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a month goes by different for everyone, some it flys by, others it is a slow creep. for me, this past month has been the perfect amount of time.

my heart pounds, legs tremble, hands sweat.

when god made you he was showing off, he took all he could to make the perfect person, and I bet when he looks down and sees you, he smiles
happy one month! I know you won't see this but still <3
the lost kid Oct 11
everyone and everything has time on a clock.
that car that you bought, its on the clock.
that flower you picked. its time is shorter than intended.
a squirrel in the woods, its clock may just break and stop early

But when you're with the people you care for the clock seems to slow
sometimes it seems to stop altogether
it's like an hourglass on its side
its like the turtle in the sand
time just about

tick tock you're on the clock
the lost kid Oct 7
the debates are ripping me apart. I debate if I should say those 3 words. I debate if I should lean in. I debate if I should have said what I said...

All because I don't want to be made a fool
should I say those three words? ill leave it up to you guys this time
the lost kid Sep 26
This world is full of liars
Trash talkers
No good doers
And people who will hurt you

But with you they don’t even exist, with you I feel my worries wash away
I feel like this is the last one about my feelings but oh well
the lost kid Sep 26
The Whitts were 2 cousins.
one loud, one quiet.
they both had separate friend groups.
but man, they were fun
Lucas Whitt hit by a car
Evan Whitt crashed his car off the road

Neither made it and they both have only happened within the year
Pray for the Whitt family
2 kids I knew  have passed and that *****
the lost kid Sep 26
The goods are what everyone wants
the goods are what some drool over
the goods aren't drugs
aren´t chocolates
the goods are your hugs and holding your hand
the lost kid Sep 23
sunflowers are so bright
they make sure that they´re seen by everyone
And thats how I like it
My sunflower...
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