say we call the big one an elephant,
and the small one a mouse.

I'm sure red's a better color for me.
                                              M. Monroe

She has a face that could sink a thousand ships.

N­ow that Hawking's dead, I'm the smartest
guy on Earth.
                                             D. Trump

You're too Jung to understand the Superego.
                                              S. Freud

No. You keep it. I have enough.
                                              B. Graham

Are you sure that's the Delaware?
                                              G. Washington

E=Mc Donalds.
                                              A. Einstein

Go pound salt.

Wha­t day is it?

T­hat's one small.... oops!
                                               N. Armstrong

I don't remember any of my dreams.
                                               M.L. King, Jr.

Hey, John, I can see your house from up here.

Beaches, fields, streets, hills. Did I leave anything out?
                                                W. Churchill

Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course I wrote 'em all.
                                                 R. Starr

It's just too big to wrap your brain around.
                                                 S. Hawking

Don't lose your head. This won't change a thing.

Before I was fined, I walked the line.
                                                   J. Cash

Could you lengthen the title and shorten the book?
                                                  Tolstoy'­s editor

What if we put the workers on conveyor belts?
                                                   H. Ford

I have a splitting headache... hmmm, interesting.

I've never liked orange juice.
                                                    N. Brown

Really? You want to blame me?

He stings like a butterfly.
                                                     S. Liston

#timesup #metoo
                                                     A. Boleyn

Mr. Watson. Come here. Spare me a dime?

Roebuck said he'd be back in ten minutes.
                                                      R­.W. Sears

To be or to do be do be do.

When you call me Whitey, I get cotton pickin *******.
                                                      E. Whitney

We're the team to beat!
                                                      Toro­nto Maple Leafs

Don't call me a Mother!
                                                      Mo­ther Theresa

Is that a Cuban*?
                                                      M. Lewinsky
Of course all quotations are out of context.
Leydis  Jan 2018
Time’s up
Leydis Jan 2018
Time’s up

Times up!
Hollywood says,
glad for sordid Weinstein
for setting up the stage..,
but, please do explain
that there’s a sitting President
who publicly claimed
to grabbing women’s *****..
all because he can!

Times up!
but, the script has not been reversed,
the discourse dies a little
every time a women’s story
is subjected to shame.

Time’s up, for who, I ask?
When only the story of the powerful
is being told!
Who will play the little girl
who’s innocence got taken away?
When Barbie is still playing doctor with Ken,
yet no one says, Ken is a grown up man!

Who’s playing the story of the women
who can’t report her husband for ****?
How can he **** her? She belongs to him!

Time’s up, I wonder when!
When time is a concept we don’t understand...
and ****** someone gives you
five months in the can?

Time’s up, but who will play the story?
When our original sin starts with parents
who had *** with their offspring’s!!
Shiit, Adam and Eve...
you really are dammed,
damming us to perpetual violence
to the very ones we give birth!!

Time’s up! It’s really inspiring.
I hope that legislatively
it creates an impact.
I hope parents all over the earth
begin to openly talk to their children
about molestation and ****.
We all know the math...
90% of all **** is perpetuated by someone
you’ve already met!

Time’s up!
The phone’s ringing....
in the time I wrote this script,
someone else was already *****!

#timesup #**** #metoo #notonemore
so he came quite early really,

little fuss or bother, drank

his coffee nicely.


as did the next one, with

news, that is taken positively.


so we move forward gently, knowing

now , the man that visited every

sunday, will do so

no more.



— The End —